There have being different story from different individuals who claim, were one time involve in the ministry of  SCOAN, either as a worker or disciple, all of these persons have published their own story  about their personal experience in SCOAN. Many are these stories that, one find it difficult to believe that an ex-disciple of Tb Joshua will go these far, trying to destroy the image of their formal mentor publicly. Even a lot of persons, find it hard to believe that by any means, this set of persons written all this false story have had any affiliation with the ministry of Tb Joshua in the past.

These stories  are so many that it has become one of the  strong debate online among these unknown ex-disciples who claim were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN. While a section of them have a bad story to tell about their experience in SCOAN,the others have a good story to tell about their experience in SCOAN and wished to come back to the ministry if the opportunity comes.

My major concern in this issue is on those claims of,  harassment, intimidation and oppression many of them claimed they experience    during their stay in SCOAN. But we most first remand ourselves that, there are many disciple in SCOAN, some of them have beenthere in their teenage and are still their up till now working for God, and these set of ex-disciple that are complaining now came there to meet them, they were their fellow mate, they sleep in the same room, work together, attend disciple meeting together and many other activities they were doing together in their stay in SCOAN. How come those disciples were treated well andare still in SCOAN and these ex-disciples have one complain or the other to tell about the way they were treated.  Are they telling us,the other disciples presently in SCOAN are not seeing or experience what they claim was done to them in SCOAN or are they telling us they are wiser than those disciple in SCOAN including, the five wise men that were one time a disciples before, they get to the position they are now as wise men. We all know that, the five wise men did not get to the position they are right now the moment they came to SCOAN, they served the prophet for years as disciples,and even most of them have shared their story live on emmanuel.tv. They were close friends to some of these ex-disciples that have now tuned themselves into a specialized critics of SCOAN.  God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world, one of them wise man Harry went to U.S for a revival, and the program was a transformative experience to those that attended the revival program.

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, they were train and mentor by him, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

For these nose-dived ex-disciples to acknowledge their wrong by adjust their ways, then see if they can be called back to SCOAN again but instead, they end up positioning themselves as an enemy to their formal mentor. This show they never come to SCOAN with genuine motive in the first place or may be they thought that the prophet is a black African fool that will just give them the grace to heal and prophesiers when they just came to SCOAN under the name of discipleship, as if good things come that easily. When they see that their desperation were not meet they went on castigating the prophet.They never told us were they get it wrong in their stay in SCOAN, as if they themselves are perfect, but they only tell us how they were treated badly, but we have had cases of spy action, espionage threat, SCOAN branch hijackers, disobedient, and anti- social behavior from some of these persons that called themselves ex-disciples, and they expect the public to believe their false story“who is fooling who”.

False hood by Ex-disciples

False hood by Ex-disciples

Tb Joshua never force any one to be a disciple of SCOAN, those who left for their home when they were tried of staying in SCOAN, were not force to remain. When most of these ex-disciple (not those who were still eager to come back), find out they were not comfortable with  their stay in SCOAN they left, why now coming out publicly to complain as if  they were force to come there in the first place or they told the people of the world that they were coming to SCOAN, they took the decision on their own, they were not force to SCOAN. Even when they come there, the prophet has to still consider them for an approver before they can stay with him.

My advice is for them to come back to God for forgiveness, many disciple in SCOAN are receiving their own delivered, who knows the force behind their actions they may need deliverance too.  As Christians we are very sensitive to the devises of Satan. Satan always give use a reasonable reason to take some actions that are not of God. Ask yourself, if all this actions of yours are approved by God, God will never support any one to judge and castigate another.  Also know that you cannot destroy SCOAN except, it’s not of God. Many have tried and failed, you will only end up seeing yourself fighting against your creator that established the ministry of Tb Joshua.

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  1. Aimee josua

    I prefer people rejected me and be welcome to Jesus, remember Jesus had 72 disciples but but on day of Pentecost only 11 remain !!! Judas made at first and drop before the holy ghost came he missed a precious gift the Holy Spirit,the absolute.so is God election,he is the only one choosing us,and if you are not fit faire enough just praise The Lord,you can serve The Lord in different way,no only to became disciple or wiseman,Go can call you to pray every day for past.tb joshua,and the wise man ,the rest of the member of church,even people do not know you God knows you.


  2. Fadzi

    Lord Jesus Christ is always watching over the Prophet he is not alone. Lord Jesus Christ he never said goodbye. He will be always be with him. Praise Lord Jesus Christ for the protection he gives to his children



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