Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 3)

This is where I’ll conclude this series: “life as a disciple of TB Joshua” ; you may have wondered what it is like training under TB Joshua and even be amongst those already nursing the thought of being present at the SCOAN just to be mentored by him. For one with no insider experience, I admit that it would take a firm resolve to be undeterred by the disturbing rumors you’ve come across, but so did others who have accomplished in SCOAN today encounter similar temptation and overcame.



You need to ask yourself why the stories of failures at SCOAN like disgruntled Beth, Giles, Gareth, Emma and others would influence your decision to go to SCOAN and not the stories of the gratified Wise Man Daniel, Racine, John Chi, Christopher and Harry, whose success is glaring to the world as a testament of the life that awaits those who are ready, sincere and fully trained by TB Joshua.

Betrayal – the reason people avoid mentoring others

Though no good cause undertaken is ever without its risks, this cause TB Joshua has embarked on to train men and women to become like him is of huge risk to him and his ministry that I continually pray for him. And in earnest too because not everyone he’s busy training would come out successful however hard he tries, and then what would become of the failures? This simple equation may give you a signal of what I speak of:

Successful at SCOAN = fulfilled disciples = More “Wise Men” and “Wise Women”
Failures at SCOAN = disgruntled ex-disciples = More “TB Joshua watchers” & “blasphemers”

Now that I think of it, I acutely remember TB Joshua’s words during an interview, where he spoke in-depth saying;

If we all know what it takes and the risks involved in changing a person – in molding a person into a picture of God’s grace, we will know that we cannot change everyone. That is why people avoid the issue of mentorship. Everybody avoids that area. Founders of big or mega churches place adverts for pastors. Mentoring people is the most dangerous aspect of the ministry. If you mentor ten persons – five may come out successful, while the remaining five will try to destroy you. This is why church founders prefer to go to theology schools to recruit or employ pastors – in mentorship there is a bond between you and your people, if you are looking for people to assist you there are many pastors all over the place, if you go on the internet you’ll see many pastors and bishops looking for jobs. You only need to employ them and pay them their salaries. It is purely the master-employee relationship, I thank God that today we have five wise men who are performing so well that the heavens are rejoicing over them and more are in the making, both men and women.

WM HARRY: A success at SCOAN


The Cause Is Worth the Cost

One does not just drift to becoming a great anointed man like TB Joshua; it takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy everyday – just as TB Joshua himself still employs daily to maintain his position. But as the sons of Zebedee wanted the right to sit at Jesus’s left and right in his kingdom, but were unwilling to taste of His cup, the lot of these (now- disgruntled) ex-disciples sought divine enablement to carry out Christ mission in SCOAN, but were unwilling to pay the price of self-denial for that divine gift. And TB Joshua I know has no time for those who are not ready amongst his people, hence their eviction.

During all of those disciple meetings I was opportune to attend, on each occasion TB Joshua taught, as I listened sincerely, I saw a man who desired God to use him to develop more people that would do exactly what God is using him to do. He once told us that the power God has given him is transferrable, such that God can use him to anoint as many as possible to do exactly what he is doing – but such people he added must show themselves approved for the anointing by showing the evidence of self-denial and be ready to march with God for the rest of their lives.

Yet I hardly ever saw this attribute of self-denial amongst the disciples, while I was there as a disciple, it would surprise you to know that there were those who even while training under TB Joshua maintained contact with former boyfriends, girlfriends, (one even went as far as doing this with the prophet’s phone lines) some were involved in watching pornography, face booking, stealing and all other satanic vices, it got so precarious that at a point the prophet had to confiscate all phones used by disciples and it gets even further regimented with more cases of misconduct being reported amongst disciples. A good example is; for a disciple to use the internet then, they had to have a pass signed from TB Joshua (who of must be told for what purpose the disciple wished to go online), this was done because of the misuse of the church internet for the above vices I mentioned, Yet when such an issue is brought to light by a disgruntled bunch, they only complain of being disconnected from the outside world. And I’m like what? What about what you guys were busy doing on the internet?

Wise Man Christopher: a success at SCOAN

Wise Man Christopher: a success at SCOAN

They may fool people who weren’t there, but not me. At least now everyone is opportune to hear the confessions during the disciple’s deliverances on emmanuel tv, some people have even taken the pains to recording them and put them online for people to watch and see for themselves.

So I don’t need to say much on this, but note that these are secret things they do during their stay in SCOAN that they would never have confessed or published on the internet as part of the stories of their involvement with and how they left SCOAN. Everything they say is tailored to paint TB Joshua bad and paint themselves helpless victims leaving out their own imperfections and major failings.

Disciples presently being delivered – Implications

It may seem surprisingly sudden – that disciples getting delivered by the wise men, with the evil spirits possessing the disciples speaking unanimously of their goal of pushing the disciple they indwell out of the SCOAN (being hampered by the holy fire in SCOAN) – and as part of the demons strategy to get them evicted, it causes them diverse misbehaviors in SCOAN which they also confess during their deliverances. While this may be a not-too comfortable scenario to witness judging from the duration of their involvement with SCOAN, the implications thereof explains what incites the sudden blasphemous behavior of these disgruntled ex-disciples. The same Satan who prompted their misdemeanors in SCOAN leading to their eviction is also prompting their concerted attacks on SCOAN even thereafter. The answer to the question a lot of people have asked and are still asking on why this period for the deliverance of disciples and not from the start of their involvement with SCOAN, in my opinion is because they were not ready. Readiness is inclusive of all the liberated did to be released from the shackles of the power of darkness, it wasn’t too early by the way neither is it too late. If these disgruntled bunches possess even a shred of sincerity left, they would learn what they should know, that they’re no better than the disciples who are presently being delivered and that they themselves need even more of that deliverance if concerted attacks against TB Joshua is what they have now resorted to.

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15 thoughts on “Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 3)

  1. Fadzi

    Psalm 89:4 Blessed are those who dwell in your house they are ever praising you. Prophet of GOD keep dwelling in the house of Almighty GOD and keep praising him because he is your shelter and your protector and he keeps his eyes on you, everyday of your life.


  2. moisebanda

    How can i hear more from you Author?Your Hundred Percent right the disciples presently being delivered are far much better than the disgruntled ex-disciples!I am happy for them!



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