Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 2)

Here’s a continuation of my story during my stay as  a disciple of  TB Joshua (click here for the first part of this installment). let me in this installment directly answer some of the outrageous claims made by a disgruntled Ex-disciple whose so-called “sad story” I came across online with my own personal story during my stay as a disciple in SCOAN.

The care TB Joshua takes of sick disciples.

It’s preposterous for Beth to say being sick in SCOAN is seen as a lack of faith, when TB Joshua has over iterated his scriptural disposition of a man being sick, yet being a friend of God and a candidate of heaven.  I was perhaps whom you would consider one of the least of TB Joshua’s disciples, I became ill precisely one month after I became a disciple, it felt like malaria within me and I wasn’t able to take part actively in the department I belonged, (I worked as one of his secretaries by the way) my colleagues urged me to notify the prophet about my health condition, and not really knowing how to go about it – they assisted me, the moment TB Joshua learned of my health condition he sent for me, when he saw me shivering as I stood, he was furious with my colleagues and reprimanded them for not getting across to him before then and immediately instructed that I be taken to the restaurant for a sumptuous meal with hot beverage, he also assigned a female disciple to make sure I finished my meal, look after me and report my improvement to him, while I was busy with my meal I was surprised he left his office to where I was to personally see me, he touched and felt my cup of tea to make sure it was hot, and asked if I ate well, I nodded in affirmative, he asked me how I was feeling         inside me, I explained, and then he laid his hands on me in prayer, and instructed that I took quality rest, I slept and on waking up felt so relieved, strong and energetic that I got to

I witnessed nothing similar or even close to the absurd insinuation that the SCOAN orders people or its disciples not to take medication.

my department the next day earlier that all my colleagues – I was perfectly healed. In my case, I wasn’t given medication, neither was I ordered not to take, as it stood then I didn’t need it, I was totally healed when TB Joshua prayed for me. I saw nothing similar or even close to the absurd insinuation that the SCOAN orders people or its disciples not to take medication – throughout my stay as a disciple, on the contrary I even witnessed medication being administered to a disciple, whose name I wouldn’t mention here because he’s currently one of the wise men, he fell ill and TB Joshua ordered that he be taken to the medical department right there in the SCOAN premises for treatment, the prophet sent me to look after him in the same way I was looked after, I was there to prepare his bath water and make sure he took his meals at the right time, a dedicated nurse was there attending to him, administering medicines to him at stipulated intervals – and at each interval there was almost a handful of drugs for him to swallow that I pitied him as I handed a glass of water to him to swallow the drugs with. Everyone would do well to disregard these rumors of SCOAN being anti-medicine; it’s nothing more than a blatant lie that’s part of a ploy to discredit SCOAN,

Ex-disciples and a world without TB Joshua

Having said that, in a remark in my last installment, I regarded the complaints of these Ex-disciples as a sign of a deep-seated agitation – I would want to expound on that. If you’re keen to observe, you’ll notice how each time these (now disgruntled) ex-disciples were sent home from SCOAN, they usually made deliberate efforts to return to SCOAN until it seemed they could no longer soldier on with that aspiration. I’ll confirm it with the only section of beth’s words I can relate to –  her statement after being sent home;

I was not granted a letter of invitation (necessary for a Nigerian Visa) from SCOAN to return, this caused me extreme distress”… I was desperate to stay but TB Joshua did not permit it, once again I was sent home….TB Joshua had given up on me…. I was deeply traumatized by the abandonment”.

Three questions can arise from here when her statement is examined (in the bad light she portrayed TB Joshua and SCOAN:) for such a BAD, BAD, BAD, Place as she alleges;

  • Why her extreme distress when she was refused invitation to return, didn’t she have a life before SCOAN?
  • Why was so she desperate to stay in SCOAN? (Note her words: “DESPERATE TO STAY”)
  • Why was she traumatized by the abandonment?

Why let such deep feelings out over a place as” evil” as you describe? No sane person would so DESPERATELY want to stay in an evil place, be EXTREMELY DISTRESSED, when refused invitation to return to an evil place, and ends up TRAUMATIZED when an evil man abandons her (as she so claimed TB Joshua did), the only sense we can make of this is that there’s definitely something she’s not telling which I can very much relate to, I’ve also been a disciple myself, so I know. Do pay serious attention to this; HOWEVER very unlikely IT SEEMS, IT is the crux of the matter.

The emptiness disgruntled Ex-disciples seek to fill

During a disciple’s stay with TB Joshua, the tenderness and unequal love he showers on you feel like a kind of light in your heart… beth described it in this way:

“TB Joshua was kind to me, called me his daughter, and gave me privileges beyond what any other visitor would receive…I accepted the significant amount of cash he gave me.”

Though she gave just a hint there,  I can assure you that they are precious moments you’ll ultimately regard as dearest when TB Joshua showers love on you, and it’s something that when they lose, they begin to frantically chase it as if it’s the “only reality” and they may never get it back – they chase after those cherished memories of their precious time with him with an inner wish to re-experience them, so they keep making impulsive attempts to return there even after they are sent away from there and you would expect them to continue with their lives.

You only see these outpourings of grievances when they have finally reached a conclusive realization of “Now I’ll never make it back to that place”. Unless this realization is imminent, they wouldn’t grumble in this way but keep pressing to be accommodated by TB Joshua as his disciple.  This is the uncut truth people, believe it – these disgruntled bunch are still chasing after their extraordinary life in SCOAN and spend all their time regretting that they now live in a world without him whom they now return hatred for his friendship. If TB Joshua could so powerfully love those whom he doesn’t physically know when they come to SCOAN for help, he blesses them so richly that they cannot hold back tears, how much more do you think he would love those living with him? I leave that to your imagination.

There is could be no better indication of the emptiness disgruntled ex-disciples feel, than spreading outbursts of grievances

There could be no better sign of the emptiness disgruntled ex-disciples now feel, than the outbursts of grievances

He was a shelter for them, spiritually, materially, physically, financially just name it. But now after leaving they have to look elsewhere for that unconditional love and haven’t found it. They only write about all the wrongs they can imagine and make up about the life in SCOAN online to feel better about themselves being sent out or leaving.  Irrespective of the unverifiable ill-treatment they allege they experienced in SCOAN, people are not stupid enough not to realize that they are all things they once endured calmly as far as they were given the opportunity to stay in SCOAN. A commenter once replied a disgruntled Ex-disciple of TB Joshua by saying:

Kelly permalink
September 6, 2011 8:01 am

You did not tell the world u were going to the scoan, so it will be ridiculous when u start telling the world that u left. A prophet can never ever be accepted in his home. We love TB Joshua because he is leading us to christ not to himself.

In truth, they would have not had much time to rant about it if in reality – they’ve moved on.


4 thoughts on “Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 2)

  1. Juma Gitonga

    Thanks alot for that true n sincere confirmation to the world.I have not been to scoan but i have watched emmanuel Tv for more than 4yrs n what i can say is that prophet Tb Joshua is a true man of God,We wellcome u man of God to our nation kenya.Goodmorning!.


  2. Noah

    My people, who would not want a freebie life where everything is done for you and living an upper class life equal to that of a high flyer city banker? This is the issue. This is why the disgruntled individuals are furious for loosing their places within SCOAN.


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