Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 1)

A lot has been said about the life disciples of TB Joshua are trained to lead at the synagogue of all Nations – most of them upsetting, some encouraging, while others are needlessly provocative – I’m well known on tbjoshuawatch by the name soe as a former disciple of TB Joshua, several of their former articles feature my opinions, and even their current article bears a link to a comment I left there quite a while ago. Despite having left SCOAN to further my studies after my stay as a disciple, I also spent much time last year arguing daily with them on the internet about my experiences in SCOAN. This eventually culminated to a unanimous agreement by these TB Joshua critics that I spoke with considerable knowledge and insight of the inner workings of SCOAN.

SELF-DENIAL: the cost of discipleship

SELF-DENIAL: The cost of discipleship

I choose to share my story now (which will be in installments), not necessarily in defense of TB Joshua as is generally thought of me, but because I am appalled at the way people who were once thought to be one with the prophet in purpose and mission, could turn the other way and lift their heels against one whom they shared his bread in a deeper level of fellowship. (Psalm43v9: He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me). It should be clear to you before I continue that

the bulk of negative insider experiences on SCOAN you come across online are tales of disgruntled ex-disciples who left SCOAN after realizing that they were unable to live according to God’s standard for perfect obedience set up and maintained in SCOAN by the prophet himself, and are now on a personal retaliation conspiracy against TB Joshua.

Take a cue from this; the Wise Men of the synagogue of all nations working miracles, signs and wonders after the manner of TB Joshua today were not taken out of the blue, they too are also disciples of TB Joshua in like manner with these disgruntled ex-disciples, they fellowshipped together as siblings, slept in the same rooms, shared meals, went together on assignments, attended the same disciple meetings, etc. but ever wondered why their tales are not the same today? Today whilst one group spews alleged reports of ill-treatment, psychological torture and all the other balderdash, another group rejoices because they have been endued with power from on high.

WISE MEN of the synagogue of all Nations

I knew them all as brothers before God performed His Divine anointing on them, we were all disciples together, WM Daniel, Racine, John Chi, Christopher, and Harry. My heart daily rejoices because the Holy Spirit has taken permanent residence in the heart of these young and promising men forever. It is a more astonishing miracle for me than most because I knew them in their former state as mere men to whom you would ascribe no real spiritual power as they now effect after the manner of TB Joshua.

Soe’s story: beginnings

My own journey to SCOAN began when at some level in my life as a teenager, I hungered for a deeper relationship with God, which I didn’t see feasible with the present system of things in my community. I found it exceedingly difficult to align my life with the word of God because of much temptation to sin around me; I realized that I needed a different environment to aid in my relationship with the creator and on visiting SCOAN with my parents as a teenager. I saw young people like me working in the terbanacle of the LORD, as camera men, ushers, etc. I learnt they lived in the SCOAN compound, and then it struck me- that this was what I needed, a place such as this Holy temple where I would be much separated from the lures and cares of the world. There and then the desire and resolve to live in SCOAN was born in me and I continued trying to gain the prophet’s attention, perhaps he would give me the privilege of staying with him I thought, as I kept trying to use all the advantages I had to raise myself to gain his attention.

Life as a Disciple

Life as a disciple of TB Joshua is splendid, challenging, and for the most part enjoyable. TB Joshua bore the full weight of our upkeep, clothing and all other essentials, we woke up in the morning to free meals (we do not even know how they were prepared), we sleep on comfortable beds in the dormitory, fully air-conditioned rooms, and get special treatment from TB Joshua; regular cash gifts, shopping allowances –  you name it, which is crowned with a  ready access to him anytime we wish to relate things we cannot share with anyone. TB Joshua also celebrates each and every disciple’s birthday in an extraordinary way, he usually got visibly angry on learning that a disciple’s birthday mistakenly went past without being celebrated. I was so happy in some of those meetings I couldn’t hold back tears, it felt as though I was with Jesus Himself, its true we labored for the gospel while there, but i didn’t see any work we did to merit the treatment we received from TB Joshua, the love he showed always competed so favorably with what you would receive from the most loving parent, so it always seemed he was practicing to us an unmerited gesture. I on my own part always sought for how to repay by doing the best I could in

Visitors Dinning: where Disciple meetings were held

Visitors Dinning: where Disciple meetings were usually held

whatever assignment I was given, even though I ended up failing him many times. The best part I still miss even to this day are the disciple meetings, which usually occur in the middle of the night, where after giving so much attention to a demanding crowd of visitors and people, you would expect him to take a rest, he then comes afterward to teach us in the middle of the night, pouring his life into us. They remain to this day the most precious moments of my life, I always looked forward to those meetings and made sure I reserved my seat very close to TB Joshua – the center of all his teaching was how he could mold his disciples into great representatives of Christ and do greater works than even him. Most of the teachings he delivers during the Sunday service are usually expanded upon to us in the disciples meeting and further explained to ensure our understanding, Just as Jesus would speak publicly in parables and explained everything later on to his disciples. The life Jesus led with his disciples wasn’t hard for me to relate to anymore, it was clear to me, and just as Jesus knew from the start who would betray Him, TB Joshua usually prophesied when he was in our midst that many of us would betray him and he described this as “his pain”, it didn’t understand him then, but its dawned on me now that many of us were insincere.

I must here also admit that it is not rosy being a disciple of TB Joshua, Its hard work after the manner of our Mentor TB Joshua who also clearly has no time for himself; this to us inadvertently means less time for worthless activities that lead to a life of misery. There are pains involved in building a disciple, and though we (I and my disgruntled siblings disciples) may have our different views on what we should’ve been ready to endure in the course of our training then as disciples, we all agree that the training of military personnel in the army barracks differs in all ramifications from the training of a civilian, and the SCOAN is a training ground where God raises genuine soldiers of the cross that would today and in time to come battle the armies of hell.

A military personels training differs from that of a civillian, so also the solddiers of christ

Military personnels training differs from that of a civilian, so also the Soldiers of Christ

It’s the training that disciplines them to be meek, humble and peaceable whilst showing proper evidence of self-denial – the quality of those possessing the Divine Spirit that comes from above. Inasmuch as we recognize there are ex-disciples complaints of “working round the clock”, less sleep, and the rest in SCOAN, we also acknowledge that when they realized that they were unable to cope with the living standards meant for soldiers of the cross, they weren’t  forced to stay there against their will.

So what’s the grumbling all about, when one is never forced to come or stay? In my candid opinion their complaints are simply a case of shameful remorse over what could’ve have been; if even after leaving SCOAN, they’re still sulking over their life there, it tells of a deep seated agitation, perhaps for exchanging an extraordinary life with an ordinary one. If they’ve really found life outside SCOAN as they claim, they would have no energy to expend criticizing their former mentor, but in better productive activities. Who knows what many of them could’ve been if they had continued with their mentor, who knows perhaps one of the Wise men whom the believing world celebrate today, and whom the heavens are rejoicing over.


8 thoughts on “Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Soe’s story (part 1)

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  4. Dr John Omirinde

    Thank you for your educating and incisive knowledge of the workings of SCOAN.
    The man of God (senior Prophet Joshua Temitope Balogun ) has 3 groups of enemies namely:
    1. Those who want to be like him but cannot and shall not (I likened them to the high priest, Sadducee and pharisees who were jealous of Jesus Christ)
    2. Those whose attempt to see him personally (because they think highly of themselves) for spiritual help failed and have therefore retort to hating him and indeed scandalizing him
    3.Those who never liked him ab initio

    From all these, the Lord will deliver him.



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