MRS ACHAIMrs Achai came forward to testify to the mighty deliverance she received in the course of last week’s service. She came all the way from America knowing that she needed divine intervention in the troubles in her life and family. Her case was very mysterious. She explained that she came from a family in South Sudan that worshipped an idol located in a river. The idol would regularly demand for sacrifices of various animals. However, according to the stories told her, the goddess of the river one day demanded that her great-great grandfather should give her his most priceless possession – his only daughter named Achai. He therefore threw his young daughter into the river and she disappeared instantly, never to reappear. For generations, the worship of this river continued. Every second daughter of the family was to be named Achai in reverence to the river.

As the second daughter of her parents, she also was given the name Achai. At age seven, she fell extremely sick to the point where she actually died. Her grave was prepared but she strangely recovered. Her guardians insisted she made a sacrifice to the river for the fact that her life was restored. Upon entering the river with a goat in hand, strange forces suddenly grabbed her legs and took her deep down underneath the water into another world where she witnessed many strange things. She saw people with the appearance and skin of fish moving around, as well as people who were half-fish, half-human. A young lady approached her in the watery kingdom and placed a bracelet round her leg, requesting that they swap places. Upon Achai’s refusal, she was pushed back up through the water and reappeared physically. She had been underwater for three whole hours; the bracelet she was given appeared with her!

Ever since that encounter, Achai realized that she had a number of strange powers. Any person who angered her would end up in trouble, as she realized that any word or curse she pronounced would come to pass. She also realized that she had the ability to foretell the future and would converse with dead people as their families carried them to the morgue. These strange powers isolated her from society, as well as destroyed her marriage and career. Her dreams were filled with people from the river trying to force her to take up responsibilities as a queen, something she kept refusing to do.

It was in the midst of these troubles that a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV and she decided to visit The SCOAN with her elder brother from America.MRS       ACHAI&BROShe explained that as Wise Man John Chi approached her in the service, something within her suddenly told her to run away as fast as possible. However, the light of God overpowered the darkness in her life and she was completely delivered from the demonic spirit that had tormented her life and family for so many generations. She advised Emmanuel TV viewers around the world to follow Jesus Christ as the only Way, stressing that the spiritual world was real but the power of God superseded all demonic powers. Her brother also thanked God for his sister’s deliverance, stressing that their journey to The SCOAN was a miraculous one from the onset. He advised the congregation to put full trust in God. Hallelujah!


  1. Indeed Gods power supersedes all.trust in Him completely an all is will be well. Emmanuel TV has changed a lot of lives and many are yet to be changed. I thank God that I have a chance of watching it.


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