Mary Nanyangwe had been involved in an accident on her way from her home in Zambia to  Botswana and had experienced a terrible



spinal cord injury and fracture in her knee. The doctors in Botswana gave her a large waist corset and a walker to protect her spinal cord. She was bedridden and could not turn her back or neck.  The doctors booked her for an operation, telling her that the operation may leave her paralysed for life. If not, she would spend 2 years in the hospital before she would be able to walk. A nurse found her crying one day and connected Emmanuel TV in the hospital room for her to watch. She began watching and saw the Anointing Water. The nurse then brought her the Anointing Water and she ministered it the day before she was to go for the operation. In the morning, the doctor called and told her that the operation had been rescheduled. She rejoiced and continued to minister the Anointing Water. Before the operation, they redid her x-rays. The doctors had wanted to take T11 bone and put in a plate. The result of the x-ray showed that the bone of T11 started coming out all by itself. They were amazed and cancelled the operation!

That night, she dreamt that Prophet T.B. Joshua, standing on the altar, was holding three plates. He showed her the one the doctors wanted to fix and said, “This is what the doctors want to operate on but God said I should do the operation myself”.  When she woke up, she was immediately able to stand up, bend and walk! Not only was her spinal cord healed but her knee was also restored! Everything that had been damaged was restored, in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Anointing Water and a woman, once paralysed on a hospital bed, walked and moved freely in front of the congregation, encouraging all in their faith for a miracle!




  1. Francisca Gloria Bowora

    God`s power is authentic and forceful that it cannot be limited by time, space or circustances. Man of God TB Joshua always tell that one should believe, have faith, distance is not a barrier, so there she is, back to normal. Believe in christ, be prayerful, fast and pray obey God`s commandments and above all listen and follow what man of God TB Joshua teaches, follow his intructions, watch Emmanuel tv and pray with him and have faith and trust in God. Our Lord Jesus Christ, our God is using Prophet TB J oshua to deliver, and heal the sick,
    Don`t forget God can use any medium to heal the sick. (Read Acts) Emmanuel tv is one of the mediums that the lord has used through the use of his servant Prophet TB Joshua.
    The lord says –
    Call to me when troubles comes
    I will save you
    and you will praise me
    psalms 49 v15
    My sister, acknowledge God as your saviour all the time, be prayerful, fast and thank the Lord for his goodness. Pray for our father, our brother, our mentor Prophet TB Joshua and his family so that God will continue to use him to pray and heal diliver, educate, feed the world. We pray for his ministry,wisemen, and all church workers.
    Long live Prophet TB Joshua !!!!!!. (Zimbabwe)


  2. Francisca Gloria Bowora

    Nothing is impossible before God.
    Leave your troubles with the Lord and he will defend you.
    He never lets honest people be defeated.



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