A visitor to The SCOAN from Malawi was addicted to drinking alcohol for 10 years. She could drink up to 24 bottles of alcohol a day. She began watching Emmanuel TV and one day, decided to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer through the screen of Emmanuel TV. She placed her hand on the screen during the prayer and suddenly began to vomit. Later that day, she tried to drink a bottle of alcohol. She was no longer able to stand the smell or taste and found herself vomiting again. Since that day, she has not had any drink of alcohol. The prayer she joined with Prophet T.B. Joshua took place four years ago and she has been free for that entire period of time!


Mr Harrison Ugboh and his wife were separated. He got a call from his mother that his wife was in The SCOAN. He laughed over it because he did not believe in The SCOAN. His wife called later saying she wanted to see him at the church. So he came. Wise Man Daniel touched him during the service and that was all he could remember of his deliverance. He used to go to a river to fetch water as a child. He went, caught a fish and went to eat it. That was the River Ethiope. He noticed a fair lady sitting at the riverbank that day. He noticed cowries on the riverbed where she was, bent and picked them up. A similar fair lady came in his dreams and demanded for her cowries back. He was a teenager then and in fear, he awoke, ran out of the house and threw them away. The   spirit of the River Ethiope appeared to him the next day in a dream and said that she owned him. Since then, she came in his dreams and he started having serious wet dreams. He would see her physically and if she wanted to come, she came with a cold presence and no matter what he was doing, he would have to look up and they would make love. His parents started suspecting him of being possessed and once found him on the floor crying and shouting where nobody else was.

This spiritual wife affected his life by addicting him to chatting with girls on the internet and giving him the spirit of lust to womanize. His career and business were also destroyed by the malicious spirit. One such instance occurred when a lady came to his travelling business and paid 300,000 towards travelling to the United Kingdom. As the money entered his account, his business folded up over the following weeks. Each time he was about to get somewhere in a business, the spiritual wife would come into his dreams and tell him that that business was dead. Every time the spiritual wife killed a business, she would give another idea for businesses which would immediately catch on until the evil spirit again would crush the business.

The spiritual wife was extremely jealous of him and any woman who came near to him, would face immediately attacks. There was a terrible case where a girl who stayed with him during his school times, started bleeding in her brain which stopped immediately she moved out from the same house as him. The spiritual wife then led to separation from his wife.

So, when he came to The SCOAN and was delivered through Wise Man Daniel, life changed entirely. The affection for his wife was fully restored and he had peace as the spiritual wife and wet dreams then became a thing of the past. While he was still at The SCOAN for a week, he got a call that he should come back to his state for an urgent parcel. The man of God said he should attend to it and when he did, he found that it was a document which he had not applied for but offering him a contract with AGIP oil company to the tune of $200,000 which was an equivalent of 38,000,000 naira. That was not the only breakthrough he received. He was also able to join partners to his company who landed a massive project for the three of them to supply over 100 million units of their oil product of which the proceeds would be shared between the three of them at the rate of 1 naira per unit! His advice was to encourage parents to be conscious of their little children and not to allow them to pick things up off the floor and that people should not wait for their case to get as bad as his, come to a living Church where the Holy Ghost was in control, Jesus Christ is waiting to receive them.


The Saturday and Sunday Live services on Emmanuel TV were as exciting to the viewers worldwide as they were for the congregation thronging the seats of The SCOAN Headquarters. Starting with a dynamic prayer line service, the five Wise Men went forth cloaked in the light of God’s purity and the fire of His Holiness to dispel every shade of darkness in the life of the congregation. Whether the darkness appeared in the form of sickness, disease, demonic oppression, poverty, setback, limitation and failure, when the light of God came on the scene, darkness had no hiding place. Just as it was during the earthly ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ, everyone who received a touch from the Wise Men received a touch from Heaven with the anointing to break every yoke.


WISEMAN HARRYWise Man Harry preached an encouraging sermon titled: The Road To Your Divine Destiny In which he exhorted the listeners to look unto Jesus Christ in times of testing to see them through their dark moments into the bright futures set before them in Christ Jesus. He said, “The road to your divine destiny is not a bed of roses. There will be trials, temptations and challenges. Joseph believed his dream. To protect our dreams, we must stop the language or the vocabulary of the victim. Before Joseph got to the position of honour, he suffered humiliation, rejection, embarrassment, temptation, false accusation, and so on. For you to be in a position of honour, you must experience the same thing. On the road to your divine destiny, you need a vision to stay on the right track. As a man of vision, no matter what constitutes the obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation and viewers on how they could ‘bring Jesus onto the scene’ in his message titled, ‘Faith Comes Through The Word’. Mark 16:17, “In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues.” This Scripture is useless, baseless, until we act on it. Acting on the Word, brings Jesus on the scene. If you do not act on the Word, God is impotent in you. It is acting on the Word that builds faith in the believer. Jesus Christ preached the Word, healed the sick and broke the power of demons over men. Apostles preached the Word, the sick were healed and multitudes were recreated. To preach the Word means to preach Christ because Christ is the Word. John 15:16 “Whatever you ask the father in my name, I will do.” It’s not every time we say, in the name of Jesus we bring Jesus on the scene. Only faith pleases Jesus. Only faith brings Jesus on the scene. On the scene, means here, now. In our gathering here, if Jesus is involved, healing, deliverance takes place. By looking into the Word and acting on it, we bring Jesus on the scene.



A video was replayed showing Alphonsus Ugan who had developed a terrible skin disease all over his body. The disease had been with him for over 8 years. As a result, he had to stop school. Because of the smell, he could not be in a public place or with his friends.2The fungal infection escalated and the doctors transferred him from hospital to hospital without a solution. Alphonsus was brought to The SCOAN by his mum and placed on the prayer line. He said that when Wise Man Daniel prayed for him in The SCOAN Prayer Line, it felt as if something left him and instantly, the pain disappeared. Within just three weeks, the terrible disease had cleared up and he was able to return to all normal activities expected of a teenager. Completely healed, he has since gone back to school. The doctors who treated him were shocked at his miraculous recovery and said that what was medically impossible, God had made possible.HEALING

Alphonsus is now studying political science at the university and is one of the best students in his class. He showed the now perfectly restored glowing skin on his hands, legs and feet to the congregation with only a small scar on his right leg to remind him of what God had done for him. He also showed everyone that he can now wear shoes, which he could not do before. Alphonsus advised people to believe in the Mighty Healer, Jesus Christ because nothing is impossible for God and that He alone can heal all types of diseases.

2 (2)

Alphonsus’s mother also spoke and said that four specialist German doctors had told her that they did not know what to do because they had given her son the strongest medication for the problem with no effect. She said that her son’s condition affected her so much that she even lost her job as a civil servant because all her attention was on caring for her son, Alphonsus.

1 (2)She explained how she had to carry him to The SCOAN on her back because walking was a grueling and painful task for him. She said that immediately after the prayer from Wise Man Daniel at The SCOAN Prayer Line, the dead infected skin on her son started to fall off his body and within three weeks, he was completely healed. She advised everyone not to lose hope or limit God and said that when God touches you through His servants, you will be healed and restored in Jesus’ name.3




MNT Project Fame Denise William Never Knew Devil Had So Much Power Over Her Until Set Free At SCOAN


Denise, a 28 years old who was brought up in the USA said she never knew that the devil had so much control over her life until she was set free at The SCOAN.

Her mother was a drug addict – at two months old, her mother gave her to her aunt in America who was unable to have children at the time. When her aunt had her own biological child, then she started maltreating her. The authorities heard of it and locked up her aunt. Later, her aunt decided to send her back to her mother but at this time, Denise did not know that the woman she had grown up with was her aunt and not her mother. She was deceived that she was going to Chicago to stay with her favourite uncle but found herself in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After this, she was to board a flight to Liberia, unbeknown to her, to meet with her mother for the first time. When she was about to arrive, they said there was a war on in Liberia and they could not enter the country at that time. Then she was taken care of by the flight hostesses until there was a ceasefire and they could enter.

Another lady saw her when she was crying in the airplane and started talking to her about Liberia where she was going. As soon as they got to Liberia, the war started again. Denise’s only clue as to where she was going was to find a lady called Gloria who she was going to be staying with. When she found Gloria, she said, she was told to take Denise to her biological mother. She had not been able to find her because the mother was always taking drugs and high. When they finally found her mother, the mother was dirty, smelly and carrying a newborn child. For a while however, she enjoyed the motherly love she had never had for the next three days. On the third day, her mother told her that she had to grow up now; this was not America. Her mother then started using her to get money by leaving her with men and it was just the grace of God she said that none of them ever raped her as the deal had been between them and her mother.

To escape from her mother, she found a rich boyfriend who was into and introduced her to drugs, smoking and drinking. But when the war restarted again, the man gave her money and fled. So, she also tried to flee and got to Ghana. In Ghana, she was wasting her money on her drug habit and when she got high on drugs, she would start singing. A day came when she tried singing at a Karaoke Bar, and the owner liked her voice so much, they employed her to be singing there. That was her first job. So, she started building up a new life again. She auditioned for MTN Project Fame and got to seventh place, whereas there were only five winners. The Project Fame organization did however give her a $2,000 prize with which she got her first apartment for two years. So, she realized that competitions were the only way she would be able to make clean money without sleeping with people. There were several older men who offered her help for sex which although she didn’t want to, she had no option as her money was all gone. After sleeping with such men, not one of them could fulfil their promise.

She got seriously sick and then, became suicidal. She tried to kill herself three times but someone would always come in and save her at the last minute. One of her friends said he would take her to The SCOAN and as she was wondering if it was another spiritualist or ‘juju man’, he said, ‘‘No, I am taking you to God.’’ She said, “Okay, if it is not God, after this, I am leaving this earth because I am tired”.

The road was rough and the devil really opposed her coming to The SCOAN, even making her to fight the man that tried bringing her to the church but in the end, she got to The SCOAN and received the deliverance she had never even dreamed of. Now, she is happy, delivered and free from all her addictions. She wants to give her life to Christ and asked Prophet T.B. Joshua for advice and instruction for her future.

What more can we say? Lives are changing, nations are changing and the world is changing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Emmanuel TV. Continue to be a part of it as you stay tuned and stay connected anywhere you are – distance is not a barrier.




The power of God demonstrated throughout the services this weekend prompted all who witnessed them to lay their souls under God’s influences and operations, taking the best course to secure themselves and, as Wise Man John Chi admonished the congregation in his message on Palm Sunday, to “OBEY HIS INSTRUCTIONS”. InMatthew 21:1-3, Jesus did not send His disciples to look around for a donkey. The Bible says He sent His disciples to a particular one that was tied at a specific place. This was an instruction in righteousness, an instruction in power, an instruction in confidence and the disciples obeyed. Obeying God at first seems hard until we come to see that all He asks is for our good and makes life full and free. The way of obedience is the way of a bright future. Obedience is the only proof of our faith in Him.


Prophet T.B. Joshua
Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged viewers worldwide this weekend when he stated that we must be awake to the fact of what Jesus said in Mark 5:36, ‘Do not be afraid; only believe’. If you can believe, the worry and anxiety vanishes. Some human plan or your mind may come between you and God’s Word but rest upon what God says, ‘If you can believe’. The kind of rest I am talking about is real, genuine, natural. It is not a pretentious calm, unnatural self restraint, acting as if nothing has happened. If our hearts are uneasy and restless, if we are afraid of this and that, this shows we have not yet believed. We must believe and rest unconditionally and absolutely upon the Word of God. Take note – faith does not rest in itself; God is the place where faith rests. This is our rest.

Prophet T.B. Joshua continued by stating, “As for me and my house, I have no other refuge than this command of Jesus, ‘Only believe’ ”. With these words ringing in their hearts, the congregation was energised in their faith and listened to testimonies of those who received the end to their worry and anxiety through the medium of the Anointing Water.


Mary Nanyangwe had been involved in an accident on her way from her home in Zambia to  Botswana and had experienced a terrible

spinal cord injury and fracture in her knee. The doctors in Botswana gave her a large waist corset and a walker to protect her spinal cord. She was bedridden and could not turn her back or neck.  The doctors booked her for an operation, telling her that the operation may leave her paralysed for life. If not, she would spend 2 years in the hospital before she would be able to walk. A nurse found her crying one day and connected Emmanuel TV in the hospital room for her to watch. She began watching and saw the Anointing Water. The nurse then brought her the Anointing Water and she ministered it the day before she was to go for the operation. In the morning, the doctor called and told her that the operation had been rescheduled. She rejoiced and continued to minister the Anointing Water. Before the operation, they redid her x-rays. The doctors had wanted to take T11 bone and put in a plate. The result of the x-ray showed that the bone of T11 started coming out all by itself. They were amazed and cancelled the operation!

That night, she dreamt that Prophet T.B. Joshua, standing on the altar, was holding three plates. He showed her the one the doctors wanted to fix and said, “This is what the doctors want to operate on but God said I should do the operation myself”.  When she woke up, she was immediately able to stand up, bend and walk! Not only was her spinal cord healed but her knee was also restored! Everything that had been damaged was restored, in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Anointing Water and a woman, once paralysed on a hospital bed, walked and moved freely in front of the congregation, encouraging all in their faith for a miracle!