One thought on “pl-advertmarch

  1. Hallo Scoan UK,
    We glorify God for giving us Prophet TBJoshua, the man that is being used as God s hands, eyes, voice, in short his vessel. Now i am based in Zambia. if i travel to the uk i will have no where to sleep. i have a passport and a yellow book, only a visa is remaining. please help me to acquire an invitation from scoan Lagos which is near me. please help me. I am confused with fear of the un known. I know with God all things are possible, and He makes a way where there is no way. I need that Holly touch, annointed water and stickers to minster in my house and my husband s family. Snake spirit in my house we kill them physically and MENTAL DISORDER. on my husband s family. we as a family have suffered of this afliction, my husband escaped death in two terrible accidents. we are in trouble but my good God is always at work. To God be the Glory.
    And by His grace, we are building the Community center for the Orphans whom we look after, they are more than 80 now.
    Please help me. it will please God.
    May our loving God increase you all. in the name of JESUS.


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