Joshua Terfa-Ufena

Joshua Terfa-Ufena, a farmer from Benue State, Nigeria had suffered low productivity for about five years because his land was infertile. He almost gave up as a farmer because of business failure. For two years, he could not boast of even 50 tubers of yam on his farm. When he started watching Emmanuel TV, he saw miracles in the lives of others and decided to come to The SCOAN. He was privileged to receive The Anointing Water which he prayed with and ministered on the farm. That year, he yielded 1,300 tubers of yam. Due to the massive harvest of yams, he had to move to a bigger piece of land and he alsoministered the Anointing Water on the new land  In no time at all, the land yielded a whopping 2,700 tubers of yam, which were extraordinarily large. His advice was that people should never give up and that God will always provide for them if they have faith, especially farmers to whom Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that in 2013, they would succeed beyond their dreams.


  1. Thank you Jesus Christ,I have taken note of this important prophecy. I believe God Almighty will do great works for His faithful children in this area of farming.


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