TB Joshua

Referring to John 14:1-6, he said that when Jesus said, “Don’t let your heart be troubled”, another way to translate the word ‘troubled’ is ‘agitated’. In other words, people should not be agitated, stressed out and thrown into confusion. He added that the Lord is not saying in that text that we lack reason to be troubled but that there is a greater reason not to be troubled. He said we can all acknowledge that life is filled with troubles (demonic, religious, moral, political and economic oppression) as portrayed in Job 5:7.

The prophet said that we daily face disappointments. He said we are unhappy with ourselves because we hardly live the way we want to live. “We want to be strong but find ourselves weak. We want to be courageous but we feel overcome with fears. We want to be successful but we fail repeatedly. We want to be loved and liked but we often find ourselves treated indifferently.” He added that worrying about the future destroys our sense of judgment because when you worry, you cripple your ability to think, act and exercise faith in the present.

The prophet also said that when you know that you are to use today’s supply and let tomorrow be, you will not misbehave with today’s supply. “We misuse today’s supply, which is why we engage in corruption and killing because of the urge to store wealth here on earth.” He added that the anxiety for tomorrow is the cause of corruption and misappropriation in society. “When you are anxious, you will not be able to differentiate between God’s supplies and satan’s bait.”

In both services (Saturday and Sunday) a number of testimonies were given by different people in attestation to the glory of God among which are the following:


  1. Emmanuel!!! I thank God Almighty for such a great nugget to kick-start the year with. Using today’s supply to make tomorrow be. I am grateful to God for sending His Servant Prophet T.B Joshua.


  2. Dear Man of God,           I m Morris Daniel From Nagpur, (Maharashtra)India, suffering from business loss and family life disturbance, my wife is away living with her  father since 4 months now, I m facing so much problem in life, now i m living like begger, please pray for my family life and for my business and  if possible send one annoiting wrist band so that i can use it and save my family life and my business. In 2013 January I want to open new business in educational (Distance Education) and product base business(Herbalife), and Financial sectors also, hence  I seek blessing from God Through your prayer Can you pray for me Please. My Address is Saakshi Consultants, 151, Honey Archana Complex, Behind Raymond Showroom, Untkhana, Nagpur -440009 India. Thanking you. Please send Wrist band Please.And Herewith attached my snap along with my wife, please minister annoiting water after print out please.Because I m not able to come there in Nigeria. Your  brother Morris Daniel



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