A video was replayed showing a woman through whom a spirit spoke, saying it was the queen of the coast. It said it had committed many atrocities through the woman, that she flew at night and had tormented her husband until he sent her out of the house.

Mrs Chidiebere Okafor, from Enugu, Nigeria, was in church with members of her family. She said she used to see herself as a queen in her dreams and occasionally in a river. She had visited many places in search of solution without success and had decided to come to The SCOAN.  She said that she did not experience peace in her marital home, that with her evil powers she had cursed her sister-in-law and the latter’s marriage to her husband in the USA had crashed. Mrs Okafor became increasingly aggressive towards everyone and had once beaten her mother-in-law almost to the point of death before seizing her feet and dragging her along the floor. Pastors asked to deliver her in the past had to run away after finding themselves unable to do so. While trying to escape from her house when pursuers came for retribution, she suffered a dislocated ankle and a jagged wound on her foot as she jumped over the barbed wire fence.

Prophet T.B. Joshua declared that he would meet with the family members now that Mrs Chidiebere was delivered, to discuss their future peace.

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service ended with a million thanks to Jesus Christ, our Mediator, our Saviour, our Restorer, our Repairer, our Hope – the anchor of our souls. As we continue to celebrate His birth this season, let us emulate Christ in our actions, thoughts and utterances. Let us act love, do love and let love lead – for Love was born at Christmas!