He is a popular politician from Anambra, Nigeria who equally acknowledges himself as a “controversial politician”. Before June 2012, he was not one who believed in The SCOAN, the miracles which occurred in the church or the prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua. But on June 3, 2012, as he was driving in his car, he fell into the hands of hired kidnappers who had the aim of abducting and killing him. They took him to their den and waited for confirmation from their boss as to when to eliminate him. Mr Emeakayi was kept on the bare floor and had no water or food. He had even appealed to the kidnappers, stating that he was ready to pay twice the amount of the ransom but the boys had refused. Despite his state of unease and confusion, he later fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the bottle of Anointing Water his friend had previously given, placed carelessly in his bedroom. He heard a voice telling him to spray it on himself and pray that the blood of Jesus should work in his life. The dream repeated itself three times within a 25 minute period. When he woke up, the leader of the kidnappers arrived and instructed his men to give the politician new clothes, sandals, transport fare and drop him in a location where he can find transport to take him home. A few moments later, he found that he was free – released from the hand of hired killers through prayer with the Anointing Water! Though a doubting Thomas previously, he was grateful to God for his miraculous escape. He advised that people should always trust in God because of what He did in his life, though he was undeserving of God’s mercy. He said God used this ministry and the Anointing Water to save him and that he is a testimony to Nigeria and the world that what is happening at The SCOAN is real and not fabricated. The state chairman of the ruling political party in Anambra also resolved to share many bottles of the Anointing Water with fellow politicians in his state.


  1. Truly speaking i thank the almighty God for anointing prophet tb joshua and the wisemen.Moreover i also want to thank god for media of the anointing water and the anointed sticker.I believe one day i will have my own testimony in jesus name.I love you Tb Joshua..glory be to God for the testimonies of people delivered through Emmanuel Tv ,Sticker and anointing waterHow do i go about Prayer request and partnership


  2. good day bretherns i have seen a lot of miracles at emmanuel tv,and other related media,where the prophet of God(TB JOSHUA) reveal the Lord’s Power.Its just a pity that some of us are unable to access the anointing water.but we hope one day a miracle will happen for us.amen


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