We will right now go beyond the confines of the regular prophecy

TB Joshua- the synagogue of all nations
TB Joshua- the synagogue of all nations

confirmations relayed on Emmanuel TV, to confirm quite an unnoticed and unusual prophecy. It is an obvious fact that the SCOAN withdraws from confirming prophetic messages of this nature, still that doesn’t mean they are any less worthy of the mention and attention given to the earth shaking events which occur in fulfillment of TB Joshua’s prophetic messages (in our opinion). And before we are prophetically ushered by TB Joshua into the long list of future events to occur in the year 2013 as is usual of him, we deem it necessary to reflect on the fulfillment of a prophecy made rather explicitly as the doors of time opened to the year 2012.

Those who entered into the outgoing year (2012) with a glimpse into its future events from TB Joshua’s prophetic messages will recall Him explicitly declaring the year one of comeback, further stating that Ministers of the Gospel and worshippers who worships God in a defective way would face greater challenges in the year. The prophecy was as brief as it was exact, below is the video;

Looking intently into his prophetic words he was specifically referring to acclaimed ministers when he said; “we often say the spirit of God says this; the spirit of God says that, whereas the spirit of God is not talking to you” he here emphasizes how acclaimed spokesmen of God prophesy the imaginations of their own minds and not the communiqué of God’s Holy Spirit.

He further states that such worship and worshippers would face CHALLENGES in the year. Take note of the word in quote; “CHALLENGES”.

Following this precise prophetic utterance, and unarguably true to his prophetic foresight an unprecedented wave ofCHALLENGES blew across the circle of mega ministers of the Gospel around the world, and especially those who were rooted in Nigeria’s religiously rich soil. We herewith present the GREATER CHALLENGES faced by a selected few ministers (truth is the list was endless) all in the year 2012 as prophesied by TB Joshua.


  • A HOT SLAP landed on the cheek of a teenager to facilitate an exorcism years ago RESURFACED in a video to land the minister in a 2 Billion Naira Lawsuit.
  • Oyedepo won the lawsuit after which the case was forwarded to the Court of appeal where it still stands pending.


  • Okotie’s Four year Marriage with his wife Stephanie suffered a wrecking Divorce in the year 2012
  • After vehemently declaring that The LORD said he would be president in 2003 and 2007, finally saying his time had come in 2011, The acclaimed Reverend Okotie scored ZERO PERCENT in the presidential polls which later led to his party FRESH Democratic Party being disbanded the year 2012 for failing to get even up to one percent vote in any state in Nigeria.
  • Okotie was dragged to court in the year 2012 by an instrumentalist in His Church for ill-treatment.
  • Lady confessed to having performed three abortions for reverend okotie and currently has a child for him which church members rumored bore uncanny resemblance to the reverend.


  • In the year 2012, pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Battled with a SERIOUS ILLNESS an excerpt reads;

Those in the know claimed that the televangelist is battling an ailment which nobody can define particularly, though some people in his fold say it is diabetes. According to one of the church members, the pastor, for some time had been elusive, with nobody except his close aides and top church members…Those close to the church claimed that many members didn’t know the type of ailment Ashimolowo is suffering from because it was shrouded in topmost secrecy. But further probing revealed that the man is allegedly suffering from diabetes. Click for the full story.

  • In the same year 2012, Pastor Ashimolowo was also dragged to court for allegedly stealing 65 Acres of Land. The news article described him as being “embroiled in a new conflict” an excerpt from the report reads: “He (Pastor Ashimolowo) has been dragged before Justice Akinyemi of Abeokuta High Court back home, for allegedly stealing 65 acres of land belonging to Taiwo Ijaosan and Olosunde families”. Click for the full report

many other ministers faced serious challenges in the year 2012 as prophesied by TB Joshua, this is just a short list as time would permit us here, other examples include (click on the links below)

…and many others.

If only they had returned in humility, and COMEBACK to worship God in Spirit and truth, perhaps they would have saved themselves these troubles that have tarnished their hard earned reputations. but it isn’t uncommon of them to pay deaf ear’s when God Speaks. whatever the case, In a few hours from now, TB Joshua would be prophetically ushering His people into the year 2013, and as a matter of fact we can’t wait to hear what the incoming year holds for His people and the world at large. One thing is sure, these are troubled times, but we know His people would be kept in the incoming year from the malice of the power of darkness.