Are spiritual advisers necessary?

It has been repeatedly established that prophets are people with special gifts of vision; people who are endowed by God to know the unusual, to discover the hidden, and to redirect men’s actions in consonance with the demands of the Holy Spirit. The gift of prophecy is a special one from God, and only very few are actually blessed by God with such powers. This is not to say there are many others claiming to be prophets but whose sources of power are questionable (and thousands of such are found in many countries of the world). These are people with counterfeit powers (photocopied powers) who try to do and achieve what true men of God are doing.

Prophets are known for the truth of their prophecies – the believability, timeliness, punctuality and permanence of same. Though satanic agents often try to out-do true men of God in making prophetic proclamations, these true men of God often win the day as seen with prophets Micaiah and Elijah, in their days, even when the leaders and the led did not necessarily believe in them.

Every age needs a true prophet. Every period in human history has its peculiar character. Today, the world over, are different trials which people and nations face – political, economic, and cultural and traditional. These challenges make life impossible; poverty and want rule people’s lives; ruler-ship is topsy-turvy; the land is poor and unproductive; the leaders are much used to greed, graft and corruption. Because of these factors, horror, earthquakes, moral disequilibrium, accidents and sheer deaths are forced on people, and dangerously empowered by occultism. There is much uncertainty, hopelessness and helplessness. Life is so tragic in orientation. Kidnapping, rape, drug-addiction, murder and ritualism have destroyed the foundation of many homes. People live in fear; their gifts are buried in the sand of meaningless commitments. People also lack the fear of God because satanism has swollen the ranks of unbelievers.

To avoid many evils which plague the world, it is important for people to listen to the tested prophets, which is why they should know the difference, which exists among the prophets. According to Prophet Joshua, there are two types of prophets. The first are the “General Prophets”. These have the ability to communicate the saving will of God. They teach because they have general knowledge of the Bible. They are aware of things both announced and known; they are general practitioners who have mastery of understanding of the bible chapters from Genesis to Revelation.

The second group of prophets are those who “receive direct and specific message from God and about man”. These people have the ability to predict and foretell the future, and can tell what the situation is, now. Prophet Joshua says that such spies on God’s plans, and reveals same to the world to know of some hidden truths which could serve their purpose.

Both groups are not necessarily antagonistic to one another, for they both belong to God. However, people do not understand the prophetic ministry; they little know the role of prophets in society. Equally, people are better used to pastors, some of whom are only obviously self-called. People are used to pastors who pray for them and recommend moments of fasting, even when such pastors themselves are very much in need of deliverance. Quite a lot of people had suffered in the hands of less-trained and less-gifted ‘men of God’.

The mistake most people make is to the effect that when they need the doctor, they go to the farmer, and vice versa. When they need the accountant, they move toward the farmer, and in the process, their problems remain unchallenged. Specialization, which is highly treasured by the Holy Spirit, is often neglected by people. They see every pastor as real, sensitive and prayerful, even when satan has won the souls of such people for himself.

Prophet T.B. Joshua had, for instance, prophesied in February 2012 to the effect that there was going to be an airplane crash in Nigeria, and that the people should pray with him to avert the looming danger.  Characteristically, nobody gave him an ear. In early June, 2012, there was a Dana plane crash on a Sunday at the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos State, killing some 160 people. While some people had kept writing through social media to the effect that it was because the voice of a true prophet was disregarded, others felt otherwise. But what is particularly true is that such was not the first time Prophet Joshua had made similar prophecies which occurred, yet the unbelieving have remained unyielding that he is a true man of God. His prophecies within 2012 alone had come to pass, as well as hundreds of other prophecies made in the years past, yet some people keep expressing fears that Joshua, the Man in the Synagogue, is ever in company of satan!

Obviously, one of the challenges of modern times is disbelief in prophets and prophetic statements. We remember that in the church, that Sunday when the Dana air plane was to occur, Joshua was quite uncomfortable in service; he was busy checking his watch as if to leave the place at about 12.00 pm. He later told the congregation that he tried as a “prophet to see that the situation was rescued” through prayers, but he was rather lonely! The same was true of the previous prophecies he made; people never ever bothered with the implications and relevance of joint prayers. Some people later turned to be his adversaries, calling him a prophet of doom for not warding off the bad repercussions! But he had prophesied on governments, functionaries in government, lives of artistes and other professionals, etc. He has never hidden the truths revealed to him by God, yet he is disbelieved; he is even called reckless names.

Now, why should there be spiritual advisers to governments, corporations, private establishments? The answer should be obvious to strong believers: God should be involved in every major decision taken! This means, the God factor cannot be pushed aside in all business transactions, governmental programmes and community projects. Spiritual advisers are prayer warriors and visionaries to whom God reveals His secrets and plans. What is hidden from the ordinary eye cannot be hidden from true men of God. True prophets will tell people God’s mind on every issue. Owners of airplanes, for instance, will need prophets to let them know of dangers in the air, and how to ward off same. There are available calamities, even when God does not say Christians are free from trials. Prophets are endowed with visionary powers to know the unknown; they are allowed to spy into God’s plans and schemes. Many has wondered that if Nigeria knew that T.B Joshua is a prophet, why they should not agree with him.

A spiritual adviser is the mouthpiece of God. A prophet answers someone with the words of the Holy Ghost; the Holy Ghost is true. No wonder, Prophet Joshua says that every time, we should talk scriptures in any situation (whether good or bad). A spiritual adviser is needed to guide people’s moves and strategies in performance; provide spiritual illumination and enlightenment when most needed, and ensure that common human mistakes are avoided in life. He prays and ensures stability, confidence, security, and progress of those concerned. For example, the fact that most national leaders neglect spiritual advisers is responsible for their wishy-washy policies, programmes and commitments. Unnecessary conflicts are avoided and credible appointments go to the rightful people. Leadership in most communities of the world would have been enriched spiritually only if spiritual advisers have been reckoned with. Interestingly, T.B. Joshua is known to have a lot of leaders, business gurus, politicians, professionals, etc from all over the world who see him as a spiritual adviser, and for whom he prays and delivers God’s messages. The prophet has easy facility in the Word (which is an integral part of him) and he talks Scripture in every situation. Moreover, his voice is one of confidence; he said, “If you know where you belong, you will talk like a victor”. The miracles performed by God through him are engineered to help people’s faith and make them stronger than they are. It takes the voice of an authentic prophet to correct mistakes in families, jobs, relationships and religious life. For instance, many people were called witches and wizards in the past, only for them to reclaim their true identities in The SCOAN, though they confessed what they were not. The prophet encourages people to move closer to God instead of accusing people by their confessions. Thousands had also been delivered from the grip of evil forces which made them mad; eat anthill soil and chalk and paper; misbehave to others and commit suicide. Spiritual advisers are certainly needed at domestic, national and international scenes.

11 thoughts on “Are spiritual advisers necessary?

  1. Thanks or this wonderul message. Emmanuel TV is not available in Australia where I live. This blog is important to me to keep up to date with TB Joshua and his latest insight. Prophets of TB Joshua’s standing are very lacking in this part of the world. Please keep Australia in your prayers. The church in Austarlia is becoming very commercial and needs a prophetic voice to speak into it. Sad to say we are leading the world in many ungodly practices ….. homosexuality and abortion to name a few. I am belieiving for true prophets to arise in Australia. Also for Emmanuel TV to be available. It would also be great to hear from fellow Austarlians


  2. Right, shall we look at Ezekiel’s release to prophesy for example for a better understanding of avoiding familiar spirits and receiving prophetic permission. Ezekiel was a seasoned man that knew the Holy Spirit well. He models another safety feature in avoiding familiar spirits. He would not prophesy until told. Scripture says, “So I prophesied as I was commanded” (Ezekiel 37:7). Was T.B. Joshua commanded to speak such matters by God and what is the evidence ? Who told that he was allowed to speak ? What is the evidence and by whom ? In this verse Ezekiel, a mature prophet of God, understood that he was not to prophesy until the Lord released him to do so.

    We, too, can learn from his example. It is all right to sense the prophetic anointing but don’t speak “thus saith the Lord” unless God releases you through prompting by the Holy Spirit. This is the highest compulsory qualification of being a prophet. I want evidence that the Holy Spirit gave the unction here. Not some story made up what sounds great and inflated by unknown people who hide themselves behind a website or otherwise.

    If you prophesy by faith without unction, outside God’s permission, you are in danger and highly likely of tapping into a spirit of divination and the deception that comes out of it. This is a sobering truth but if you tap into a spirit of divination you release witchcraft over the people and bring them under a curse from God as well bondage of Satan. If there is no discernment into SCOAN about this, which I believe is the case here, then we are totally sold out in deception wholesale. This wrong prophetic operation is taking place today and needs to be stopped. God has not called His prophetic people to be fortune-tellers, prognosticators, revealing matters about people as they are on a conveyor belt but those that offer edification, exhortation and comfort. What I see is false comfort and misleading people that this is the Holy Spirit operating. The Holy Spirit is souvereign and only operates when it can glorify Jesus Christ with the admonishing of the Father. They completely work as one. Revelation 19:10

    Wrong prophetic operations open the door for all kinds of high-level occult spirits of divination, deception, false miracles, mass confusion. Avoid them at all cost and pray to God to reveal this to you.

    I see clearly people pulling for prophetic words in meetings and this is wrong. You can easily tell when they are pulling for a prophetic word. They will say it, they carry information related to it, they will force themselves in front of the prophets, in churches, in ministries, they will fake manifest, cry, manipulate, they will give extraordinary amounts of monies, they drag pictures of family with them, they have letters of origin that are questionable. Most seasoned prophets can relate to that feeling and experience. The Spirit of God says most of the time then, “No.” Could they have prophesied anyway? The answer is “yes” but they would have been in error. As said repeatedly here, if you prophesy without God’s permission you can tap into a familiar spirit (demonic activity in the spirit realm) even if you are a christian.

    A characteristic of prophets that do no operate in the Holy Spirit is when they say: “It is way too deep and nobody was ready for it or wants to pray with me about it. ”If you have a revelation from God you need to let other prophet’s judge” (1 Corinthians 14:29). Especially outside independent prophets. All prophecies need to be judged, not one without examination, they need to be examined and weighed against the Logos of God. If the Holy Spirit is saying something, all prophets will confirm the same message. Scripture says, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

    Question why are there no other prophets that judge the prophecies of T. B. Joshua or the 5 wise men outside SCOAN ? This is compulsory and commanded in scripture. Why can we not have insight about the personal life of T. B. Joshua or the 5 wise-men how he/they acquire(s) such “prophetic” or “insights”, where, when and how ? Why is it kept in secret ? Who are “they” who authenticate the authenticity of the Holy Spirit that this is the Holy Spirit ? What level of proof accreditation they have in spiritual discernment as well prophetic words, beside they only can say “well it looks like it, this is real, accept it” Even if it comes to pass it does not mean this is God saying something. The devil, divination, the occult is saying something too, as well his demons, spiritual forces and powers. If you do not accept the judgment of God or curse comes upon you. (last bit is accredited to many detractors who answer on websites in order to scare of the investigator) Many will say if you attack SCOAN. Why, does it say: Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
    Luke 6:28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

    Why these nasty replies and attitudes ? Is this what Jesus meant by responding to others. Why does it fall flat on these powerful words of Christ Himself ?

    Last one, I have a right to investigate, I have a right to judge in the light of God’s Word as well Spiritual discernment by prayer, contemplation, reflection. Why do I come to fall foul of what I see on a daily basis of spiritual abuse in this ministry ?


  3. Prophecy from the Holy Spirit was never spoken by “the will of man,” that is to say, by man’s will.

    My observations are that the “prophecies” are spoken at will not when the Holy Spirit and God wants it.

    This is significant and fundamental in prophetic ministry. This teaches if one prophesies by faith only, without any Holy Ghost unction, then they wrongly prophesy according to their own will and not Gods. Hence the reason they will not avert/change direction what is “prophecied”. (No matter of increased joint prayers from others)

    This is the indicator of a presumptuous and self-willed prophet who can easily tap into deceiving spirits of divination. To avoid familiar spirits the mature prophet will wait on the unction from the Lord. Prophecy is serious ministry and should not be taken lightly. To meddle in prophetic ministry outside the unction of God’s Holy Spirit is extremely dangerous and damaging to the lives of precious people. Hence all the crashes and catastrophes still taking place.

    Prophesying is not something done solely by faith. Prophecy is not by the prophet’s faith and will exclusively. Faith alone does not force the Holy Spirit to speak. You have a measure of faith involved but the prophet is not making prophetic utterance come by faith. The seasoned prophet understands this and is able to protect himself and others from prophetic error. Again, prophecy is not about faith, will or emotion, it’s about waiting for the Holy Ghost to move. E.g. saying disasters taking place or otherwise.

    The prophet is only a spokesman nothing else. T.B. Joshua is elevated to a place that is not his’ (elaborate as being spiritual adviser and more). If the Holy Spirit decides to speak He will but the prophet must wait for the unction offered according to the direct will of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:11). Let’s look at the pattern for a safe prophetic release, “Holy men spake as they were moved (compelled and prompted) by the Holy Ghost.” True prophetic utterance is always with Holy Ghost unction. Unction is God’s permission to speak on His behalf. (Where does T.B. Joshua get the permission to speak on God’s behalf ? Check all the major and minor prophets, including Samuel. If there is no unction, then the prophet is acting by assumptive faith decoupled from the Holy Spirit’s prompting. This is unsafe and NOT Prophecy.

    Unction, Greek “chrisma”, means anointing. Those that prophesy by presumptuous faith are in danger of tapping into a demonic spirit of divination. This is the realm where high-level occult spirits gain access into the lives of Christians, churches and ministries. Again this reveals the seriousness of the prophet’s ministry and responsibility of every believer to judge prophecy according to the written word of God. Hence I have the right to judge what is before me and claimed or said.

    Divination is foretelling (prophesying) the future by occult means. As already said prophecy should come only after you receive Holy Ghost unction to speak. This is the biblical pattern taught us in the Word and demonstrated by the prophets of old that were first “moved by the Holy Ghost.” Remember, unction for the prophet is the permission of the Holy Spirit to speak. After you receive permission then use your faith and surrender to the will of the Spirit and prophesy. The prophetic is rather sparingly than excessively as we see here, another test whether the occult operates.

    Five steps for avoiding familiar spirits are:

    -Knowing when the Holy Spirit wants to speak.
    -Receiving the Holy Spirit’s permission, rightfully called the unction.
    – Using faith to surrender to the Holy Spirit’s unction.
    – Speaking what the Holy Spirit has to say.
    – Judging the prophetic word according to Scripture.

    T. B. Joshua and his wise men speak whenever they want to. There is no evidence that they speak when the Holy Spirit unctions them, except from those who do overtime and make websites to let us believe that this is the Holy Spirit Speaking and in God’s permission to do so.


  4. Witchcraft is a master at diverting attention away from itself by turning it toward you. It makes others think that you are the one with the problem. People operating in witchcraft are masters at taking the focus off of them whenever they are about to be discovered. They shift the blame rather than taking the responsibility for their wrongs.

    Those under witchcraft’s control think they never do anything wrong. When caught, they say there is nothing for which to repent. They tell you directly, “I haven’t done anything wrong.” Or, “I did what I thought was right. I don’t have anything to feel sorry about.”

    They never manifest any true repentance or humility. Whatever humility they may demonstrate is false and used only as a tool to manipulate you. Superficial repentance is a common witchcraft deception. Beware of their motives because witchcraft never examines self.


  5. Ahhhh Yes, elaborately written and highly articulate in content with blown up inflated words. It’s a pity that everything that is claimed here falls totally flat on the ground on this particular Scripture alone that I will quote. Which means, IF T.B. Joshua or anyone else was so “righteous” and “prophetic” as been claimed here, all the problems/disasters would have been averted and changed. God only needs to hear and answer one righteous prayer from one righteous man.

    Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
    (James 5:16)

    Again it is proven “a lot of words in the air”, no action from God concerning those particular “prophecies”.

    On top of it then blaming all the people as being stupid that they don’t listen, act or did not pray. What a crock ! Shambolic, totally and completely ! FAIL ! T. B. Joshua has only himself to blame that God did not hear and answer him in his prayers (if he was so lonely) and as this test proves, clearly not righteous.


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