celine nwankwo 2A video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to a woman and asking her why she had left her husband’s house. She replied that it was due to a genotype problem. A couple came forward after the clip was played, Celine Nwankwo introduced the gentleman beside her as her ‘ex-husband’. She explained that they had separated for one year due to a deeply rooted misunderstanding related to the issue of genotype. Celine said that she had never met her husband physically before marriage as it was pre-arranged by both families, but that her husband-to-be had explicitly asked her genotype on the phone before the nuptials were finalized. Celine insisted that she had gone for a test which showed her to be ‘AA’.

The couple happily married and were soon expecting their first child. However, when Celine went for a standard test as her pregnancy neared the time of delivery, she was shocked to discover that the doctors said she was ‘AS’. Upon breaking the news to her husband, he reacted angrily, accusing her of deceiving and misleading him. The argument was so heated that it resulted in separation, to the point where Celine’s bride price was returned and the marriage informally dissolved. Celine had her child which her mother began to take care of. It was in this turmoil that she came to The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about her case. Mr Nwankwo, said that he was indeed incensed by his wife’s revelation that her genotype was ‘AS’, as he too knew that he was ‘AS’, and feared their child would be greatly affected.

Prophet T.B. Joshua told the couple that as what led to the separation was something that prayer could solve, nothing was impossible to God’s power. He said that both would receive prayer for deliverance before he revealed the mind of God as to whether the marriage would continue, stressing that the issue would be solved amicably and the will of God be done.

 We thank God for the wonderful things He is doing in The SCOAN week-in, week-out. The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ. Glory be to God!