What was then heard was perhaps one of the most disturbing, shocking and disgusting things yet heard at The SCOAN. Tunji stepped forward and began to narrate how demons had twisted, tormented and destroyed his life for the last 10 years. He said that one day 10 years ago, he was in the toilet and he heard a voice telling him to pick his faeces out of the toilet and sniff it; the voice told him that it would smell nice. Though, battling with the thought, the voice was too powerful and he proceeded to take his faeces and sniff it. He liked the smell and then kept it in his pocket. Tunji described how since that time, he had been enslaved to this horrific addiction. He would always carry his faeces around in his pocket and take it out from time to time to sniff it. He explained how he would also hide some under his bed. He said that to him, the faeces smelt like perfume. This evil spirit had also caused him to have the spirit of stealing and had made him to steal numerous things including money from his church.

Pastor Steven then explained that God had revealed to him through a dream that The SCOAN was the place where Tunji would receive his freedom.A member of the congregation came out with the Anointing Water and TB Joshua asked Pastor Steven to collect it and minister it on Tunji. The Anointing Water was ministered and the evil spirit that had caused this horrendous habit was cast out by Holy Ghost fire!

After the deliverance, the faeces were offered again to Tunji to sniff but after a split second, he withdrew crying out that it was stinking! TB Joshua then instructed Tunji to go and take his shower and the whole area where he had stood was given a thorough clean! Jesus Christ is indeed the Deliverer, the Redeemer and the Owner of our souls.