Prudentia’s confession is a lesson for everyone using the internet. Prudentia is from Cameroon and she came to The SCOAN with her husband, brother and son. It all started when she opened a Facebook account and started communicating with an unknown man. He promised to send her money if she bought particular items from a certain shop, which he told her about. After purchasing the items, she asked him for his photograph and he sent her a photo of a demonic creature. MRS NGWENYI PRUDENCEIA [ QUEEN OF THE WORLD] CAMEROONThat night in her dream, she saw a giant man come to her saying that she had been initiated and there was a covenant between them that she would work for him and his kingdom. She used the items which she purchased to seduce men and women into giving her money and initiating them. Upon all the money that she received from these demonic items, she still found herself in terrible debt and unable to account for the money. She came to The SCOAN and received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua asking if she had thrown the items away. After the prophecy, she received deliverance from one of the wise men. Her husband who joined her in the congregation revealed his shock saying that he never knew that his wife was involved in all these activities. She in turn advised the congregation and viewers that they should be cautious in their interactions on the internet. Prophet T.B. Joshua added to the advice saying that we should know who our friends are. Choose your friends with care; you might become what they are.


It was a weekend to remember for all who attended The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday Live services. A fresh dew seemed to fall from Heaven which not only lifted the name of Jesus high but also the faith of thousands whose lives were positively transformed by the power and anointing of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua started on Sunday with a thought-provoking and heart lifting message titled,T.B.JOSHUA “Words of Faith Part 2”. Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:1-7 as his proof text, he said “Paul Apostle is talking about faith, sight. What is it? There is a conflict between faith and sight. For we walk by faith, not by sight. If you walk by faith, you do not need sight. If you walk by sight, you do not need faith. This contradicts our natural way of thinking. We do not see first, then believe. We believe first, then see. As a result of believing, we see. “The world says, ‘seeing is believing,’ but the Bible reverses the order. First, you must believe. Then, you will see.” In a concluding statement he said, “Faith is to work and to work through love. Where there is no love manifested, there is no genuine faith”.

The previous day, on Saturday, The SCOAN Prayer Line opened the live service and God confirmed His Word through the wise men who were used mightily to break the yokes of bondage in the lives of congregants and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide. Prophet T.B. Joshua appreciated the good works of the agile wise men who, he said, allowed themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit. He confirmed that we had seen the name of Jesus Christ working in the spirit as people were set free from their sicknesses and afflictions. He therefore admonished the congregants to always be readily available and accessible for God to use.