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Anti TB Joshua at It Again On The State of African Christianity

prophet-tb-joshuaT.B. Joshua is undoubtedly one of the greatest prophets in this century. He is anointed with a peculiar prophetic anointing that has attracted a lot of envy from all quarters.
There is a particular group of workers who also worked under him for a few months and couldn’t stand the rigours of life in the Synagogue who have now turned their backs on the prophet with all manner of insults and insinuations. First, practices of deliverance has come under condemnation and likened to Jerry Springer. What surprises me is that some of these critics refuse to see the antecedents which could be found in the bible. Whether it occurred once or twice in the bible is irrelevant. We all know what happened when Jesus, the Christ confronted the mad man with many demons and when asked by Jesus how many demons he had, he retorted by saying many (legion).  The mad man begged Jesus to cast the demons into a flock of swine nearby.

What is therefore wrong by asking demons who have occupied the human temples questions? Questions are necessary to know how they entered in order to seal all the avenues they used to enter the said person. Viewers of Emmanuel TV would realise that the confession of the demons through the person they occupy are true. Thus, spiritual things manifests in the physical. A lot of lessons could be learnt from this. This kind of deliverance is not peculiar to Africa but practised worldwide. The famous deliverance minister of blessed memory, Lester Summrall practised it in his deliverance conventions and crusades around the globe.
T.B. Joshua needs not to worry himself about this emotionally disturbed critic because Christ himself came under heavy attack from these kinds of people.

Second, we Africans will keep on Africanising the Church and not fall on something that happened under a different cultural setting. 2137-following-christWhile we believe the bible to be true and sacrosanct word of God, we also believe our cultural heritage as a distinct people must be preserved. T.B. Joshua cannot be broken and we his supporters cannot be broken or derailed by the miscreants either. The days of imposition of ideas on us by the white man is far gone. Yes, there are some stooges of the white man who cannot break from the umbilical cord  to which they are attached. Of course, I disagree with the prosperity message preached worldwide and who are the originators of this kind of message/s? They are the kinsmen of the anti T.B. Joshua blog. Once again, I advice the critic’s to do something positive with their lives.