I Thought It Was All A Joke…’ – Healed Through Emmanuel TV

Here is a wonderful testimony from a Nigerian residing in South Korea who witnessed God’s power touch the life of his daughter through Emmanuel TV and rescue him from a strange demonic attack through the Anointing Water. To God be the glory!

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is with us! My name is Michael Ogbuagu Mba. I am from Abia state, Nigeria.

“I was staying In South Korea when my brothers and sisters were complaining that my lovely daughter Ijeoma Michael who was staying with my mother in Cotonou, Benin Republic had the problem of difficulties in eating. She hardly ate and after eating, she would vomit out everything in her stomach. She had been taken to different doctors for solution with no seeming resutl. I came back from South Korea in December 2011 but I didn’t realize how serious it was and thought I could force her to eat. I tried my best but she would instantly vomit everything in her stomach the moment she finished eating. She looked like a walking skeleton – all the bones on her body were showing. It was a terrible thing to see.

“I bought different types of delicious food, fruit, biscuits and other nice things that every normal kid would feast on – all to no avail. Personally, I took her to doctors again where different medications were provided but nothing seemed to work. The vomiting continued and she was getting worse every day.

“At this point, I hadn’t really heard much of Prophet T.B. Joshua or watched Emmanuel TV. However, I came to my parents house one night and my daughter ran to me at the door, shouting, ‘Daddy, I am healed!’ I was shocked and asked her what happened. She said, ‘I am delivered from the spirit of difficulties in eating and vomiting; I can eat everything without vomiting it!’ She then explained to me how it all happened. She said her grandmother had called her while she was watching Emmanuel TV. It was during the time Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers. So, according to her, my mother then grabbed her hands and placed them on the screen of Emmanuel TV while the prophet was praying. ‘That was how Jesus set me free,’ my daughter said.

“I thought it was all a joke at first, but to my greatest surprise, up until now she can eat well without vomiting any time. It’s an unbelievable miracle! Imagine my daughter eating and demanding for more food, something that has never happened since her birth – until after the prayer with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. May all the glory be to God Almighty, in Jesus’ Name.

“I have another testimony. The Anointing Water saved me from demonic attack just a few weeks ago. I had lost my grandmother and returned to my village for the burial. During the ceremony, I felt something or someone come up and tap me on the back. I didn’t think anything of it at first but after leaving, I started noticing a severe pain on my back and chest. This continued until we arrived in Aba. Then, it began getting worse and worse every moment to the point where I could no longer breathe properly. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I had to sleep that night without finding a solution to it.

“Immediately I remembered that I had a small drop of Anointing Water which I had left in my house. The Anointing Water was almost finished so, by faith, I filled it with water. I had no option than to believe that the Anointing Water would still work, even if it were mixed with fuel! So, I called my six year old daughter and said to her, ‘Ijeoma, listen, your father is dying, and you are the one to deliver him! I have pains at my back right now and I cannot breathe properly, so you have to pray for me like Pastor TB Joshua prays and spray the Anointing Water at my back.’ Then I knelt down and she started praying, ‘ANY DEMONIC POWER IN MY FATHER’S BACK, OUT! OUT! OUT, IN JESUS’ NAME! OUT! OUT! OUT!’ Then, she sprayed the Anointing Water and declared, ‘STAND UP! YOU ARE DELIVERED!’ I stood up immediately and started shouting, ‘Thank God, I am free! I am delivered!’ That was how I was delivered completely and all the severe pains instantly vanished! EMMANUEL!”

Michael Ogbuagu Mba – Abia, Nigeria


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  4. lngqokola@gmail.com

    How can I get a anointing water for me and my house and my car need to be spayed with anointing water AMEN
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    1. TB Joshua Fans UK Blog Post author

      Worship with us every Sunday and experience Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit! Hear HIS Word, See HIS work, Learn HIS ways! Also, watch the live service with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria – broadcast live on Emmanuel TV. God is with us!

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      Jesus Christ never stops giving us reasons to thank Him! Every week, people from all walks of life are prayed for in the prayer line to receive a touch from Jesus Christ which will turn the situation of their lives around.

      Among them was Tyrone Crossney, who was brought by his mother, Ms. Berenice Crossney, who was suffering from a skin disease – a severe case of eczema which prevented him from enjoying life like his playmates could.

      After the prayer, Berenice and Tyrone came to testify that the skin disease is now a thing of the past! Since the prayer, there is no irritation or itching and the skin is totally healed. Berenice testified saying that her son can now swim in the sea and enjoy the beach like other children which was impossible to do before the prayer



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