Here is yet another powerful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer about how she was delivered from an addiction to taking snuff after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Let your faith be lifted up as you read!

“I am Nemauluma Ntanganedzeni Lorraine from South Africa. The problem I had was that I was addicted to snuff from 2002. It is a family curse because my mother and my grandmother are also addicted and we used to believe that it is a gift from ancestors. My mom always told me that I would never quit in this life. The addiction was very serious. I couldn’t even eat until I had taken snuff. The moment I got it, I would use the whole container non-stop and I would not perform any duty until I finished it completely.

“I am a fan of Emmanuel TV and the more I watched people’s testimonies and listened to God’s Word preached by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the more my faith began to grow. One day on Emmanuel TV, I saw several testimonies of people who were addicted to eating many strange things who received deliverance. I then saw the testimony of a woman who was healed while touching the screen and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua. I started believing that the same thing could happen to me!

“Then, one Sunday, as I was praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua during the live service, I felt a strange sensation in my body, as if something was cooling me from within. I immediately felt the change! As I was so engrossed watching the service, I forgot to take the snuff for five hours until my mum reminded me and I opened the snuff container. As soon as I took it, it tasted completely different! I lost interest and desire for it in that powerful moment of prayer. I have now spent several months and I am free from snuff! My mum still doesn’t believe and is telling me that it won’t last – but I know the changes in my body! I want to thank God for this mighty deliverance and encourage viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prays for the viewers. God’s power is real! My case is a living testimony.”

Nemauluma Lorraine, South Africa

There are many prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua uploaded on our official YouTube channel. Whatever situation you may be facing, join in these prayers in faith and expect a touch from Heaven!



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