Congregant Explosion At TB Joshua Church London

It was cold, windy and frosty morning, yet people all over the country and within the EU whom had registered for the SCOAN London December 2012 prayer line trooped into the Church Sunday 1st Dec, 2012 in their hundreds. The large congregation was not unexpected as it has become the rule rather than exception. However, what one can easily point out to as the motivating forces are the miracles of healing, deliverance’s and blessings in Jesus’ name. In fact, God’s power working through His Word and Spirit are persistent. The service started with testimonies.

TESTIMONY TIME                  

The first person was Katarina from Slovakia, who came with the problem of ceased menstruation and fibroid for many years. Katarina said “during the mass prayer led by Prophet TB Joshua he raised some prayer point which includes mine CEASED MENSTRUATION! So I said to myself today is my day and I prayed along with him, l believed and went home. I visited the toilet later that day and hold and behold l saw a sport of blood. Subsequently the blood flow increased and the fibroid diminished. Today my menstrual cycle is normal and it comes at the right time and I’m free of the fibroid. Glory be to God!

Next was Natasha Masunda, with a short term memory. She had the problem of spelling, the mother explained that “we  knew Natasha had spelling problem but we did not known it has got the stage of putting Natasha into a special group in school to help her” This led them to told bring Natasha to the November 2012 prayer line.  After 2 weeks, I was told I’m too good for my class and I was sent back to my normal class.

Others that gave their testimonies were Wendy and her son Kirk from Wellingbough on how God used the Anointed Sticker to heal Kirk of dislocated finger. Also a man told seated how he was also set free from smoking.

After the testimonies a video sermon by Prophet TB Joshua titled ‘Secret Of Faith’ was shown

In the third part of a series titled, ‘Secret Of Faith’, Prophet T.B. Joshua expounded further on some profound Gospel truths. He explained that faith is something that comes spontaneously, not by force or external pressure. “Anything that comes by force is not faith. Faith is something that comes spontaneously, willingly. Don’t force me. If you force me to be a Christian by giving me whatever you want to give me or you adopt me as a child and give me everything, such Christianity cannot last. If you stop giving me those things, I will stop being a Christian. If you become a Christian because of the miracle you receive, what if there is no miracle tomorrow? You will stop being a Christian.” 

He further characterized faith and rest as being inseparable, citing Hebrews 4 as a Scriptural reference. “Whenever we truly believe, our hearts will be at rest. If our hearts are uneasy and restless, if we are afraid of this and that, if we are fearful and feeling lost, struggling with all our effort to plan, to resolve, to plead and ask for help, this shows we have not yet believed. When one believes, he is at rest. Therefore, when a person believes, he will no longer worry. He will leave it for God!”

Prophet T.B. Joshua further explained the necessity of living in God’s Word and receiving it in the midst of our hearts. “If a person has not received the teaching of the Scripture or the promise of the Holy Ghost in his heart, forcing him to do such acts is indeed a risk – because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. You must take God’s Word to heart; you must live in God’s Word. If you have taken God’s Word to heart, you can act it. It will by its very nature, change you and when it does, you will automatically find yourself acting. This kind of rest is very real, genuine and natural.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua concluded the profound message by challenging believers to examine their daily lives. “If we examine our daily lives, we will find out how much faith we have. Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily life. Do you know how much you need God?” He said that the problem faced by believers around the world today was that they believe they only need God for certain tasks or at certain times instead of realizing that they need Him in literally everything.

The SCOAN London Prayer Line which kicked off. Visitors from around the globe were evidently transformed by the power of God as they received prayer from the team of Evangelist sent by Prophet TB Joshua, in Jesus’ name. After the prayer line, it was testimony time where a number of varied testimonies were given reminding us that Jesus Christ is concerned about every department of our lives and many were set free from their problems.

Watch this space for the next prayer line date



On November 6th, 2012. Mr. & Mrs Aragbate was kidnapped and driven into the bush by the kidnappers.

mr&mrs aragbate 2

Mrs. Aragbate prayed fervently and at one point her bag, which was previously taken from her, was handed back to her. Inside her bag was the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water asking God to create confusion amongst the kidnappers. Suddenly, the kidnappers were confused and became friendly towards them and no longer demanded a ransom for their release. It did not end there, the kidnappers had a change of heart, apologized to the couple and even gave Mr. Aragbate money to fuel his car for the journey back to his home. The couple was released by the kidnappers without any injuries. They told the congregation that they witnessed how God worked through the Anointing Water and that people should run to God in the hour of need.