thomasThe testimony of Mr Thomas Batt, an American citizen based in Germany, was clear proof of God’s resurrection power still at work in the world today through suitable men such as Prophet T.B. Joshua. The retired military man explained that after returning from work one day, he inexplicably collapsed and lost all motion and movement in his lower limbs. Doctors diagnosed a herniated disc and immediately operated. However, Mr Batt was left completely paralysed in his lower body, unable to even move his big toe a single millimeter. He spent close to six months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Germany without any seeming improvement, the grim prognosis from the doctors being that he would never walk again.

Hearing this, Mr Batt, encouraged by his wife, Blessing, began to seek Divine solution. They had emailed various ministries around the world, requesting prayer for his terrible condition. However, it was only The SCOAN who responded with an acknowledgement that they were committing his case to God in prayer. Encouraged by this response, Mr Batt decided to take a bold step of faith and travelled with his wife all the way to Nigeria, completely dependent on the aid of others and a wheelchair.
thomas 2During last week’s service, Mr Batt’s wife had cried out during the service, pleading for God’s mercy upon her husband, clutching her young child that was born just before the terrible incident rendered him paralysed. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua followed her to where Mr Batt was sitting in his wheelchair. Praying for him in the power of the Holy Spirit, Mr Batt described the incredible moment where the power of God hit his body and he felt his nerves, which the doctors told him were dead, reawaken. His leg began to twitch and jump up in response to the prayer, an absolute impossibility before. Prophet T.B. Joshua calmly instructed Mr Batt to rise up and walk, which he did, much to the amazement of the crowd and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel thomas 2

One week later, Mr Batt explained how since the prayer, he had been growing stronger day by day, likening his case to a baby who was learning to walk again. He testified that for the first time since the hope-crushing incident, he was able to take a shower, dress himself and walk around, no longer fully reliant on the wheelchair. The congregation then witnessed him walk slowly but steadily in their midst, evidencing the powerful healing he had received through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. To God’s power, nothing is impossible. Mr Batt emotionally advised the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to value life and not take anything for granted, further encouraging people who came from a skeptical and cynical background to open their hearts to God, stating that what he had experienced a The SCOAN was real!

If you have received your healing, deliverance, or blessing though the ministry  of TB Joshua or on Emmanuel.TV  Please share your testimony here


  1. Very amazing. One thing I didn’t lunderstand is that why 3,000 US dollars were offered to Thomas Batt. In fact, he should donate to SCOAN for such a mighty healing.
    Will you please answer this. Thanks.
    Could I have the telephone number of Thomas Batt.
    I’m paralysed since 17 yrs with symptoms similar to Thomas Batt. I wish to see TB Joshua.


  2. What a mighty God we serve, The God of TB Joshua. We have seen beyond human comprehension that if it were not Jesus Christ of Nazareth working foot-by-foot with and in Snr. Prophet TB Joshua, his ministry would have been a thing of the past ( work of the detractors & destroyers), but today I can say that my Redeemer liveth through EmmanuelTV and Snr. Prophet TB Joshua. He has paid the price & we are now enjoy Jesus in his life. Father Lord, preserve TB Joshua’s life for me and my family and those who care to know his God. What his God dis and still doing for me. Is beyond explanation. Those of you that criticize and persecute TB Joshua, continue, and those of us who follow his God without looking back, we continue to live peaceful lives in Christ. Emmanuel !!!


    1. AMEN Dennis Samuel to your Prayer for Senior Prophet TB Joshua & all
      that concerns him in Jesus Name. Our Generation is BLESSED to have such
      Gift (Anointing) in such a time as this!!! Emmanuel indeed!!!


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