Our Confession Has Been Our Position in Christ

This was the first Saturday service held in The SCOAN and it was jam packed with the congregation. It kicked off with the Prayer Line after which Prophet T.B Joshua came in to start off his talk with the former prophecies on plane accident ( and death of some top government officials) and the latest hurricane through the Bahamas and the U.S.A.

He said the universe came into being by the Word of God; Jesus was the Word, on whom we all depend, and of course, there is nothing impossible to the Word of God. Quoting from the Bible, he maintained that Jesus is the Way and the reality and outside Him, there is nothing.

The replay of a video followed in which a middle-aged man manifested at the Monday deliverance service. The spirit had spoken through her that she was its wife, and had created problems between her and her physical husband. It also said the woman was miserable and had no job. Eventually, both the woman and her husband were delivered. Prophet T.B Joshua said that our confession has been our position in Christ. He said people should not boast in what they are doing for God, but to boast for what God does in our lives because boasting in what we are doing enhances self-righteousness.

The Sunday service took a different turn as it started with testimonies given by diverse people healed and delivered at different times. These include the following, among others:

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