The first testimony was that of Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka who shared an extraordinary story of how death had been conquered in her family after ministering the Anointing Water. Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained that a member of her family had died at a similar time every year between 2006 and 2010 through mysterious sicknesses. Each death was pre-empted by the arrival of a strange bird on the roof of her house, one which locals in her area confirmed was symbolic of the idols in the area and messengers of spiritualists and witch doctors bent on destruction. Frightened that she was next in line for diabolic termination, Mrs … decided to visit The SCOAN in 2011, where she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. As the annual date of death loomed large, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka kept ministering the Anointing Water. One fateful day, upon hearing the arrival of the menacing bird on the roof of her house, an ominous sign of impending calamity, she promptly began ministering the Anointing Water. The bird took off immediately and the year ended fatality-free for the ecstatic family.

Upon coming to The SCOAN to share this initial testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke prophetically to them that they would still have another encounter with the evil spirit masquerading in the form of a bird. He stressed that when the bird arrived this time, after ministering the Anointing Water, it would be unable to leave and would therefore be captured by God’s power.

Nearly a year later, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained how one day, as one of the birds alighted on her roof, she suddenly felt as if the blood within her body was being drained slowly and life was seeping away from her. She fell into a comatose state and family members began fearing the worst. However, in her dream, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua place the Anointing Water in her hands and command her to rise up. Upon her miraculous recovery, the spiritual attack intensified as the bird in question inexplicably entered her house and perched atop a curtain rail in one of the rooms.

Utterly confident that her victory was at hand, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka organised a local cameraman to come and then, in battle-mode, entered the room with the demonic bird armed only with her Anointing Water. She began wildly spraying the Anointing Water and praying in Jesus’ name for every demonic force behind the deaths in her family to be broken. As if in a drunken stupor, the bird, without anyone physically touching it, fell to the ground. The family returned to The SCOAN to share this wonderful testimony, even coming with the ‘owl’ that had succumbed to God’s power in the Anointing Water. Where oh death is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory!



  1. I have watched the UK woman and Pastor Lucy`s deliverance and healings. But I still need more help.
    I am a 54 year old man from Malawi. I watch Emmanuel TV all the time and my problem is how to reach you people and receive my deliverance. I know that what I am lacking is deliverance because I have been following almost all of what is happening at SCOAN.

    My situation is that I was hopeless because of what was happenning to me but now I came to realise that God is still saying something because of Emmnuel TV. inspite of this I realise I still need more though hope has been restored right now.

    The story of my life is that I was fired from my job in 2008, My some of my children never finished school, I caught PB and sugar in the process, as a result it made me impotent, and I have family problems right now. The children who did not finish school and giving me problems now. I have a spirit od daeth according to a local prophet.

    Thare are a lot of issies whcih need rayer on me. i therfore request to be place on prayer line.


  2. I am a Malawian lady who believes in Holy Spirit power. I am going through hardships in sicknesses and drawbacks but i believe one i step to SCOAN i will be free from the same spirit of death and many more.

    I praise God for setting you free from that Spirit.

    Sophie Juma Malawi


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