The USA based pastor (with a prophet for a husband) and co-founder of The End Times Ministries had come to the church, having watched numerous miracles performed and shown on Emmanuel TV. The evil spirit which spoke through her said it was responsible for fighting against the ministry, especially the commitment towards liberating Africa through the mechanism of Christianity. It said it was a collection of evil spirits from under the sea, which specialized in confusing people and creating sicknesses all over them. She had worked on a number of items (like a foundation centered on the less privileged and victims of HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows, etc) but had often procrastinated. She had told the church today, that she had only come for deliverance but was shocked to see what happened to her. She said she had pursued a career in medicine and now Biblical studies. She said deliverance is an important process but it must be done in a living church because though delivered before now, nothing worked for her.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the need for people to be aware of the fact that one may not know himself and that God can use anything to do His work. Works of charity must be done consistently to “prove that you are a servant”.

Keep Your Mystery – TB Joshua

The Sunday service started with the Prayer Line, as usual, in which people with diverse health problems were healed in Jesus’ name. Prophet T.B. Joshua then arrived in the church to speak on diverse issues of great implications. He said, in the world, there would be different events but Christians should cheer up because they have overcome the world, according to the Scriptures. He said a Christian should not be ruled by his/her situation but that he/she should be determined and stay true to their purpose, despite snow or rain.

Using the examples of David and Daniel among others, he said that in the midst of hardship, campaign of calumny, name calling and condemnation, we should soldier on if we are called by the Most High God. He said our challenges can only test us but cannot destroy us; our challenges (sickness, hardship, etc) will prepare us for extraordinary service. The challenges, he said, are the tests which should not be dodged because without tests, there can be no promotion; such challenges are opportunities to honour God before men.

He advised that it is better for a Christian to keep his/her mystery because it is a means of protecting them. He said when men know and understand you, they will destroy you but when they do not know or understand you, they will call you names. He said that a man without mystery will never be controlled by situations. He also said that anyone who forgets where he/she is coming from is finished. As Christians, our lives should serve as sources of hope to others. Tests are meant to strengthen our determination for God and to prepare us for the future, which is why no matter how far we go, we should always remember where we are coming from.