Cameroun Fraudster Exposed For Selling TB Joshua Anointed Water


This is a fraud alert and warning to all.  It has come to our knowledge that some unscrupulous elements are all out to defraud innocent people, whilst advertising the sale of anointing water

Please be aware that the anointing water blessed by Prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all nations has never been and will never be for sale. Also note that the anointing water is only obtained from Scoan in Lagos Nigeria and branches in Ghana, South Africa, Greece, and London.  Nobody has been employed or instructed to act on behalf of Scoan anywhere in the world to sell the anointing water.  Please if in doubt log on to our website and contact us by telephone or email for clarification.  Please do not hesitate to report anyone purporting to be selling the anointing water. All Gods’ gifts are free.  Freely we are given, and freely we give. Do not be misled or deceived.

 Please Note the correspondence below was between the owners of this site and the fraudster.

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US: I need the A/W ASAP. How much is the AW? Am in Leeds UK

David Hall

kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: each cost 50pounds sir

Xtian News Nov 23 (1 day ago)
US: How do l pay? I need 10.
kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: 10 will cost you 500pounds

You have to send the money via western union okay to the below address..

Zip Code…………..00237
Test Question……FAITH
As soon as you send the payment do email to me the 10digit
mtcn numbers and the senders names and receivers names as on the
receipt of your payment. with your full home address so we can send to
you the A/W .

Xtian News
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to kayler,

US: Someone is coming to the UK in few days, l wants her to give you the money and collect the AW for me. It will be faster. Please what’s your address? Also do you have Face book, yahoo messenger? I can give loads of business. Many people want some.

David Hall

kayler tina
11:19 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Fraudster: Well that will be okay. But the problem is that I do travel a lot to
do the distribution of the AW so it will be much easier for you to
send the money via western union to the address I gave you and the i
have it delivered to you via dhl because as you know a lot of people
need it so I travel a lot.

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Three testimonies in one through the Anointing Water from TB Joshua

God can use any medium to express Himself. One such medium I have personally seen remarkable results through is the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, water that is prayed for by T.B. Joshua and used by God to bring healing, deliverance and freedom to the lives of literally thousands. Below is a testimony received in this site.

My testimony is all about T.B.JOSHUA. When I arrived in the SCOAN.I said to myself all my problems are solved. I had nightmares, always having sex with unknown men in the dreams. After using the anointing water, those bad dreams had disappeared. Again my daughter in law had problem of conception, I gave her a small quantity of anointing water, and she is now pregnant. My mother was sick. I spread the anointing water on her body and pray with the name of Jesus Christ, suddenly during my prayer I saw Jesus Christ in white clothes coming down and remove something from the stomach of my mother and through it on the wall of the mother’s bed room. I shouted THANK YOU JESUS. Today my mother has recovered and she is doing fine. Am from a Muslim religion, Through TB Joshua there is no barrier between Christian and Muslim. So TB Joshua is a Prophet to unit Muslim and Christian. May God bless TB Joshua.  

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness! Click Here

TB Joshua’s picture sets man free from the hands of 7 armed robbers

The following is a testimony from a Nigerian based in Maiduguri who was set free from the hand of 7 armed robbers,on seeing Prophet TB Joshua’s pictures on his wall.

God used Prophet TB Joshua’s pictures to deliver me, from arm rubbers attack in Maiduguri, they are came 7 in number and rubbed me and wanted to kill me, when they removed their knife ready to cut my head off, they saw d picture of Prophet TB Joshua on my wall and left me and went away with my laptop. To my surprise they return the laptop the following day to my gate, which had Prophet TB Joshua’s picture as my screen saver.

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!


A woman, Felicia Alaba and her twin sons, Kenneth and Daniel

A woman, Felicia Alaba and her twin sons, Kenneth and Daniel came forward to unveil their plight, particularly of the eighteen-year-old twins, who had been denied not only parental care and love but even knowledge of their father, said to be a citizen of the UK. According to one of the twins, they were relocated from the UK to Nigeria at six months of age, since which time they had not set eyes on their father.

Their mother, who became too poor to care for them, entrusted them to a friend in Lagos with whom they lived for two years.  Unable to cope any further, the friend folded her arms and asked the twins to fend for themselves. Since January this year, according to them, they had been denied of a roof over their heads making them sleep outside and anywhere with one eye opened for their safety. They made their living by dancing in the day and taking refuge anywhere at night till the following morning. In her story, their mother informed her listeners that she met their father in Nigeria where they married before both of them left for the United Kingdom. In the UK, their relationship was characterized by petty quarrels and fighting. Felicia decided to come back to Nigeria where she faced hardship, sickness and abject poverty. After a few probing questions, the prophet offered them a scholarship to resume their education. He however, bemoaned their upbringing which had exposed them to the negative sides of life and said something could be done urgently in that regard.

We thank God for His amazing grace and His wonders that we see happening every week at The SCOAN. It is all about Jesus Christ!

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony, that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!

Share Your Testimony – TB Joshua

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” But for people to see and believe this today, they want to see proof, hear the evidence.

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony, that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!


In league with the choir, Wise Man Daniel heightened the spiritual tempo of the auditorium especially as he, in

Wise Man Daniel

his prefatory remarks, reminded the congregation of the omnipresence of God. I will, the wise man quoting Jesus, be with you always even till the end of the world. A relationship with the One who never said ‘Good bye’, the wise man elaborated, is the best thing in life.  As a Christian or worker,he asked, who is involved in your matter? Proffering an answer by himself, the wise man reassured the congregation that when God is involved in their matter, it doesn’t matter who else is involved. On that score, he admonished his listeners not to be ruled by their situation and appropriately entitled his message, Handle Your Situation With Care. Citing Acts 16:22-26 as his proof text, he advised the congregation that a good situation handled carelessly becomes a bad one while a bad one carefully handled could become good. God, in his words, wants His nature to be evident in us in terms of love and peace. Our spiritual nature, he went on, needs to be tested in a natural experience. Paul and Silas went through the same test and were found to possess the spiritual nature of God’s standard. In the face of injustice on earth, the wise man continued, do not grumble but look to the cross where the price was paid. Don’t think God has abandoned you when you face life’s uncertainties. Paul and Silas found themselves in a situation that they did not deserve  but all the same, they sang praises to God. Acting faith makes that which is against us be for us. A man of faith will say, ‘Thank You, Jesus for healing me’, whereas the sickness is still there. Prayer is a salve to every sore and a remedy to every malady. In every situation, we must hold out and hold in like Paul and Silas did. A sack letter has catapulted many into employment and prosperity. Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better situation had been answered? In every situation, trust in God, the wise man advised his listeners.


Commending the message and describing it as a mirror of our lives, Prophet T. B. Joshua assured Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide that The SCOAN feels their presence and that there is no difference between their location and that of The SCOAN, adding that believing is their connection. If you abide in Me and My Word abides in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done, the prophet reminded the congregation in close reference to theBible.