Here is a testimony about God’s Divine protection through the medium of the Anointing Water. After attending The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water, Mr Fati Michael had a terrible encounter with armed robbers on his way home to Kaduna State. The story could easily have been different if not for God’s Divine intervention…

“Emmanuel! I was opportune to visit The SCOAN in April 2012. During the course of the service, I heard many faith-building testimonies about the Anointing Water. By God’s grace, I was able to receive the Anointing Water in the course of the service. Before I started my journey back to Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria, I sprayed the Anointing Water on my seat and the driver’s seat in the public vehicle I was going to use.

“The journey was smooth until we reached Ilorin and ran into a group of armed robbers who tried to blockade the vehicle and force us to a standstill. While we were trying to escape, the robbers began to shoot. I could hear the noise of gunfire all around me. I was directly behind the driver and they were aiming specifically at him. However, no bullet touched me. One of the bullets passed through the window I was sitting next to and went straight through the windscreen. I don’t know how it didn’t hit me or the driver.

“Then, in the process of turning our car as the robbers were still shooting, a truck came from the other side of the road and heavily collided with our vehicle on the side where I was sitting. It was an absolute miracle that our vehicle did not somersault and kill everyone inside. Rather, it kept moving even after the impact of the collision. When we had driven far enough away from the scene, our car stopped and we all came down.

“To everybody’s greatest surprise, no one had died in the incident. To testify to God’s Divine protection, all the people sitting in my row had sustained injuries because of the impact of the truck hitting us – it was only me and the driver who were completely unscathed. Not even a drop of blood was found on our bodies – neither from the hit of the truck or the many gunshots. I want to thank God Almighty for preserving my life and I thank the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua for the gift of the Anointing Water. It really is a gift to the world.”

Mr Fati Michael


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