Emmanuel! We thank God for how HE is using the Anointing Water to bring healing, deliverance and restoration to people all over the world. Here is another testimony from a couple in Zimbabwe whose lives and the lives of those close to them have been tremendously blessed through ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. Glory be to God!

“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr and Mrs Tawanda Mubvakure from Zimbabwe. We visited the SCOAN during the week from 26th June to 4th July 2012 and had the privilege of receiving the Anointing Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. We have great testimonies to share for the glory of God.

“Firstly, my mother had a painful arm which had lasted over a month. We prayed and applied the Anointing Water and she received an instant healing! In fact, since giving her the Anointing Water, there has been a miraculous transformation in her. We used to have indecent quarrels, fights and misunderstandings with my mother but now she is converted, loving, prayerful and understanding. She even confesses that Jesus assured her in a dream that ‘She shall not be alone but Jesus shall be with her always’. She now sees us as her children whereas before she had disowned us on several occasions, even regretting why ‘she didn’t strangle us to death before we grew up’. It was nasty! But now we can happily converse and peace is reigning in the family. Thank You, Jesus, for my mother’s freedom!

“Secondly, my brother stopped his smoking and drinking habits that he had been addicted to for the past 12 years. Glory be to Jesus! Thirdly, my mother in-law received healing from shoulder pains. Fourthly, my friend’s wife was healed from chest pains. The testimonies are too many! We have seen proof that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. All this was through the ministration of the Anointing Water.

“My wife has also been healed from a poor appetite and mouth odour. She hated all types of foods and was visibly skinny. She can now eat anything that she comes across and se also has fresh breath! I can now enjoy kissing her! Thank You, Jesus, for destroying the work of the evil one! Thank you, Jesus!”

Mr and Mrs Tawanda Mubvakure, Zimbabwe


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