The Sunday Service kicked off with amazing illustrations of God’s mercy as numerous people received their healing and deliverance at The SCOAN Prayer Line. A million thanks are not enough to Jesus Christ for the miraculous testimonies that follow:

He had suffered from diabetes for three years and had used both orthodox and unorthodox medicine, none of which

cured the disease. His health condition became worse as reflected in the following symptoms: persistent urination (25 times before dawn), loss of weight, mental imbalance and high sugar level of 680mmol. He said he came to The SCOAN and was opportuned to receive the Anointing Water. He ministered it after he had prayed and read the testimonies in the Anointing Water Booklet. Astonishingly, his high sugar level dropped from 680mmol to 78mmol, signifying a miraculously high reduction rate. Feeling that he no longer needed to regulate his blood sugar, he went to consult his doctor. The doctor tested him again and the result revealed that his sugar level was at 6.2mmol – clear evidence that he no longer had diabetes. He advised that people should look unto God when they are sick. His wife, Azeez Mudi also confirmed his health ordeal, particularly his frequent urination and loss of weight which orchestrated persistent visitation to hospitals and herbal homes. She advised wives to help their husbands trust in God in hours of need.