It is an awful feeling to have us react to this absurd expression by the critics of SCOAN as a Ministry and Prophet T B Joshua as an individual. It really amazes us to find people just vehemently, and relentlessly finding ways to discredit the good works of God through this ministry.

Now it is the issue of Deliverance – what will be next?

Ironically, it begs for reason why it is so oblivious to these people who camp themselves in the colony of ‘self righteousness’, and religious bigotry, nothing is just pleasing for them, just as it was with the Pharisees and Sadducees of old, so it is today with T B Joshua Critics.

The most ridiculous comparison or allusion of the modern ages, making comparison between TV shows and Deliverance taking place at SCOAN, how ridiculous! These are people who see themselves as Christians, or who had been recipient of the Grace before now, but just like the prodigal son, squandered what was their portion of the Kingdom of Light, and reversed with full throttle, back into the devils’ kingdom.

Let us put things into context, the TV shows hosted by Jeremy Kyle and are to express and probably settle family rivalries, issues, relationships, having no spiritual inclinations at all. Deliverance is the separation of the torturous spiritual beings without bodies, killing, stealing and destroying people’s lives, career, relationships and families.  One amazing point here is that the people being delivered and confessions through them of the evil deeds by the spirits inhabiting them, are unaware of what is being said through them, and that is why after the spirit is cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ, they deny any knowledge of what has been said. On the other hand, people who are on the TV shows know what they are saying, they are not under any ‘influence’. What a blatant ignorance!

Make sure you watch the video below!

Jeremy Kyle of Britain
The name of Jesus was NOT mentioned in this video
Jerry Springer of America
The name of Jesus was NOT mentioned in this video


 Is it Biblical to carry out Deliverance?  Have these people read the Holy Bible at all, or they just interpret the Word to suit themselves and their motives?  We shall, encourage them to pray hard before reading the Bible, for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and heart in order to understand.

What is the issue here please? Other Ministries have Healing, Deliverance schools and meetings, why is anything done in SCOAN attracting these cynical comments? ‘What people do not understand, they call names, but what they understand, the destroy’

Please dear readers and followers of our blog should not be deceived by these bigoted, disillusioned, and frustrated antagonists of SCOAN at large, they themselves need deliverance for the spirit pushing them to carry out all these attacks, be cast out of them.  They know for sure what is on ground, but they should drop all pride and own up to their frustration, and embrace the good works of God, but alas!, children of perdition will never listen.

Sometimes, we want to desist from responding to their issues, but we owe you good people the need to state the truth at all times, so that these people will not end up dragging you down with them, from the ‘Straight and Narrow’ road to eternal life.

But a note of warning to the bigots…….Leave these men alone, if their mission is of themselves, they will not last, but if they are of God, you will find yourselves fighting God Himself’ Acts 5:38


Pastor Charles Lomba from Zambia was the next in line to share his testimony. The clergyman explained that he was experiencing stagnation and financial setback in his ministry and was embarrassed to be walking home from church weekly while some of his members drove by in their cars. He had prayed for others who had received rich blessings but seemed stuck in a cycle of limitation and setback. 

After visiting The SCOAN on August 22nd 2012, Pastor Lomba received an Anointing Sticker and declared that by faith, he would soon own a vehicle to enable him to place the Anointing Sticker on it. In bold faith, he even specified the type of vehicle he was praying for God to bless him with. Merely a week after returning from The SCOAN, a member of his church blessed him with not one but two new cars, one of which was the exact type he had requested from God! Full of happiness that his case had been touched by God’s anointing, he counselled the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to have confidence that whatsoever had been prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua, could be used as a point of contact to release blessing and breakthrough into their lives.

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The next testimony was that of Mrs Isioma Omene who came with her family to testify to God’s protection and power in their lives through the ministration of the Anointing Water. On 10th October 2012, having closed her shop for the day, a car had suddenly blocked her own car on its way home. Little did she know that it was a co-ordinated effort to kidnap a member of her family. As her husband exited the car to ascertain what was happening, suddenly the sound of bullets shattered the silence. With her husband running for dear life, Mrs Omene struggled to hold her children close to her, knowing that it was a critical situation. As the kidnappers approached the car, all the family could do was pray. Her young daughter, Favour, lifted up her voice crying for God to protect her mother and siblings. Upon seeing the little girl’s bold prayers, the kidnappers turned their attention on her and cruelly snatched her from the clutches of Isioma.

The following day, the distraught family received a call from the kidnappers, demanding a ransom of

20 million naira be paid for her safe release. Failure to do so would, however, end in her execution. Unable to raise such an amount, Mrs Omene decided to visit The SCOAN to seek the face of God. As the service progressed, she shouted helplessly in the crowd, catching the attention of Prophet T.B. Joshua who asked her to wait behind after the service. He then gave her Anointing Water, asked her to be prayerful and spray the child’s photograph with it and assured her that she would be returned safely. Mrs Omene followed the instructions accordingly, believing God for Divine protection. Thirteen days after her capture, the kidnappers called Mr Omene and told him to meet them at an appointed area to release the child, as her incessant prayers were ‘disturbing them’. The father rushed to the designated spot and Favour was released without any ransom paid!

Favour, still recovering from the ordeal, told the touched congregation that she had been blindfolded and taken into a thick forest. She was warned not to pray in the name of Jesus but continued to sing and pray, remembering the songs she had learned at her school and the prayers she had watched on Emmanuel TV. She was neither given food nor water for two weeks and each time they found her on her knees in prayer, the kidnappers would flog her with the branch of a tree. She thanked God for saving her from the hands of her captives through the Anointing Water. The father, Hon. Godfrey also thanked Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua, stressing that after her release, the kidnappers were caught and are now in custody. His wife said that people should be faithful to God because with God, all things are possible.

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Mr and Mrs Cawkwell had travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to seek Divine healing at The SCOAN. Mrs Cawkwell had been diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis and Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease that had weakened her body to the point where she was forced to move about in a wheelchair. In the course of last week’s service, her husband had cried out to God for healing as Prophet T.B. Joshua was passing by during the time of prophecy. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hands towards her and commanded her to rise up and walk. To the astonishment and joy of the entire congregation, supernatural strength returned to Mrs Cawkwell’s limbs and she rose up from her wheelchair and walked unaided for the first time in two years!

Coming forward to testify, Mrs Cawkwell looked like a different person, as she walked comfortably forward with her beaming husband by her side. She was barely recognisable from the wheelchair-bound condition she had come to The SCOAN in last week. In his testimony, Mr Cawkwell explained how the sickness had taken over their lives for the past two years. He had to resign from his work as a security officer to attend to his wife and literally had to do everything for her.

However, upon seeing the miracles taking place daily at The SCOAN on Emmanuel TV, he was full of faith, with his wife, that if they came to The SCOAN, she would receive her total and complete healing. He described his amazement at seeing his wife walk after the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua and said her recovery since that point had been nothing short of phenomenal. He told viewers around the world on Emmanuel TV that the power of God he had witnessed in The SCOAN was real, tangible and life-changing, encouraging those oppressed with sickness to never give up or doubt God’s desire and ability to heal them.

His wife said that she felt the power of the Holy Spirit flow through her entire body as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. After she stood up to walk, she began to vomit substances that had been clogging up her lungs for many years. With her healing came a clear throat and the ability to communicate freely, which she had not experienced for years because of the sickness.

She testified that her journey to The SCOAN was clearly providential, as even before embarking on the flight, when her condition was very dire, she had seen Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for her in the dream, which had strengthened her faith. It was a wonderful testimony to God’s healing power still at work today and the congregation joined the couple in song and dance to rejoice with them!


The first testimony was that of Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka who shared an extraordinary story of how death had been conquered in her family after ministering the Anointing Water. Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained that a member of her family had died at a similar time every year between 2006 and 2010 through mysterious sicknesses. Each death was pre-empted by the arrival of a strange bird on the roof of her house, one which locals in her area confirmed was symbolic of the idols in the area and messengers of spiritualists and witch doctors bent on destruction. Frightened that she was next in line for diabolic termination, Mrs … decided to visit The SCOAN in 2011, where she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. As the annual date of death loomed large, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka kept ministering the Anointing Water. One fateful day, upon hearing the arrival of the menacing bird on the roof of her house, an ominous sign of impending calamity, she promptly began ministering the Anointing Water. The bird took off immediately and the year ended fatality-free for the ecstatic family.

Upon coming to The SCOAN to share this initial testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke prophetically to them that they would still have another encounter with the evil spirit masquerading in the form of a bird. He stressed that when the bird arrived this time, after ministering the Anointing Water, it would be unable to leave and would therefore be captured by God’s power.

Nearly a year later, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained how one day, as one of the birds alighted on her roof, she suddenly felt as if the blood within her body was being drained slowly and life was seeping away from her. She fell into a comatose state and family members began fearing the worst. However, in her dream, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua place the Anointing Water in her hands and command her to rise up. Upon her miraculous recovery, the spiritual attack intensified as the bird in question inexplicably entered her house and perched atop a curtain rail in one of the rooms.

Utterly confident that her victory was at hand, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka organised a local cameraman to come and then, in battle-mode, entered the room with the demonic bird armed only with her Anointing Water. She began wildly spraying the Anointing Water and praying in Jesus’ name for every demonic force behind the deaths in her family to be broken. As if in a drunken stupor, the bird, without anyone physically touching it, fell to the ground. The family returned to The SCOAN to share this wonderful testimony, even coming with the ‘owl’ that had succumbed to God’s power in the Anointing Water. Where oh death is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory!



The USA based pastor (with a prophet for a husband) and co-founder of The End Times Ministries had come to the church, having watched numerous miracles performed and shown on Emmanuel TV. The evil spirit which spoke through her said it was responsible for fighting against the ministry, especially the commitment towards liberating Africa through the mechanism of Christianity. It said it was a collection of evil spirits from under the sea, which specialized in confusing people and creating sicknesses all over them. She had worked on a number of items (like a foundation centered on the less privileged and victims of HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows, etc) but had often procrastinated. She had told the church today, that she had only come for deliverance but was shocked to see what happened to her. She said she had pursued a career in medicine and now Biblical studies. She said deliverance is an important process but it must be done in a living church because though delivered before now, nothing worked for her.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the need for people to be aware of the fact that one may not know himself and that God can use anything to do His work. Works of charity must be done consistently to “prove that you are a servant”.

Keep Your Mystery – TB Joshua

The Sunday service started with the Prayer Line, as usual, in which people with diverse health problems were healed in Jesus’ name. Prophet T.B. Joshua then arrived in the church to speak on diverse issues of great implications. He said, in the world, there would be different events but Christians should cheer up because they have overcome the world, according to the Scriptures. He said a Christian should not be ruled by his/her situation but that he/she should be determined and stay true to their purpose, despite snow or rain.

Using the examples of David and Daniel among others, he said that in the midst of hardship, campaign of calumny, name calling and condemnation, we should soldier on if we are called by the Most High God. He said our challenges can only test us but cannot destroy us; our challenges (sickness, hardship, etc) will prepare us for extraordinary service. The challenges, he said, are the tests which should not be dodged because without tests, there can be no promotion; such challenges are opportunities to honour God before men.

He advised that it is better for a Christian to keep his/her mystery because it is a means of protecting them. He said when men know and understand you, they will destroy you but when they do not know or understand you, they will call you names. He said that a man without mystery will never be controlled by situations. He also said that anyone who forgets where he/she is coming from is finished. As Christians, our lives should serve as sources of hope to others. Tests are meant to strengthen our determination for God and to prepare us for the future, which is why no matter how far we go, we should always remember where we are coming from.

Cameroun Fraudster Exposed For Selling TB Joshua Anointed Water


This is a fraud alert and warning to all.  It has come to our knowledge that some unscrupulous elements are all out to defraud innocent people, whilst advertising the sale of anointing water

Please be aware that the anointing water blessed by Prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all nations has never been and will never be for sale. Also note that the anointing water is only obtained from Scoan in Lagos Nigeria and branches in Ghana, South Africa, Greece, and London.  Nobody has been employed or instructed to act on behalf of Scoan anywhere in the world to sell the anointing water.  Please if in doubt log on to our website and contact us by telephone or email for clarification.  Please do not hesitate to report anyone purporting to be selling the anointing water. All Gods’ gifts are free.  Freely we are given, and freely we give. Do not be misled or deceived.

 Please Note the correspondence below was between the owners of this site and the fraudster.

Click here to see, Comments left on our Blog that raised the alarm!

US: I need the A/W ASAP. How much is the AW? Am in Leeds UK

David Hall

kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: each cost 50pounds sir

Xtian News Nov 23 (1 day ago)
US: How do l pay? I need 10.
kayler tina
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to me

Fraudster: 10 will cost you 500pounds

You have to send the money via western union okay to the below address..

Zip Code…………..00237
Test Question……FAITH
As soon as you send the payment do email to me the 10digit
mtcn numbers and the senders names and receivers names as on the
receipt of your payment. with your full home address so we can send to
you the A/W .

Xtian News xtiannews@gmail.com
Nov 23 (1 day ago)
to kayler,

US: Someone is coming to the UK in few days, l wants her to give you the money and collect the AW for me. It will be faster. Please what’s your address? Also do you have Face book, yahoo messenger? I can give loads of business. Many people want some.

David Hall

kayler tina
11:19 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Fraudster: Well that will be okay. But the problem is that I do travel a lot to
do the distribution of the AW so it will be much easier for you to
send the money via western union to the address I gave you and the i
have it delivered to you via dhl because as you know a lot of people
need it so I travel a lot.

Read more from SCOAN official site

Three testimonies in one through the Anointing Water from TB Joshua

God can use any medium to express Himself. One such medium I have personally seen remarkable results through is the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, water that is prayed for by T.B. Joshua and used by God to bring healing, deliverance and freedom to the lives of literally thousands. Below is a testimony received in this site.

My testimony is all about T.B.JOSHUA. When I arrived in the SCOAN.I said to myself all my problems are solved. I had nightmares, always having sex with unknown men in the dreams. After using the anointing water, those bad dreams had disappeared. Again my daughter in law had problem of conception, I gave her a small quantity of anointing water, and she is now pregnant. My mother was sick. I spread the anointing water on her body and pray with the name of Jesus Christ, suddenly during my prayer I saw Jesus Christ in white clothes coming down and remove something from the stomach of my mother and through it on the wall of the mother’s bed room. I shouted THANK YOU JESUS. Today my mother has recovered and she is doing fine. Am from a Muslim religion, Through TB Joshua there is no barrier between Christian and Muslim. So TB Joshua is a Prophet to unit Muslim and Christian. May God bless TB Joshua.  

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness! Click Here

TB Joshua’s picture sets man free from the hands of 7 armed robbers

The following is a testimony from a Nigerian based in Maiduguri who was set free from the hand of 7 armed robbers,on seeing Prophet TB Joshua’s pictures on his wall.

God used Prophet TB Joshua’s pictures to deliver me, from arm rubbers attack in Maiduguri, they are came 7 in number and rubbed me and wanted to kill me, when they removed their knife ready to cut my head off, they saw d picture of Prophet TB Joshua on my wall and left me and went away with my laptop. To my surprise they return the laptop the following day to my gate, which had Prophet TB Joshua’s picture as my screen saver.

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!


A woman, Felicia Alaba and her twin sons, Kenneth and Daniel

A woman, Felicia Alaba and her twin sons, Kenneth and Daniel came forward to unveil their plight, particularly of the eighteen-year-old twins, who had been denied not only parental care and love but even knowledge of their father, said to be a citizen of the UK. According to one of the twins, they were relocated from the UK to Nigeria at six months of age, since which time they had not set eyes on their father.

Their mother, who became too poor to care for them, entrusted them to a friend in Lagos with whom they lived for two years.  Unable to cope any further, the friend folded her arms and asked the twins to fend for themselves. Since January this year, according to them, they had been denied of a roof over their heads making them sleep outside and anywhere with one eye opened for their safety. They made their living by dancing in the day and taking refuge anywhere at night till the following morning. In her story, their mother informed her listeners that she met their father in Nigeria where they married before both of them left for the United Kingdom. In the UK, their relationship was characterized by petty quarrels and fighting. Felicia decided to come back to Nigeria where she faced hardship, sickness and abject poverty. After a few probing questions, the prophet offered them a scholarship to resume their education. He however, bemoaned their upbringing which had exposed them to the negative sides of life and said something could be done urgently in that regard.

We thank God for His amazing grace and His wonders that we see happening every week at The SCOAN. It is all about Jesus Christ!

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony, that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!

Share Your Testimony – TB Joshua

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” But for people to see and believe this today, they want to see proof, hear the evidence.

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony, that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!


In league with the choir, Wise Man Daniel heightened the spiritual tempo of the auditorium especially as he, in

Wise Man Daniel

his prefatory remarks, reminded the congregation of the omnipresence of God. I will, the wise man quoting Jesus, be with you always even till the end of the world. A relationship with the One who never said ‘Good bye’, the wise man elaborated, is the best thing in life.  As a Christian or worker,he asked, who is involved in your matter? Proffering an answer by himself, the wise man reassured the congregation that when God is involved in their matter, it doesn’t matter who else is involved. On that score, he admonished his listeners not to be ruled by their situation and appropriately entitled his message, Handle Your Situation With Care. Citing Acts 16:22-26 as his proof text, he advised the congregation that a good situation handled carelessly becomes a bad one while a bad one carefully handled could become good. God, in his words, wants His nature to be evident in us in terms of love and peace. Our spiritual nature, he went on, needs to be tested in a natural experience. Paul and Silas went through the same test and were found to possess the spiritual nature of God’s standard. In the face of injustice on earth, the wise man continued, do not grumble but look to the cross where the price was paid. Don’t think God has abandoned you when you face life’s uncertainties. Paul and Silas found themselves in a situation that they did not deserve  but all the same, they sang praises to God. Acting faith makes that which is against us be for us. A man of faith will say, ‘Thank You, Jesus for healing me’, whereas the sickness is still there. Prayer is a salve to every sore and a remedy to every malady. In every situation, we must hold out and hold in like Paul and Silas did. A sack letter has catapulted many into employment and prosperity. Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better situation had been answered? In every situation, trust in God, the wise man advised his listeners.


Commending the message and describing it as a mirror of our lives, Prophet T. B. Joshua assured Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide that The SCOAN feels their presence and that there is no difference between their location and that of The SCOAN, adding that believing is their connection. If you abide in Me and My Word abides in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done, the prophet reminded the congregation in close reference to theBible.


After a time of powerful praise and worship ushering the congregation into the presence of God, Wise Man Racine came forward to preach a message titled, ‘A Life On Purpose’. In his words, the plan of God for us is beautiful. However, human beings long for eternity in ignorance of what God has done. God allows everything to take place at its appointed time and season.

People change the course of their destiny because of impatience or inability to see beyond the present. Blessing, he elaborated, is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Beyond the present situation, there is a purpose.  The wise man picked Ephesians 1:11 as his proof text. We are created for the glory of God. It is God’s purpose for your life that determines the cause and course of your life, he said. Nothing happens for nothing. There is an unseen hand in the life of every human being. The unseen hand is God’s plan for our lives. Time and opportunity act on us all. You are whom you are by His grace. We all work hard for a breakthrough but in some cases there may be no proportionate reward. The fast runner does not always win the race. The brave do not always win the battle either. Wisdom does not guaranty success in life. God, he maintained, wants us to succeed with a purpose. Narrow, according to him, is the way that leads to life, buttressing his point in close reference to Matthew 7:13.

In many cases, we don’t always have it the way we expect it, in spite of our seemingly error-proof plans. When we are frustrated, then we are ready to submit to providence. Man proposes; God disposes. It is the goodness of our cause that interests God Almighty more than our physical or mental disposition. It is your responsibility to find out God’s purpose for your life.

There are unchangeable events in the course of our destiny. Ordinary events may have extraordinary effects in the spirit. When God unravels His plans in our lives, He designs events that cannot be changed. If Joseph had not been thrown into prison, he would not have had link with the throne. If Peter had had a good catch, he would have left before Christ came and that would have changed the course of his life. The wise man aptly advised his listeners to look beyond their situations, as God is fully aware. When it is time for God to manifest His purpose in your life, there will be a driving force that will change your actions and location. There is breakthrough in hardship, if Jesus is involved, the wise man advised, adding that to live life to the fullest, your goal must reflect your purpose.

If we sang the song of praise more and talked less, the world would be more heavenly, Prophet T. B. Joshua said after the choir had led the congregation in worship following Wise Man Racine’s insightful message.  In relation to John 4: 1-17 which he drew the attention of the congregation to, he dwelt on faith as the transformative power of the universe; the power of change from darkness to light. A change from sickness to health; a change from yoke to deliverance; a change from weakness to strength; a change from a faithless to a faithful generation and a change from poverty to blessing are only possible with the transformative power of faith.

The Samaritan woman at the well confirmed Jesus’ statement that she had had five marriages and Jesus pointed her to her future. You may not have believed a vision given to you, the prophet said, because it overwhelmed you beyond imagination but no matter the circumstance, with God all things are possible.  The prophet urged every one of his listeners to be a tomorrow thinker. When Jesus becomes your coach, he said, you will be asked to see what is not yet seen, to do what is not yet done and to say what is not yet said.

Until you experience Jesus, there will be dissatisfaction in your life. There will be a sense of hunger to know what life is all about and a desire to know what happens after life is over.

When you have exhausted your mental and emotional resources, you can no longer rely on yourself. You simply need to trust something or someone stronger or smarter than yourself. Jesus, who can raise the dead, is our choice. Don’t listen to temptation to act out of character or react badly to the emotional weight you are experiencing.  Jesus loves you just as He loves any of His apostles, the prophet reminded the congregation.

Delivered From A Strange Addiction! – TB Joshua

It was a strange addiction. Brenda found she couldn’t live without daily indulgence in an unusual meal. It had been over 10 years that the young lady from Botswana had been eating ice-cubes. Brenda knew internally that the craving had gone beyond an odd habit. There was a spirit within her pushing her to do what she couldn’t humanly resist. Deliverance was the only answer…

“Greetings in Jesus’ name! My name is Brenda Matlapeng from Botswana and I write this email to glorify the name of the Lord!!

“For over 10 years I have been addicted to eating ice cubes. I crush them with my teeth and swallow them. I know it sounds crazy but I found them tasty and I really enjoyed it. Even in freezing weather, when it was 0 degrees in temperature during the winter, I would eat them because of this urge I could not control. I had tried many times to stop. I fasted often and sometimes I would not open the fridge but I still simply couldn’t resist it. If there were no ice cubes, I would even eat the frost in the fridge. That’s how serious the addiction was. If I don’t take it, I feel like vomiting.

I began to watch Emmanuel TV and saw how God was using the Anointing Water to set people free. I contacted a friend who stays in Nigeria and he sent me the Anointing Water. After ministering it, I felt chills throughout my entire body and I began coughing up some strange substances. The following day I had no urge to eat ice cubes! I’m free now and I know my deliverance is real because before I would always wake up with severe waist pains and this feeling of heaviness but now I am light, the pains have gone and I am completely free! Glory be to God!!

Brenda Matlapeng, Botswana

Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When a problem has gone beyond the power of nature, it has become a curse. Who else can remove this curse but God?” We thank God for setting Brenda free from this strange spirit that had tormented her life. Thank You, Jesus!

If you have a testimony to share concerning the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, this is your opportunity to share it. Let the world hear your testimony, that the light of God may shine in the midst of the darkness!

SOURCE: Distance Is Not A Barrier