The Sunday service was kicked off with a sermon by Wise Man Racine, who spoke on the theme of “Active Faith”. Using John 14:2, he said we can only exercise faith when we put substance to our hope by acting on God’s Word. He said faith believes now, receives now and acts now. Also, referring to Hebrews 11:8, he maintained that every person has a role to play because there is no reason for faith as good as God’s Word. God’s duty is to make His Word available to us and give us His grace. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him but we must hear and obey His Word. He said the way of obedience is the way of blessing and failure to act faith nullifies our prayers. Acting on God’s Word builds faith in the heart of the believer. He said that mental assent recognizes the truthfulness of God’s Word but never acts on it. He also said that prayer changes us; faith changes things.

Wise Man Racine enlightened the congregation by saying that that successful people don’t just drift to the top; it takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of effort to make things happen. While maintaining that adversity will make our faith to grow, he advised that we should not let our situation mislead us because to delay is not to deny. He said that Jesus refused to be rushed by the emergencies of others. God’s response is not for those in a hurry. We need patience and perseverance to inherit the kingdom of God. We must act faith to move mountains and act on God’s Words to make His promises real and living in our lives.


In his own message of encouragement, T.B. Joshua asked the congregation a question: “What is your problem? What are you facing? Remember our Saviour, no matter what He was going through in life, whether people were praising Him or not, remained the same. His focus remained the same.” He said that as Christians, our challenges are not like others because a man may be poor and yet a friend of God; a man may be sick in body and yet a candidate of Heaven.  He said that Jesus maintained His focus because He had come to do the will of His Father. He then advised that we keep our focus no matter the situation we may be passing through. Using the example of Apostle Paul and his thorn in the flesh, he said, our disadvantage can be turned into our advantage when God is involved.

He went on to talk about prophecy and prophets saying that a prophet of God shall say that which he himself shall live to see accomplished. “The Bible says a Christian has power in his mouth. The belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. If you are a Christian, a Christian by faith, you shall say that which you shall live to see accomplished.”

Referring back to what he had been talking about for the last few weeks concerning Prophet Micaiah and King Ahab, he said: “There’s a standard in the Bible. The false prophets/ pastors/ bishops/ evangelists that told the people that they shall be victorious/ blessed, shall be disproved by the events. The day will declare who is right and who is wrong. The day will testify to the reality and the fulfilment of the prophecy.”


A video was shown of last week’s Sunday Service in which Uche Ezugba, was prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua, that he had offended a woman who subsequently cursed him, adding that the two of them had made a covenant together on a beach. The man revealed, in confirmation, that he actually spent six and a half years with the woman.

Uche narrated how he had first met the lady at a nightclub and they had agreed to be together. One night, at about 2am, she woke him up and confessed that she was from the water but that he would run mad without any cure if anyone should know of the secret. She told him she had power to make him rich or poor, but he had to fulfil the following obligations – to make love to her every morning before going out for business, to carry out her instructions, to marry her and never to cheat on her with any other woman.

They also went to a beach and swore an oath, making a blood covenant between them. At the beach, she told Uche that she would never be able to conceive for him in life.  He began to see money after agreeing to these conditions. Wealth became his second name. He began to buy cars and business boomed.

However, everything changed when she caught him with another woman.  Angrily driving the lady away, she cut herself with a razor in the kitchen. She touched his forehead and told him he would never forget that day in his entire life, pronouncing a curse of suffering and poverty upon him. She immediately packed her things and left the house, never for him to see her again.

Immediately following the pronouncement of this curse, he lost everything he had – cars, houses and business connections. His shops closed one after the other. He could not even pay the rent for his apartment. He said, “I now squat with a friend, and without anything. I am just camouflaging, just like that.” Any subsequent attempt at a relationship ended in disappointment. The doctor also told him that his sperm count was zero.

Every night, he said he was seeing women in the river whenever he slept who kept flogging and mocking him. He was also full of sickness. When walking alone he would be hearing a voice as if someone was close to him. After his prophecy and deliverance however, he testified that he had been sleeping well without any nightmares. He sincerely thanked God for his deliverance from the marine spirit.

Prophet Joshua used the example to speak to the congregation. He said that many demand for prophecies of prosperity and peace but act in disobedience to God’s Word. He explained that deliverance removes us from the cage of captivity. He said Mr Uche would now “go back and start life again as God created him”.


A video was shown of a woman who had received a prophecy the previous week that she had been initiated into a secret cult. The prophecy from T.B. Joshua had stated that she had found herself in this cult and her son had been mentally affected by this. He was the best among her children and she could not afford to lose him.

Mrs Ugwu Perpetua came to church to confirm the prophecy and explain the circumstances of her being in a cult. Many years ago, she had entered a taxi, without knowing that cultists were the fellow passengers. She was taken to a shrine, under a spell, and initiated while remaining naked. Washing herself in water at the shrine, she was shocked to see the water turn into blood before her eyes. She was warned never to reveal the secret or she or her children would suffer madness.

Her conscience had since been disturbing her because she had not revealed it to anybody, even her husband. Later, she had confided in a friend of hers. Upon exposing the secret, her son who was very intelligent and the best in school suddenly became mentally disturbed and unable to handle. The curse of madness had bounced back onto him. Desperately looking for help, her friend had advised her to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Remarkably, her husband heard of this story for the first time in the service. She was grateful to God for releasing her and testified of the immense changes in her life since her deliverance the previous week.


Mrs Sylvia Mtetwa from Zimbabwe had come to church to “acknowledge the goodness of the Holy Spirit through the Anointing Water”. According to her, she was coming from years of experience failure, setback and disappointment, but that Jesus Christ had dramatically changed her life after she had administered the Anointing Water. She had applied for a license to own a gold mine, an application which had fallen through consecutively for five long years.

However, after receiving the Anointing Water, she had sprayed it on her application forms, just once, and had taken them to the office. In her words, “I sprayed the water only once. To my greatest surprise, I was given my license instantly! Today, she said she owns a gold mine of about ten (10) hectares. “This is a miracle at my age. Thank You, Jesus; thank You Holy Spirit”, she joyously testified.

Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded all those present of the purpose of our blessing, saying that: “You are blessed to bless others. Help the needy, the poor, the widows and the disabled”.


Mrs Remy Gagara from Bauchi State testified that she had received the Anointing Water and ministered it on herself, believing God for healing from ceased menstruation for many years.

She narrated how immediately after ministering the Anointing Water, she started feeling abdominal pains and then discovered that her menstruation had begun to flow again. In tears she explained how prior to that day she had visited many hospitals to get solution to this problem but all efforts had proved fruitless. She thanked Jesus for His mercy shown to her and for allowing the Anointing Water to be used as a medium to express His healing power in her life.


Mr Benjamin told the church that his child, Rowland, “was a sickler from birth” and that there was a curse of premature death in his family. The child, Rowland, was born in 2005 and had always been unwell due to the scourge of sickle cell anaemia. He was unable to enjoy a normal life as a little boy.  Mr Benjamin had visited many hospitals for a solution, and had fasted and prayed for years.

Having seen a lot of miracles on Emmanuel TV, he had decided to journey to The SCOAN himself and had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. After administering it, he confessed to have seen instant changes in his son. Showing the medical reports from the hospitals, he told the church that his son’s genotype had changed from genotype SS to genotype AA, “My son is free from sickness”, he enthusiastically declared to the joy of all those present. Some were also brought to tears by the magnitude of this miracle. T.B. Joshua said of the remarkable miracle, “It is hard for an ordinary man to believe. If you are not delivered, you will not believe. Satan uses doubts to connect us to himself”.

The second service was supervised by the wise men who prophesied into the lives of people on aspects of their limitations, difficulties and troubles. Many also received dramatic deliverances from evil spirits that had tormented their lives for many years. We thank Jesus Christ!



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