Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi came out to give a very inspirational message, titled: Be An Imitator Of God. He started off by saying that God can work wonders if He can get suitable men. Anointing doesn’t work through plans, methods or machinery; rather, it works through suitable men. He went on to say that to be suitable, you must honour Jesus with your character. Only your character can testify to your confession of Christ. The proof-text of the message was taken from Ephesians 5:-1-2, ‘’Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.’’ He went on to explain that when you are an imitator of God, you resemble Him in every grace especially in His love and in His pardoning goodness. God’s goodness, God’s mercy, God’s favour, God’s healing, God’s deliverance, God’s salvation will continue towards you if you respond by loving God, by loving your neighbour as yourself. Through His love, we love. By His love we are a new man. In His love we have newness of life. He concluded by declaring that, God proclaimed His name Gracious and Merciful and abundant in goodness. This Godlike grace should conduct and influence our whole conversation. It should be the principle from which we act. It should direct the end at which we aim for to be like Jesus, that is our goal.


Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua then came out to give a challenging message about the importance of the Bible in our lives, stressing that it is God’s gift to us. He emphasized that it is not only important to commit God’s Word to memory but to let His Word become an integral part of our lives. He stressed that the answer to everything is in God’s Word. When you are carried along by the Holy Spirit, you provide an answer to everything. Holding the Bible up, he asked: “Are you sick? The answer is here, that is healing. Are you demoralised? The solution is here. Are you worried? The answer is here. Are you having limitation in progress? The answer is here.” He advised the congregation and viewers listening worldwide that they should talk scripture in every situation. Whether they be or the phone or in a business transaction, they should use the Word of God to answer someone. He used the example of Jesus Christ saying that, When Jesus was tempted, He did not cry to Sadducees and Pharisees but He answered by quoting the eternal Word of God. He explained the significance of the Bible to those who are willing to obey it, saying that the Book you are carrying is a book in the hands of many but a Holy Book in the hands of few. When the Bible becomes a Holy Book in your hand, it becomes a tool, an instrument and a weapon saying that when you are sick, you quote the Word and you are healed. When you are poor, you quote the Word and you are blessed. He concluded by leading all those listening in prayer: “Lord, draw me towards You. Lord Jesus, I am about to read Your Word, give me revelation, thank You for answering my prayer.”


Barulaganye Ditsele of Botswana

The first testimony came from Barulaganye Ditsele of Botswana. She testified to being delivered from addiction to eating anthill soil through the Anointing Water. She explained how this addiction had tormented her life for over 11 years before she finally decided to come to The SCOAN and received her deliverance. She said when one of the visitors ministered the Anointing Water on her the previous Sunday, she felt a heavy force and fell down. She said that after the deliverance, she was offered anthill soil and it tasted very bitter, no longer like chocolate, as it had used to. Her advice to all those listening was simple: Be patient and wait on the Lord. Only God can deliver you.

Next to testify was Consolata Thomas, a teacher from Tanzania. She said that she was addicted to eating uncooked rice for 14 years before she came to The SCOAN and received her deliverance. She said that this problem had caused her to suffer physically, mentally and psychologically. She explained how the Anointing Water had been ministered on her the previous Sunday and that immediately after the deliverance, the desire to eat uncooked rice disappeared. She further testified that she was completely set free from nightmares after the deliverance and that she had been sleeping peacefully. Her advice was that she should let Jesus be the CEO of our lives.

It was deliverance time and Mrs Chauke from South Africa explained her case. She said that for 9 years she had heard a voice telling her to eat tissue paper and that since then she had been consuming it on a regular basis. She said that this made her to feel relaxed and comfortable. She also explained that this addiction had led her to be eating paper from books, including her university text books and her children’s school books. Her husband, Pastor Chauke attested to this saying that each time he had advised her against this destructive habit she reacted aggressively and told him that it was not his business. He said further that he had tried to pray for her deliverance but the addiction just seemed to be getting stronger by the day. Prophet TB Joshua asked a member of the congregation who had the Anointing Water to come and minister it on the woman. This was done and she fell under the anointing of God. Clearly still overwhelmed by the power of God, she was offered tissue paper to eat once again and after tasting it, she pushed it away saying that it was very dry in her mouth. Her husband joined her to testify to the might delivering power of God, which breaks every yoke and sets free from every bondage. TB Joshua then continued to encourage the congregation saying that if you rely on God’s Word, it will not fail you.

What was then heard was perhaps one of the most disturbing, shocking and disgusting things yet heard at The SCOAN. Tunji stepped forward and began to narrate how demons had twisted, tormented and destroyed his life for the last 10 years. He said that one day 10 years ago, he was in the toilet and he heard a voice telling him to pick his faeces out of the toilet and sniff it; the voice told him that it would smell nice. Though, battling with the thought, the voice was too powerful and he proceeded to take his faeces and sniff it. He liked the smell and then kept it in his pocket. Tunji described how since that time, he had been enslaved to this horrific addiction. He would always carry his faeces around in his pocket and take it out from time to time to sniff it. He explained how he would also hide some under his bed. He said that to him, the faeces smelt like perfume. This evil spirit had also caused him to have the spirit of stealing and had made him to steal numerous things including money from his church. Pastor Steven then explained that God had revealed to him through a dream that The SCOAN was the place where Tunji would receive his freedom.A member of the congregation came out with the Anointing Water and TB Joshua asked Pastor Steven to collect it and minister it on Tunji. The Anointing Water was ministered and the evil spirit that had caused this horrendous habit was cast out by Holy Ghost fire!

After the deliverance, the faeces were offered again to Tunji to sniff but after a split second, he withdrew crying out that it was stinking! TB Joshua then instructed Tunji to go and take his shower and the whole area where he had stood was given a thorough clean! Jesus Christ is indeed the Deliverer, the Redeemer and the Owner of our souls.


Another testimony the viewers and congregants alike were privileged to witness was that of Onias Kandemviri from Zimbabwe. He explained how seven years earlier, one day he discovered that he was no longer able to hear any longer. He said that as a military man and a radio operations officer, this made functioning almost impossible. He said that he had experienced the miracle working power of God the previous Sunday when during the mass prayer when the wise men were praying in the 2nd Service, he heard a loud sound like ‘Pah!’ in his right ear and then his left ear. He then discovered that he could hear clearly again. He started to hear the prayer raised by the wise man. Excited he began jumping up and down, glorifying God and letting all those around him know what had happened in his life! It had been a week, and his ears were perfectly sound. He said that he looked forward to going back to Zimbabwe and starting his work again, now that the restriction had been perpetually removed by Jesus Christ.



TB Joshua then made an announcement that he was sending Wise Man Harry to Pasco, Washington State, in the USA. He ushered Wise Man Harry to the altar who also confirmed this fact. He addressed the viewers, saying that he was going for a revival in America and that they should meet him there. A video clip was shown detailing the event that was to take place.

TB Joshua led the congregation and the viewers in powerful prayer points, commanding out all that was not of Jesus in their lives. Many started manifesting as the evil spirits operating in their lives were exposed and they were set free.

In the second service, the wise men moved around the congregation praying for each person present. Those that were possessed were delivered, those that were afflicted were relieved and those that were in bondage were loosed.

The congregation left the service filled with joy, walking in the light of their testimonies. The viewers equally switched off their television screens, thanking Jesus for once again showing them evidence of His power, mercy, grace and goodness.



  1. Blessing

    I want the men of great God to pray for me. I want to no God, get marry, healing in my life and my father, breathru in my family and in the life of my friend osita. May God use to bless me in Jesus name Amen.


  2. Faith kaira

    We thank God for what His doing in our lives through Prophet T.B Joshua and the five wise men.We know its not by might,nor by power,but the Holy Spirit and that its by the grace of the Almighty God that these men of God are preaching the Gospel.PLEASE!!!we need deliverance here in Zambia,if our daddy Prophet T.B Joshua cant’t come,please let him send one of the wisemen and hopefully open a branch here in Zambia.May God bless you for the consideration being put into it.Emmanuel(matthew 1:23) :).



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