TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua opened the Sunday sermon with a word of encouragement for the nation of Nigeria and the world at large. Citing the example of current events around the world, he opened the book of Daniel 3:16 and stated that we, people of God we do not defend ourselves because we have a Defender. This is what three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said in response to King Nebuchadnezzar.

The prophet stated that the lives of believers in both the Old Testament and New Testament testify that being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity but may actually be a sign of being faithful to God. He then urged the congregation not to use the weapon of the enemy to defend themselves but realise that when our faith is tested, our endurance has a chance to grow.

The mother explained that her daughter used to be very brilliant and the best in her class but when this problem began, she starting having a dull brain and her classmates were now far ahead of her in school. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name. There was no movement, no shaking, nothing to indicate that deliverance was going on but after the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared her free. He then asked her to eat her hair and she almost vomited it onto the floor saying it was no longer ‘sweet tasting’ in her mouth.

Mrs Obiageli testifed that after receiving the Anointing Water and praying with it, she was promoted to Director of the NYSC (National Youth

Marinela Simente

Service Council).

Hon. Tebite from Ughelli, Delta, Nigeria alongside his colleagues gave a testimony of how he contested and won the election as the House of Assembly Leader in Delta after praying with the Anointing Water.

Mr & Mrs Obuari Goodhead, with child in hand, described how they had suffered from barrenness for 5 years but after administering the Anointing Water, their problem was over and they became pregnant with t


It has become a common occurrence at The SCOAN to hear testimonies from those that have been delivered from one addiction or another.

This Sunday, Marinela Simente, from Cameroon gave an astonishing testimony of deliverance from addiction to eating ice cubes and mint sweets. She told the congregation and the world watching on Emmanuel TV that before her deliverance, she only had an appetite for these items and as a result, suffered from anaemia. After watching Emmanuel TV and seeing the deliverance of others with the same type of problem, she decided to come down to The SCOAN herself for deliverance. Whilst giving her testimony, the video of her deliverance on the night of the candlelight service was played. During the candlelight service on the 31st December 2011, Prophet T.B. Joshua used the candle as the medium for deliverance. Holding the burning candle in reverence to God during the service, one of the visitors from South Africa came forward at the prophet’s request to pray for Marinela and deliver her from her addiction. At that name, Jesus Christ, she was freed from her bondage and no longer craved mint sweets or ice cubes.


Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name.

Ruth, a young girl from Nigeria and her mother came forward expressing a desire to be free from an addiction of eating her own hair.

The wise man reminded the congregation and viewers that God Almighty gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe Him and that we should therefore never doubt God’s desire or ability to help us. Using 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, he revealed that even though Paul’s challenges were so great, the apostle knew that the thorns in his flesh were to keep him from becoming proud or conceited. He saw his challenges as a reason for believing God just as he saw his good times as a reason for believing God. He was encouraged that God loved him enough to correct him. Wise Man Daniel then encouraged us to see our own challenges as a way of God correcting us, remembering that our situation is not like others’. Others’ challenges are meant to destroy them but ours, as Christians are meant for the glory of God. He concluded by reminding all that in our spiritual walk with the Lord, there are good and hard times alike. In both good and hard times alike, Jesus Christ must be honoured.


When it comes to giving, Prophet T.B. Joshua says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. During this holiday season and throughout the year, he encourages the viewers and partners of Emmanuel TV to look around and see those that are in need. He leads by example not only by instructing others to give but by showing them how to give in sincerity, simplicity and cheerfulness.

In response to his example, many Emmanuel TV Partners were challenged to go and do the same in their own countries. One of them, Mrs Christaline from Namibia gave account of how she was able to set up a charity feeding 450 orphan children and how she planned to build a centre to care for 1,500 orphans around the nation, taking care of their accommodation, feeding, health and schooling. While she was speaking, the video footage of her acts of giving was shown.

The video showed a trailer of maize meal being unloaded and distributed among the crowd and brand new wheelchairs being unpacked and presented to many physically challenged. The joy and smiles on their faces that followed were enough of a blessing for the gift that was given.

The final person to tell her story was Mrs Josephine from Namibia, founder of the Mount Sinai Centre, an centre for children afflicted by HIV, reporting to the viewers that she had indeed handed over the centre to the prophet and was now receiving a salary from the man of God to care for the HIV positive mothers and children.

In the short span of a few weeks, Prophet T.B. Joshua had donated to her organisation $50,000 which was providing life-saving supplies for hundreds in Namibia. At the close of the service, the prophet gave $10,000 to each of the three charity founders to assist them in their work and promised to send the same amount each week to support the children and needy individuals they were caring for.

Another video was played for the congregation and the viewers of Emmanuel TV showing a news report on giving in the United States. Emmanuel TV Partners and representatives in the USA, with donations sent by T.B. Joshua, visited and presented much needed supplies and a cash gift to a family resource centre caring for children with special needs in Kennewick, Washington, USA. A national news station, NBC, was present at the centre to do a live report, commenting that the roles had been reversed and that this time, a church in Africa were supporting the USA.

The service drew to a close as Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in powerful prayer, inspiring them to dream again. These were his words:  “I don’t care where you are or how big a mess your life has been – begin to dream again! I prophesy to your life. God has positioned you in this New Year. God has positioned you for breakthrough in this New Year.

God has positioned you in this New Year for victory, for healing, in the name of Jesus! God has positioned you to achieve your destiny, in the name of Jesus! Your limitations are your opportunities! Your mess is your opportunity, in this New Year, in the name of Jesus. Dream again!”


2 thoughts on “DREAM AGAIN!

    Ephesians 1:11
    In him we were also chosen having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.

    The Holy Bible informs us that all things are done according to his plan and decision. God chose us to be his children in union with Christ. And because of his love. He predestined us to be adopted as his children through Jesus Christ in accordance with his pleasure, will and purpose. God had already chosen you to be his through our union with Christ. The Lord will keep you strong to the end. The Most High God who has called you into fellowship with his only Son Jesus Christ our Lord is faithful. So those our Maker calls he put them right with himself and he shared his glory with them.
    Those whom God Almighty has called or chosen he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his only Son. So that the Son would be the first among many brothers or children.
    Beloved Anointed Evangelist Mrs Evelyn Joshua, the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua, The Federal Government of Nigeria, the Government of South Africa, the Other Governments, the Engineers, Rescue team from different places, the Doctors and their hospitals, the Media, the Members and Partners, the Neighbors, the Clergy and Christians, the Diplomatic Missions, and the Organizations. May the amazing grace of the Lord and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the abundant love of Christ Jesus be with you forever. May the good Lord Jesus Christ cause all his goodness to pass in front of you and for his glory.


  2. No matter what people can say bad things each an every hour, TB Joshua is a man of God. Don’t waste your time by speaking things that you are not sure or heard by some people just watch Emmanuel TV then you will stop talking bad things to our pastor. God is performing miracles everyday through him what do you want? God is helping people the whole world through him what do you want? No! man stop that, and know that God loves you.


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