“Touch Your Screen By Faith” – Healed Of Fibroids Through Emmanuel TV

The last thing Ida wanted to hear was that she needed another operation. But that was the diagnosis of her doctor. The Namibian, faced with severe abdominal pains, was shocked to learn that a fibroid had developed in her system. The only medical option was to immediately remove the intruding mass by way of a surgical operation. But when Ida listened to a prophetic prayer from T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, she received it by faith and believed for a miracle.
“I greet you all in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ. My name is Ida Monde from Katima Mulilo in Namibia. I want to share with you a very wonderful thing that happened to me last month.
“In February this year (2011) the doctor told me that I was having a fibroid and he needed to make a booking for me to be operated. I refused and told him that I will not go for that operation. In 2010 I had a terrible lower abdominal pain for which I was booked for an operation even though the doctors could not see anything that was causing the pain. They operated me but the problem only continued. That’s why this time around I refused to go for any operation.
“Last month while I was watching Emmanuel TV, the man of God T.B Joshua was praying for the viewers all over the world and he prophesied, “Viewers all over the world, that fibroid that you are having is going to be operated by Jesus. Just touch your screen by faith!” It was like he was speaking directly to me. I knew within myself that the man of God was praying for me and immediately touched the screen, praying also.
“To my greatest surprise, I did not see my period the following month and went back to the doctor for some tests. The doctor was so shocked when he brought my results; he could not believe his eyes. He wanted to know what had happened to the fibroid. I told him that it was the wonders of the Lord Jesus who had operated me spiritually. But that was not all. I was pregnant!
“Glory be to God Almighty. I pray that God will continue to be with Prophet T.B. Joshua to give him more wisdom and grace. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”


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