The spirit of tradition Written by T. B. Joshua

MANY may not understand what we mean by the spirit of tradition  – the way or system you are used to, the old way of doing things, the way you are taught right from the beginning. We are used to the conventional way of doing things, such as the opening hymn, processional song, recessional song, the time we are supposed to fast – everything is written in the book.
The calendar should not be what tells us when to fast and the number of days we must fast for because Jesus was led by the Spirit, not by the calendar.
All these are tradition. When we want to preach, the title of the message must be given; the preacher will be given the title he must preach on – this is conventional.
Those things we are brought up with such as,  “When you hear, ‘In the name of Jesus,’ you must say, ‘Amen’”  – this is tradition. You must say amen because you believe, not  because you hear the name, Jesus. That  is what was taught right from your small age. What is in the Bible is that you must believe before you say, Amen.’
In our dressing and our appearance, we also display tradition. When you see somebody’s hair, the next thing is to copy it or when you see somebody’s dress, you will go and look for money to buy the same dress. When you see a beautiful church, the next step you take is to put up the same structure, instead of allowing God to tell you the type structure to put up. This is why the Spirit of God cannot operate among us because we have chosen to take the tradition or convention. We are used to stories such as, I was born in so and so year; this is how we used to pray; this is the prayer point you must follow or the direction you must face when you pray. We need to be delivered from this spirit. It is a hindrance. This is why there is no new thing again in the world. We keep repeating ourselves.

Prophet TB Joshua

WHAT someone had done is what we are repeating. For instance, the electricity we are using today was discovered by somebody inspired by God but since it was discovered, we are only comfortable in using it, no more new discovery. We are only consumers and not producers.
When you look at yourself, everything you put on is produced by someone else, implying that if we start removing from your body what is not produced by you, you will go naked. This is why when you see somebody who is doing a new thing, you begin to condemn saying, this is not the way we are doing It; we have never seen this kind of thing; it is evil; it is from satan. You forget that you are created to make a difference.
It is purely tradition or convention to say, ‘This is my spiritual father’. Only God is the spiritual Father. We are all working towards perfection; no one is perfect. I can stand before you today as your pastor only because my strength is greater than my weakness, not that I don’t have weakness.
We need to be raw – to hear from God what to do and how to do it. Our case can be likened to that of the father of the demon-possessed boy. He cried out to Jesus, “Lord! I believe, help my unbelief”. The belief he’s talking about is the traditional one, the way and manner his people are used to, the association he belonged to. We have been held back by our association with our friends, religion – we need to step out and take God by His Word.
Now open your lips and begin to release yourself from the spirit of tradition. Release yourself from the spirit of religion. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


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