Alternating with the choir in their collaborative efforts to minister doses of spiritual manna to the teeming congregation, by way of tunes seasoned with gospel aphorisms on the part of the choir, Wise Man Harry, on his part, ceaselessly thumbed the Bible, as he gives his message, for relevant lessons to strengthen the faith of his listeners in the Lord. He reminded the congregation that God lives in His Word and does nothing without His Word. Many people, according to him, accept the name but not the lifestyle of Jesus Christ. Clarifying his point, the wise man maintained that Jesus Christ’s lifestyle says that whatever the condition, you should be happy even when there is nothing to be happy about on the outside. It is all about positive thinking and attitude, he advised, warning however, that everybody is exposed to things which are not consistent with God.He cited John 11:32 as the proof text for his message which he entitled: What Control Are You Under? The wise man tirelessly dwelt on the theme of seeing beyond the present situation in our lives and amply illustrated his point with the proof text in question where Jesus Christ, unlike Mary and Martha who wailed for the death of their brother, Lazarus, looked beyond the present reality of lamentation to the glory of God. After copious elaboration on this strand of the message, he drew the conclusion that under the Holy Spirit, nothing can overwhelm one. In a related vein, the wise man described fear as a destructive tool that has robbed millions of a victorious life in Christ. He further saw fear as a giant in our lives that requires conquering. No matter what you are going through, the way you handle it matters. Nothing happens for nothing and nothing happens by chance. God will not leave you without a solution, he assured the congregation as he rounded off the message.


His appreciative remarks about the message delivered by Wise Man Harry over,


Prophet T. B. Joshua drew the attention of the congregation to the new Anointing Water and its successes in parts of the world where it had been introduced. At the instance of the prophet, the scenario of Lahore, Pakistan where the Anointing Water was recently introduced was activated on the Emmanuel TV for the benefit of his listeners and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide. According to the Emmanuel TV, news of the Anointing Water and its miraculous feats had circulated and permeated every nook and cranny of  the country, causing the waxing of faith among Christians there and an astronomical rise in the number of adherents to the Christian faith in Pakistan. It was no surprise therefore that a large turnout of expectant congregation awaited the evangelists dispatched there by Prophet T. B. Joshua. As active participants in the mass prayer conducted by the prophet in The SCOAN but mediated by Emmanuel TV to the rest of the world, the Lahore over- flowing congregation were visited with benumbing miracles in deliverance from contrary spirits and healing from various ailments even before the ministration of the Anointing Water by the evangelists. Many of them lined the church with bottles and containers of various sizes filled with water for admixture with the Anointing Water.  A lady shook visibly as deliverance released by the anointing overtook her and caused her to fall on the floor. In her testimony, she confirmed that her long-standing spiritual burden caved in during the deliverance making her light and totally free. The celebration of the prophet’s birthday by the children of the Lahore congregation was equally entertaining. In a short remark on the instrumentality of the Anointing Water and the wise men in pushing the frontiers of the Christian faith, he particularly looked forward with joy to achieving a feat hitherto unrecorded in the Bible and that is the joy of beholding wise women stretching their hands and causing even men to fall in deliverance. As usual the scenarios in the other branches visited through the mediation of the Emmanuel TV left all viewers with renewed faith in God.


Turning to the happenings in the headquarters of The SCOAN in Lagos last Sunday, the video clip reminded all viewers of the prophecy by Prophet T. B. Joshua to a woman who had purposely come to the church for fear of operation as suggested by her doctor in the face of her pregnancy which was clearly overdue for delivery.



Coming out of the congregation in relief that her case had not escaped the anointing of God, Mrs Juliet Akpovinure of Delta, Nigeria disclosed that her pregnancy was overdue , adding that only an operation could bring it out as maintained by her doctor. It was the fear of the operation that made her find her way to The SCOAN where, from the benefits of hindsight, she was sure of a safe delivery. As the prophet stretched his hand at the pregnancy in prayer, the reaction of the baby in the womb as it rearranged itself was clearly visible. While Juliet was still answering questions from the prophet, another pregnant lady also shoved her way into the open in response to the same prophecy. Anxiously informing the prophet that her pregnancy, at ten months and two weeks, was also overdue as she was supposed to deliver by April 12, Mrs Linda Simon Ogboji of Benue, Nigeria looked at the prophet in supplication to wriggle her out of her plight after informing him that the baby  weighed 4.12kilogrammes.



Holding her responsible for her situation because of her action in the past, the prophet prayed for her as he earlier did for Juliet and assured both of safe delivery and without operations. Coming out for full testimonies after delivery, Mrs Juliet Akpovinure recounted her story as earlier told, adding that in 2008 she had a baby through operation and she was afraid to have another operation, though advised by her doctor. She cited the case of Mrs Safegha whose twins were in breech presentation but who nevertheless safely delivered in The SCOAN as one among many instances that actualized her resolve to find her way to The SCOAN for a safe delivery. In his contribution, Mr Lucky Akpovinure, her husband intimated to the church his surprise at seeing his wife, on the eve of her delivery, watching Emmanuel TV, a channel she had always loathed. When she thereafter told him that she wanted to come to The SCOAN for prayer, he wholeheartedly welcomed the idea and thanked God and Prophet T. B. Joshua for the safe delivery of his wife at home in a hospital without an operation.

In her full testimony after delivery, Linda explained to the congregation that she had many miscarriages at barely three months and that was why a friend took her to witch doctor who prepared a charm for her to be worn on the waist to forestall further miscarriages. She said that after the prayer she received from the man of God, in which he also told her to expect a baby boy, she travelled home and soon delivered her baby by herself in her room unattended to by any nurse or midwife. The husband recounted all the preparations required for her to travel to The SCOAN and thanked God for the safe delivery of his wife in the homely comfort of her room, far away from the reach of the operating knife.


The next prophecy given by Prophet T. B. Joshua, revisited on the clip, was that of a man who married his wife using a charm on her. Trouble started between the couple following the expiration of the charm. The marriage which became threatened with immediate collapse was, according to the prophecy, in dire need of reconstruction.



Mr Theophilus Obodechi from Enugu State, Nigeria, who reluctantly showed up at the time of the prophecy the previous week, willingly came out this week, accompanied by his wife, for the confirmation. He,   admitting his natural shyness before women, told the congregation that he resorted to a charm to win the love of his wife because he felt he would be unsuccessful in wooing her if he did not use a charm, given his natural coyness and naivety in the face of women. He stated that as soon as he received a bath of the charm, his wife wasted no time in admiring him and becoming his wife. He however, noticed that apart from disrespecting him at the expiration of the charm, the wife often answered telephone calls by her former boyfriends even while with him on their matrimonial bed. When he asked her about her callers, she would resort to telling him all sorts of lies. In her testimony, Mrs Obodechi confirmed her aggressiveness in various forms towards her husband. Apart from beating him and chasing him out, she admitted destroying his personal effects including his car. She admitted that one of those calling her on phone was the man who was to have married her. She however accepted Theophilus as her husband without any regrets. The Man of God envisioned a bright future for their marriage and promised to deliver them.


In the prayer line, a lady from Kenya who had had the difficulty of walking for five years



because of lumbar spondylosis got her deliverance and consequently threw away her corset. In her testimony, she demonstrated her healing by bending down and twisting her body in various ways.  Another case was Madam Patience of Warri, Nigeria who had the same sickness and also healed in the prayer line. All glory be to God, He never stops giving us reasons to praise His awesome name!




SOURCE thetbjoshuafanclub


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