Replete with a spiritual aura, following melodies released by the choir and hosting a congregation agog for the day’s service, the auditorium readily welcomed Wise Man John Chi who came in with a message of God entitled, Overcome Your Fears. Psyching up his listeners for the sermon, the wise man celebrated the joy of being at peace with God. In his words, the peace of conscience from God produces eternal joy. Daniel never feared the lions’ den because he had absolute confidence in God. Being thrown into a dry pit was not a good thing but Joseph never feared it because of his absolute trust in God.  What is your lions’ den? What is your dry pit? He rhetorically assured his listeners of God’s omnipotence.  Scaling up their faith further, the wise man enjoined them to never for a moment doubt that God’s ability cannot put them over.  As his proof text, the wise man opened the Bible to Romans 8:15 and averred that God does not give a spirit of fear but that of sunshine. He regretted that many people have surrendered to their fears while their spirits hunger for a miracle. To the people of the world, he continued, trouble is a poison but to God’s people it serves as a tonic to enhance our aspirations. Troubles and aspirations serve to move us closer to God. The way and manner you react to your situation matters. Prophet Elisha’s spiritual reaction to his situation is instructive to many Christians. His word to his servant is equally instructive.  His servant’s focus was more on the immediate surroundings than what God had to say about their situation. Elisha’s voice was not only of faith but also of finality. Do not fear the troubles of this world; instead, trust in the glory of God. There is a superior realm that controls both the visible and the invisible worlds. This being the case, you will see appointment in disappointment. Fear and insecurity dominate a life without faith. Fear prevents one from making important decisions in life. We need to pray that God open our understanding like Elisha’s. In the midst of trouble, the Holy Spirit will lead you to victory.
Endorsing the wise man’s views in practical terms, Prophet T. B. Joshua, after asking God to give us the grace to overcome our fears, enjoined the congregation to rise up and chorus repeatedly the words: ‘I reject fear; I receive faith’. He told his listeners that someone who wants to be a source of blessing must first be in hardship. Someone who wants to enjoy acceptance must first face rejection. He must know what rejection is to appreciate acceptance.  His thanks to the congregation for their lively participation in his birthday celebration done, he enjoined a moment of silence in memory of the late second president of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Frederick J. Chiluba who died in the early hours of Saturday, June 18 in his Kabulonga residence at the age of 68.

As usual, the new Anointing Water received its fair share of attention regarding the various feats of healing and deliverance for which it has acquired fame worldwide. In the UK branch of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, London, the screen displayed the anointing released upon its ministration forming the background for many deliverances and healings in that church.  In her testimony, one of delivered faithful in the church, Madam Peter told her listeners about her nightmares earlier on in which she had bad dreams in addition to sexual attacks. All those were wiped out of her life after she received deliverance through the Anointing Water.
Another lady, by name Theresa, from South Africa but currently resident in the UK, also gave her testimony. Her life had been plagued by unmotivated anger with her neighbours and wrong steps in everything she did, apart from the worrisome weakness which dogged her physique. Seeing the loss of her job as part of her problem, she had sought to end her life for lack of purpose but after a bath in the Anointing Water in which she was delivered, her life changed for the better and the thoughts of suicide vanished from her mind.

The Anointing Wristband was also mentioned and the prophet affirmed that the new one coming in the form of a wristwatch was a father to the old one. Soon after that assurance, a video clip opened a previous prophecy relating to the Anointing Wristband. In the said prophecy, the man of God called into the open a pregnant woman whose delivery was due. According to the prophecy, the woman had had unfortunate deliveries where the babies would just cry momentarily and die mysteriously. That, according to the prophecy, was the case with her second and third deliveries in which she lost the babies. The prophet asked her to come forward for a gift of an Anointing Wristband to forestall that misfortune. Trudging   into the open with a pregnancy clearly due for delivery, Mrs Alaribe, from Imo State, felt her recent life experience tallied with the prophecy and added that that was the reason she decided to visit The SCOAN. As the prophet stretched a hand in prayer at the pregnancy in Mrs Alaribe’s seated position, the child in the womb could be seen wriggling to assume another position while the mother’s mien clearly displayed pain. In answer to the prophet’s question, she informed her listeners, like they observed, that the baby was ‘rotating and turning’ in reaction to the prophet’s prayer. As he gave the woman his Anointing Wristband, the prophet told her that the child had assumed a right position and that she would experience a little water coming out of her private parts to flush the way for the baby’s exit. Assured by the prophet that she would deliver a baby boy, the woman joyfully scaled the short flight of stairs out of the church into the toilet. By way of strengthening their faith, the prophet reminded the congregation that the pregnant woman was in the overflow congregation outside when she received her prophecy, stressing that distance was no barrier to God’s blessing. Coming out baby in hand in the company of her husband on the Sunday in question, Mrs Alaribe gave her testimony. After narrating the prophecy as given the previous Sunday by the prophet after which she received a gift of an Anointing Wristband, she added that as soon as she got home, labour pain started and when her doctor opted for an operation, she told him that she had been blessed by Prophet T. B. Joshua and that she had no misgivings about her safe delivery without an operation.  Giving her the benefit of the doubt, the doctor wished her well and watched her bring forth her baby boy without an operation. The husband, Mr Kingsley Alaribe, confirmed the story as told by his wife and thanked God for the safe delivery of his wife through the means of the Anointing Wristband.

Another video clip revealed Mr Obinna Onuoha, a man one of whose legs had been ravaged by ulcer and consequently depended on his wife, for the period of 15 years during which he was also diabetic, for all his life needs. After attempts at cure in various hospitals and traditional medicine homes had failed, amputation was suggested to him. Rejecting that idea, he decided to come to The SCOAN at the prompting of his wife. Arranged in the prayer line, he received a stretched arm of prayer from the prophet; a gesture, he affirmed, which immediately reduced the pain.  At home, he watched the gradual but steady healing set in motion at The SCOAN.  Before long, Mr Obinna Onuoha was completely healed and he came to The SCOAN the second time for his testimony, accompanied by his wife, Eucharia. Mentioning his name by way of introduction and informing his listeners that he hailed from Imo, Nigeria but resident in Bonny Island in Rivers State, Mr Onuoha narrated his ordeal as a foot ulcer patient until God healed him in The SCOAN after the prophet’s prayer in the prayer line. Confidently stamping the healed foot on the floor as he narrated his testimony, Mr Onuoha informed his listeners that he no more felt pain in the foot.
He thanked God and the anointed servant of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua for his healing. In her turn, Eucharia thanked God for healing her husband of both the ulcer and diabetes.

The video clip also displayed Mrs Zainab Mohammed, an ulcer patient for about one year. Coming out of the congregation to confirm the video clip, Zainab introduced herself as being from Lagos and asserted that for the period of one year she suffered from the sickness, she sought the assistance of nurses and others who cared but all to no avail. It was after she visited The SCOAN that she got her healing. She thanked God for using His anointed servant Prophet T. B. Joshua to effect her healing.

Through emails and the Emmanuel TV prayer lines the listening congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide thank the Almighty God for the life of Prophet T. B. Joshua through whom many have been delivered from sickness and darkness into health and light. May His mighty name be praised for ever and ever.

SOURCE:  http://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/overcome-your-fears/


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