In their tacit cooperation to curry favour from Heaven for the day’s service, the choir and Wise Man Racine worked relentlessly, though uniquely through their media, to achieve results which blended to evolve an aura of spirituality that is conducive for the manifestation of the anticipated prophecies and miracles of the day.  Entitling his message ‘The Bedrock Of Love’, the wise men went into fine details to make his message enduring. In his words, it all began by the way Jesus Christ loved the world and laid down his life for our salvation. He thereafter reminded us that we are Love’s products and as such, we should act and do love. Citing 1 John 3:11-19, he further enjoined his listeners to love in deed and in truth. We are often moved by outward qualities that lead to relationships but when these qualities are taken away, the relationship collapses. However, when the mind agrees on a relationship, the happenings outside cannot affect it and that love is stable and lasting. Jesus came to establish the kingdom of love in our hearts. All our doings are nothing without love. Jesus says love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you. Jesus’ standard of love and relationship is unique. His love sees beyond material realms. Jesus went round healing those who were sick. He expects us to reach out in compassion and love to those in need. You are a solution; someone somewhere is in need of what you have for his survival. We are called to respond to all human needs; no matter what it takes. Giving offers us an opportunity to reshape our destiny, the wise man concluded.
Taking the baton from Wise Man Racine and citing Ephesians 1:1-end, Prophet T.B. Joshua, whose birthday was being simultaneously celebrated and for which reason the synagogue received a coating of decorations and  a train of visitors from all over the world, painstakingly articulated the qualities of a good Christian life. Giving God His due supremacy, the prophet averred that God has the judgement. After you have finished your job, Jesus marks it. As he thumbed the Bible to Proverbs 4: 10-13, he reminded the congregation that God’s grace is the source of all that is happening in the church. Radiant with joy, he enumerated many reasons for his gratitude to God but also cautioned his listeners on the need for moderation in life. He advised that we should not allow unhealthy ego to override us, stressing that those with the greatest and most positive impact on society never hankered after name and fame. He advised his listeners to be focused and stay true to their purpose in life despite rain or snow. When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning. In the early stages of the ministry, he remembered, there was almost no media coverage and detractors capitalized on that to misinform the world about the person of Prophet T. B. Joshua and the ministry. Drawing from the benefits of hindsight, he advised that we overcome by keeping our purpose, vision and mission in the forefront of our minds. According to him, the day was being celebrated because focus was not lost in the midst of persecution, storm, trials and pleasures.  We never allowed worldly praise, fame and wealth to control us. For many people, it is money rather than the source (God) that determines their direction.  A resolve to do proper things separates the weak from the strong. The strong are determined to do whatever possible and proper to achieve their goal. At some level in life, we all hunger for meaning in our lives. What is life all about? What is the purpose of life? If you are focused only on making money in life, a large slice of life will pass you by. One must have a clear objective for one’s life to have meaning. Let others hate you; but not you because you are not like others. Others can judge you; but not you. Adopting a lifestyle that is on course provides an opportunity to enrich others by leaving your imprint in a positive way. When you expand this philosophy into a wider vision, your purpose will crystallize.
He averred that many people do not have a well -defined purpose. Giving some tips in this regard, he proffered some probing questions. What does one do being stuck? Many rich men cry today because of many responsibilities that they cannot meet up with. It is a dangerous situation to get stuck, he admitted. Many marriages, businesses and even nations get stuck. What is the way out? Consider, he advised, taking some days off and going  for a short retreat where you reflect about what to do with life. In your quiet seclusion, Jesus can talk to you. It is difficult to make an excellent decision in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To live life to fullness, your focus must reflect your purpose. There are many searching questions to answer.  Am I a magnet for men or women? Do they love me for money? Is my integrity in check? Am I surrounded by yes men or women with little or no accountability? When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning and you will sleep at night fulfilled.


At the instance of the prophet an activated video clip displayed one of the prophecies in the previous Sunday service in which a woman who, for some time, had been estranged from her husband was in dire need of reconciliation. Emerging from the congregation as the one whose situation was being addressed, Mrs Jane Udensi of Anambra, Nigeria confirmed the prophecy. She recalled the lifestyle of constant bickering that she spent with her husband; a life that was devoid of love and affection because of their inability to bring forth a child into the relationship. Her husband threw her dowry out for her and married another wife, she told the congregation. She however felt reassured about reuniting with her husband following the prophecy.  On the platform with his wife the following Sunday, Mr Udensi confirmed his wife’s story but added that his wife had a spiritual husband that threatened him with guns and machetes.  Looking at the couple closely, the man of God said they were more of enemies to each other than friends. He however promised to look into their case.


The next clip displayed the case of a couple from Greece, Mr and Mrs Vasili Argirolo. As revealed in the clip, Mrs Argirolo  Sakke had lost her womb to operation which apparently caused her menstruation to cease. After trying her luck in many hospitals and other places, she came to The SCOAN last year where she was arranged in the prayer line. After receiving prayer from Wise Man Racine, who also laid hands on her, her menstruation came up again.   In the hospital where she then went to have herself examined, she was told of the miraculous restoration of her womb. It was indeed a recreation! As she gave her testimony, she stretched forth medical reports which confirm the loss and the subsequent restoration of the womb following the attention she received in The SCOAN. It was indeed a big surprise to her listeners and especially when a veteran medical doctor in the congregation stood up to state that the development was ordinarily medically impossible. Mr Sakke who stood by his wife during the testimony also confirmed it.


The next video clip displayed the case of Mr and Mrs Hopeson Sunday who had the problems of low sperm count and fibroids which rendered them childless for some time in their marriage. The couple, who are Nigerians, but recently resident in France, flew back to The SCOAN in response to the miraculous feats they watched on Emmanuel TV. That was after all efforts to correct their situation elsewhere had failed. In The SCOAN, they were admitted to the prayer line where they were prayed for. Going back to France after that, the wife became pregnant one month after and thus ended eight years of barrenness. Hardly out of the amazement, Mr Hopeson Sunday went to have himself re-examined medically after the pregnancy and was told that he had no reproduction or low sperm count problems. The wife seized the opportunity to advise Nigerians to take advantage of Prophet T. B. Joshua, as a man with so much spiritual grace is hardly anywhere else on the globe.


The case of Mrs Mata Williams of UK rolled into view. She introduced herself as a mother of six children and 54 years old. She had an attack of diarrhoea and gastric vomiting for five hours. She had the attack while on a journey. By the time she got home, she had lost much weight and stamina. Becoming weak as a result, she was genuinely afraid for her life. In fear and panic, she asked one of her children to fetch and switch on her laptop for her to look for a man of God on the internet to pray for her. By sheer coincidence, the pastor that displayed through You Tube was Prophet T. B. Joshua praying for the viewers. As he prayed, he instructed his viewers to touch the screen. She prayed along with him and immediately began to shake, he then instructed all praying along to stand up. Mata who was lying down in her bed got up at his word and as she did so received immediate strength and was instantly healed. She then asked her children whom the pastor was and they told her that it was Prophet T. B. Joshua of Nigeria. It was then too that she was informed that a branch of his church, The SCOAN, is also in the UK which she made haste to visit knowing that God had used the ministry greatly to restore her back to good health. Mrs Williams came from the UK to the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria to share her mighty testimony live on Emmanuel TV. She thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua as an instrument for healing through the medium of YouTube, God can use any means. Distance truly is not a barrier, believing is our connection to Jesus Christ the master Healer who remains the same.
Equally enthralling was that of Mrs Marianne Sobowale, a Nigerian who left the shores of Nigeria for the UK at the age of 14 and had spent forty years there. A friend, according to her introduced her to the Emmanuel TV in UK – an incident, she confessed, that has changed her life very positively. She was given the Anointing Water after which she vomited profusely.  Before then, she had been told that her job would soon end. The following day after the ministration of the Anointing Water, she went to her work place where she received an email that revolutionized her life.  She was offered a job for which she never applied; a job in one of the highest offices in the world which brings dignitaries from all over the world within her
reach. In her joy, she described the prophet as a jewel in our midst to be revered.


The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations received a very lavish share of decoration and beautification in recognition of the birthday of the founder, Prophet T. B. Joshua which fell on the Sunday service day of June 12th.  Many men of God and dignitaries from all over the world flew into the country en route to the Church to celebrate with the great man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua. The Synagogue was not caught napping by the surging crowd and the array of who is who in the Christian world. Both the highly and the lowly placed in society were adequately catered for. Nobody had cause to complain about being well seated or fed. The Synagogue by God’s grace was up to the task and everybody fed to repletion and was filled with joy for the day. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua lost no focus in his divine mission on earth to heal and deliver mankind from the clutches of the devil. He set aside his birthday celebrations and, assisted by the wise men, proceeded to conduct healing and deliverance for those in need in the prayer line. That over, he went into the auditorium to conduct the Sunday service as usual, relegating birthday celebrations to the background.
Though the chief celebrant set the fanfare of the celebration aside, his many international and local guests never did. As soon as the service was over, the birthday celebration took off unannounced. The choir in their characteristic gusto for moving tunes, quickly released one from their platform and kept everybody on their feet dancing. Men and women of substance for once threw caution aside and were swaying gracefully from side to side in total attunement with the rhythm that was resonating from the choir. Perhaps it is the informality of the celebration that made it truly memorable. On Emmanuel TV, one could view happy participants  from  Greece, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Pakistan, the United States of America, South Africa and many other nations and organisations dancing and wishing this jewel in our midst a happy birthday. We thank God for this jewel in our midst and for all that He is doing for us through him. We wish Prophet T. B. Joshua many years of service in the Lord’s Vineyard.                      .



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