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SCOAN London Easter Service

SCOAN London Easter Service

Emmanuel! The season of easter is here again, a time to remember and celebrate the death and resurrection Jesus Christ. As Christians, the Easter period offers us an opportunity to reassess our lives and stay focussed in Christ Jesus. It is a time to reflect on who we are in Christ and where we are going in life.

T.B. Joshua says, “Easter is a day set aside to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme price for our sins. His resurrection is the joy of His friends, just as it is the terror and confusion of His adversaries. Jesus has risen. Therefore, let your heart rise and seek the things that are above – so that you may be comforted under the present sorrow. Christ knows where we are and will visit us in due season.”

Easter Cross
The hour of Christ’s death was the beginning of His glorification and our redemption – T.B. Joshua

On Sunday 24th April 2011, SCOAN London will be holding a special Easter Service at our new venue – The City Of London Academy, Bermondsey.

We warmly invite you to come and fellowship with us as we discuss the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection in our lives today, and witness His resurrection power in action through the medium of the New Anointing Water which T.B. Joshua has sent to SCOAN London.

For further information, please contact us on             +44 (0) 7985 034222       or uk@scoan.org

Directions to our new venue can be found here

We look forward to seeing you. Remember, Jesus lives. He never said, ‘Goodbye’!



We Cannot Question God Why He Is Using TB Joshua

Kalu Eke

Having seen what God is doing via  Prophet TB Joshua helping mankind to know God, our combine prayer is necessary for the man of God, for more anointing. We should stop sitting on the fence, as satan is working very hard without a day off to destroy, but with God all things are possible, we cannot question God why He is using TB Joshua , it may be your turn tomorrow yes you, our life is in God’s hand, healing is in God’s hand, TB Joshua is only being used, all we need to do is just support. Kalu Eke . London