Daily Archives: April 10, 2011


The Church listened with amazement to the story of one David Brown, an indigene of Rivers State, who schooled in Kingston University, UK, and graduated First Class in Architecture, as he recounted how he had spent fifteen years of his life in prison for the crimes of stealing he committed subconsciously. After a curse by his aunt that the prison would be his home, a strange spirit would descend on David and usher him into a stranger’s house where he would sit down until the owner returned to apprehend him as a thief. Following that, he would be incarcerated, arrested, tried and sent to prison. This became the unabated vicious circle of his life until he found his way to The SCOAN.

To God nothing is impossible and however grievous our sins may be, Christ is capable of forgiving us and restoring us to good ways. The man of God delivered him, rehabilitated him like others and gave him the sum of N200,000 to start a new life with his family, who had, for the  period, been denied of his fatherly love and care.    

If you have been delivered and set free from demonic forces, please testify to what Jesus Christ has done in your life! Click here to share your testimony to the glory of God, and it will encourage many others to seek their own deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ.