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During a Sunday Live Service on August 1, 2010, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied concerning the country, Nigeria. He mentioned that he heard the word ‘extension’ and stated that something was being extended. On October 10, 2010 Prophet T.B. Joshua further prophesied about the postponement of the coming election. Listen to his words and watch the following news report which clearly details the extension the man of God had heard from God Almighty.



Wise Man John Chi Following the adoration melodies which suffused the atmosphere with the solemnity apt for interaction with God, Wise Man John Chi treated the congregation to a message entitled, ‘A contented life’ in which he underscored the need to be obedient to God’s Word in order to enjoy a contented life. Choosing Philippians 4:11-13 as his proof text, the wise man seasoned his message with various portions of the Bible to drive home his point. According to him, a life with Jesus is a life of contentment. A man reaps what he sows. Jesus knows the cry from the heart of sincerity. You can’t act contrary to God’s Word and reap His blessing. Make God’s Word the standard for your life and reap His blessing fully. Money cannot buy a contented life. Judas never saw beyond money. He saw money as an end in itself but not a means to an end. What you become tomorrow depends on the choices you make today. Labour pain is severe but it is for a moment as the cry of the child makes the pain vanish. Judas focused on this world and he failed but Peter focused on Heaven. After a series of admonitory statements cast in this mould, he ended the sermon expressing hope, while leaving, to meet the congregation in the same depth of faith another time.
Prophet T.B. JoshuaTaking another strand altogether, the prophet reminded the congregation that we can’t see enough until the eyes of our faith are opened. Beyond sickness is where God lies. Sickness is not meant to kill but to strengthen. Once your eyes of faith are opened, you will see what protection you are under.
Describing the new Anointing Water as a channel of healing and shining life, the prophet invited those who had testimonies of it to come forward and give same.
Mrs Tebogo Lekoko Serremane, a lady from Botswana, accompanied by her mother,Stella Lekoko mounted the platform to give a resume of her business life in the past which was fraught with difficulties and disappointments. It was in the face of these many difficulties that he came to The SCOAN for a change of fortune. After diligently participating in the church activities, she met the prophet and received the Anointing Water. Getting home to Botswana and applying the Anointing Water as advised, she soon noticed a positive change in her life. Among many other successes, she miraculously became the controller of one of the biggest kiosks not only in her country, Botswana but also in Africa. Beyond that, her mother, whose high sugar level had been a matter of concern, also took the new Anointing Water and had a miraculous healing as confirmed by her doctor. In unison with her mother, she thanked God for the many successes and breakthroughs brought about by the new Anointing Water.
Another lady also testified to the goodness of the Lord with respect to the delivery of her new baby. In her words, she had been operated on twice before she had the pregnancy in question. The doctor had told her that the baby was in the wrong position and she would need to undergo an operation for the baby to come out. In fear of the agony of operation, she rushed to The SCOAN to seek the face of God where she also received the new Anointing Water. As soon as she administered it as required, she sensed the turning of the baby in her womb. By the next day, according to her, labour started and she delivered the baby safely without operation.
A similar testimony was given by a lady from Delta State. Having once been operated on and sensing a problem in her delivery, she found her way to The SCOAN for the new Anointing Water. Applying the Anointing Water as required, she delivered her baby safely.
In confirmation of his assertion that the new Anointing Water had the spiritual powers of healing and deliverance replicated in them, the prophet caused a video clip on the trip of some evangelists to Ghana to be activated. Activated, the video clip revealed the administration of the new Anointing Water by the evangelists in Ghana and the wonderful works of healing, deliverance and salvation that followed the application. A specific case was that of a man who had suffered from arthritis for some time and who became healed after the application of the Anointing Water. Another case was that of a lady possessed with an evil spirit. The evil spirit came out of her after the application of the new Anointing Water. There were many other cases of healing, deliverance and salvation associated with the Anointing Water in Ghana.
In furtherance of her policy of coming to the aid of the financially handicapped, orphans and disabled, The SCOAN, in league with Emmanuel TV and Partners, put smiles on the faces of twenty five students and an ex-hired assassin, Emeka in course of the service by distributing various sums of money to them to pay their accommodation, feeding and school fees for the current session. A total sum of N2,681,300.00 was chunked out of the coffers of the church for this very purpose. Radiating with joy as beneficiaries from this commendable gesture, the students thanked the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV and Partners for the wonderful display of altruism to the underprivileged.
Two young men who had spent most of their time on criminal activities until they were arrested by the Holy Spirit in the church were also beneficiaries from the hospitality of the church. Kelechi who, until his arrest, was a notorious armed robber, known as ‘Bullet Bishop’ received the sum of N200,000.00 and two bags of rice. Emmanuel, who became an ex-cultist after his arrest by the Holy Spirit and grooming in the church where he was exposed to the Word of God and moral lessons in preparation for his integration in society, also received the sum of N200,000.00 and two bags of rice. The two ex-criminals, like other recipients of largess from the church, thanked the prophet and the church for the gesture.
In view of the many activities still lined up for the benefit of the congregation, it was decided that the service be resumed the following day, Monday by 11am.

Source:  TB Joshua Blog

Let Tomorrow Be – TB Joshua

TB Joshua

In Psalm 55:22 and 1 Peter 5:7, the Bible enjoins us to, ‘cast our burden upon the Lord’. Care is a burden; it makes the heart sick. Worry can rob us of happiness. We often labour under the burden of senseless, anxiety and care about tomorrow. Anxiety and care are very burdensome and too often sinful. That is why the Bible tells us to cast the burden upon the Lord; He alone is able to give us rest.

The best remedy against anxiety is to cast our burden upon God, believing His divine will to calm our spirit. To cast our burden upon God is to rest our trust in His providence and promise. His promise does not say He would keep us free from cares and anxiety but that He would give us enough grace to stand and resist those troubles that cause our anxieties, cares and unnecessary fears. If we commit our ways and works to Him, He promised to carry us in the arms of His power as a nurse carries a child and will strengthen our spirit by His Spirit. 

Matthew 6:34 – “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Our Lord Jesus Christ stressed the foolishness in worrying ourselves about tomorrow for tomorrow has got enough troubles and worries of its own to contend with. It is foolish, He says, to add to the troubles each day brings (Matthew 6:34). In other words, we should live each day as if it were our last and then cast the burden of tomorrow on God. Only then can we be dead to what our situations say and be alive in Christ Jesus. Then we would be able to use the present supplies for the present circumstance and let the next hour, tomorrow, next year be.
Let us leave tomorrow’s troubles for the One who bore our troubles on the cross. Yesterday is history; today is opportunity, while tomorrow is mystery.