There Is A Way Out – TB Joshua’s God Work

Prophet T.B. Joshua prays for the overflow crowd, outside the church

Early in the morning, the streets were packed as far as the eye could see with people who had come to attend the meeting. Couples with the problems of barrenness and infertility due to different causes, even some with medically inexplicable causes filled the church to capacity and soon flooded into the overflow seating area across the street. In short, every proper means was used to find adequate space to seat and shelter the mammoth crowd in time for the service to commence.

Once everyone had been settled down into their place, some of the couples whom the Lord had blessed after attending the previous Fruit Of The Womb Meeting With Prophet T.B. Joshua in 2008, came forward to share their testimonies to encourage the faith of the people that the day was their day. Encouraging the congregation that they too were once in their position – it may seem like there is no hope, it may seem like there is no future but with God Almighty everything is possible – evidently, these blessed couples were equally ecstatic about the meeting. One of the fathers of a newborn baby boy remarked that before coming to the meeting, he counted himself among those who would never have a child and even at the point of despair, the situation was not beyond the repair of Jesus Christ and if the Lord could change his situation, He would do the same thing in their lives too.

With the excitement of the testimonies of those who had attended the previous Meeting in 2008 still ringing in their ears and burning in their hearts, these couples gleefully welcomed the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua to the altar and the service started in earnest.

Sensing the atmosphere of faith, the man of God began with a word of encouragement telling them that no matter what they were facing, the way out of their situation had come and this was confirmed as the power of the Holy Ghost came down upon many of those present even as the man of God was still speaking, just like Apostle Paul in the book of Acts 10:44. The man of God added there was a way out admonishing that what they had to do was to position themselves for that blessing. That is, to position themselves where their petitions would attract the attention and commitment of God. As the prayer progressed, men and women alike were rolling on the floor under the anointing of God and vomiting out different substances that had been the cause of their problems and as the prayer went on, many of the women who had been afflicted with fibroids delivered their fibroids there on the spot!
At intervals, the man of God explained that these miracles were supposed to happen at home but to strengthen the faith of those watching and to erase all doubts God had allowed these instant miracles to take place.

The man of God began to move around the premises while leading the congregation in prayer. Then inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua removed the mantle draped around his shoulders and said as it was in the days of Apostle Paul so it is today. It is just as we have read by the accounts of how such power pervaded anything that touched Apostle Paul, that even aprons and handkerchiefs that had come into contact with him were taken to the sick and evil spirits left them. So, this was the medium God would use to touch their lives in the meeting. The prophet explained that in touching the mantle, their problems would be taken up by God and after the service the man of God would go and bury the mantle with prayer and fasting and the problems of 2009 would be buried along with it.

The man of God then released the mantle to the crowd and it was passed person to person, from one end of the auditorium to the other and as it went miracles, signs and wonders followed in its wake. After those inside the main auditorium had touched the mantle, it was taken to the overflow seating areas to make sure that no one would miss out on this extraordinary move of the Holy Spirit.
As the mantle was moving round the people it also came to Mrs Lovett Samuel. Mrs Samuel had had no child for the past three years of marriage and had constant pain in her stomach, like something was moving inside her stomach. In the hospital, the doctors had told her that it was fibroid, yet during the prayer what finally came to light was something quite different. The congregation were told to watch their screen as the cameras rushed to the ladies room only to see Mrs Samuel deliver a stone! It was incredible! From the altar, the man of God instructed her to pick up the stone and try to break it with her fingers but despite her best efforts the stone remained unchanged.

She was asked to hit the stone with another rock by the man of God, T.B. Joshua yet it did not break or even chip. Then the question that was going through many people’s mind was: how did that stone get there? Mrs Samuel was then invited to walk among the congregation with the stone on her outstretched palm a tangible testimony that no matter the hindrance, no matter the difficulty the way out for their lives had come! While we look forward to the next wave of testimonies of what the Lord did in the lives of those who attended the Fruit Of The Womb Meeting 2009 both live and across the world, remember that distance is not a barrier to the power of the Holy Spirit. Just because Jesus is no longer visible in our midst does not mean that His power has elapsed. His power is even greater today because He can be in all places at all times through His Word by His Spirit. Our looking to God’s promise is the very good reason for looking to Him for mercy, favour and grace. We cannot stop looking until the Lord withdraws His Word.


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