Slowly But Surely – TB Joshua

TB Joshua
Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!! If God is with us, who can be against us? Greetings to you all with the love of our LORD Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us today.
With improved clarity in the transmission of our live Sunday services on Emmanuel TV, hundreds of foreign visitors, a vibrant Come and Discover Yourself Night Event and countless testimonies of God’s grace, goodness and power, July has been an exciting time at The SCOAN!
The highlight was undoubtedly a series of revelatory messages, titled SLOWLY BUT SURELY. Prophet T.B. Joshua took his time to explain a story in the Holy Bible which has been the subject of much debate in Christendom – that of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15. When reading this portion of Scripture, many may often ask themselves, “Why did Jesus, the loving and compassionate Son of God totally ignore this woman and refer to her as a dog!” What insulting language! However, this message opened the eyes of understanding of the thousands who received it. 

Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “As a test of faith, Jesus deliberately insulted her sensibility in order to injure her pride – knowing that man will continue to hide his true character until his pride is injured. In both pleasure and pain, her emotions were stable because she knew that active faith would make that which is against us to be for us.”
As he explained, “We must first see ourselves as dogs before we are fit to be dignified. When Jesus referred to the woman as a dog, rather than get discouraged, she must have said in her mind, “If I’m a dog in God’s presence, I’m alright. Whether I am a dog or not, all I know is that I have come to meet the Son of David – and I will not let You go unless You have mercy on me!”

This powerful expression of belief is both challenging and sobering. How many of us are ready to exercise such great faith under such great trials and temptations?

When everything around her suggested that there was no hope, as a woman of faith, she continued to press on. Her knowledge that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, Jesus’ initial silence, the disciple’s attempts to get rid of her and Jesus’ statement of purpose did not discourage her.

Most would have given up at the first obstacle especially at the seeming rejection from Jesus Himself. Nevertheless, the Canaanite woman had a vision that ‘if I could just attract Jesus’ attention, I know my daughter would be made whole.’ This vision was her focus – and nothing else, not even the insults and embarrassment could reduce her vision. Her interest was centered on the Bread of life, which she believed only Jesus could provide. This was why she was able to endure. “By her persistence, she demonstrated her perfect understanding of the parables, ironies and riddles in Christ’s actions and utterances.”

The series of messages, all broadcast live across the world on Emmanuel TV were truly eye opening! The congregation and viewers were amazed and privileged to witness the messages come alive – as a scene of an ancient Jewish market place emerged in the midst of the service, complete with market men and women moving around busying themselves with buying and selling. Bread, fruit, cloth, chickens and even goats made the scene look truly authentic. In the midst of a passionate Jewish soundtrack, those playing the role of Jesus Christ and His 12 disciples arrived on the scene, complete with flowing robes and a demeanor fitting to the time. A distressed woman cried out from the midst of the marketers, “Lord – Son of David, have mercy on me”. Powerfully re-enacting the stirring story of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15, the message the man of God had preached concerning her case became a reality in the SCOAN auditorium. Watch out for these inspiring and truly memorable messages coming soon on Emmanuel TV.

Time does not permit us to tell all the wonderful testimonies that are taking place every day here at The SCOAN. God is not a man that disappoints. HE is a good God. HE is faithful to keep HIS promises. In the light of all you are about to witness on this website, I remind you of the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua in his message this month – Jesus is calling you to change. Get ready – your attitude will change, your way of thinking will change, everything that has to do with you will change as you receive God’s Word in the midst of your heart. As you browse through this website and see the wonderful work of God here at the SCOAN – we pray that God would give you the grace to abide in HIS Word and to let HIS Word abide in you. Read it – it has converting power. Read it – it has healing power. Read it – it is a guide for your feet. Read it – it keeps you from error and sin. Read it – it rejoices the heart!

To receive more of these faith-building messages, tune in to Emmanuel TV. 

As you browse through this website and see the wonderful work of God here at The SCOAN, remember that all you need are HIS mercy and favour. Today, we pray that God would give you the grace to realise that you need HIM to do everything! Because if you know how much you need God, you would be in an attitude of prayer at all times, not just on certain occasions or in times of particular need (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Source: SCOAN HQ

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