Fraudster Exposed At The Synagogue Church Of All Nations – TB Joshua

The month of September, like the previous months of the year, 2010, has its share of mind-boggling events and stories in The

Emmanuel Oluwatobi impersonated Prophet T.B. Joshua to deceive people on the internet

Among these, is the confession of a seventeen year old lad, Emmanuel Oluwatobi who, for a length of time, impersonated Prophet T.B. Joshua, deceived individuals and nations and carted away money and other non-pecuniary benefits from them. His main weapon of fraud was the internet. He opened a ‘Facebook Account’ in the name of T.B. Joshua and used it to send emails to his victims, informing them that he was T.B. Joshua and that he implored them to donate money to his ministry for orphans. He wrote to the USA Government to ask for a loan of half a million dollars to build a church, all in the name of T.B. Joshua. He prayed for unsuspecting candidates on the phone, covering the phone mouthpiece with a handkerchief to achieve a falsetto closely imitative of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He dubiously collected money from unsuspecting people through the Western Money Transfer, made false promises of sending the much talked about Anointing Water to them and, in many ways, exploited the credulity of innocent people to advantage. He engaged himself nefariously in this way for five years until the signals of nemesis, by way of mental disorder, began to beam at him. He pleaded with the man of God for deliverance and he was delivered.


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