Our Walk With The Lord – TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Acts 14:22 – “strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith, ‘We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,’ they said.”
In our spiritual walk with the Lord, we have good times and hard times. When the goings are good, we say we are in good times. When the goings are tough, we say we are experiencing hard times. Life itself is a mission. While we are on the go – while we are on the mission – we need to sometimes stop at intervals in order to assess our progress and to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. Certain challenges on our way usually make us stop a while. As a Christian, when you stop a while, I mean, when you stop for a moment, you are not down but it is to assess your progress and to prepare you for the challenges ahead.
The road to the Kingdom of God is not a bed of roses – we are bound to encounter snakes, scorpions, thorns and hardship. As a Christian, when you experience good times, do not think you have arrived but believe the best is yet to come. If on the contrary, don’t despair; believe there is always a future.

Source: SCOAN HQ

One thought on “Our Walk With The Lord – TB Joshua

  1. Edwin Asonganyi

    Truly man of GOD there is time for every thing ECCLESIASTES 3v1 says everything that happens in this world happens at the time GOD chooses.Your words always go with scriptures which they have given me so much couraged.
    May the power of GOD continue to multiply every day in your life in JESUS name. AMEN



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