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Dear Brethren,

You will be pleased to know that, Emmanuel.TV has been embedded into our new blog www.eXactinfo.co.uk allowing you watch Emmanuel.tv just by clicking www.eXactinfo.co.uk Be the first witness what God is doing in the Synagogue Church of all nations also to read our blog. You can also share your testimony.


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Sunday Live Service 20th March 2011 – With TB Joshua At The Synagogue Church of All Nations

Truth Is Power

Truth Is Power
Everyday we hear and see lies, exaggerations & half-truths. Whether on TV, in the newspaper or in our working places. How do we respond? Do we go with the flow, or do we stand up for the truth?
What about when people lie against us? It can be so tempting to answer lies with lies, but we need to understand that truth becomes our protection against the lies of this world. We need to do what is right to change the bad we see. One of the characteristics of real love, is that it rejoices in the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6). The truth can sometimes hurt, but in the long run its always better to speak the truth and live by the truth.