The service began with a thought-provoking message titled, ‘Our Key Responsibilities As Christians’ by Wise Man Daniel for which he cited Joshua 1:5-9 as the proof text. After the message, the congregation was shocked at the revelation by the prophet that some people trade with the name of the church. He revealed that these people parade themselves in various countries as representatives of the church and deceive people who wish to visit The SCOAN from such countries.

They tell the visitors that they have the mandate of the church to make arrangements for their transport, accommodation and seeing the prophet on arrival in Nigeria. The climax of it is that these pilgrims are charged exorbitantly for services they do not enjoy or these culprits do not have the permission to offer. In some cases, their victims get stranded when they eventually arrive in Nigeria. The prophet advised all visitors to take


advantage of only the approved channels to travel to The SCOAN for them to be arranged for the prayer line. Some of the visitors who had suffered in the hands of fraudsters were readily around to narrate their stories of woe.

A Zambian lady lost no time in coming to the podium to narrate her experience. In her words, a Nigerian lady


deceived and collected $920 from each member of her team numbering six and ushered them into a very substandard and filthy hotel in Lagos. Her team had to look for another hotel (Sheraton Hotel) for which they paid afresh in order to be well accommodated. She expressed surprise that contrary to the assurances by the Nigerian lady, The SCOAN never knew the Nigerian lady in question nor was it aware of the illegal deal. From the benefits of hindsight, she advised her Zambian citizens to use the right channel in coming to The SCOAN by sending an e-mail and following the instruction of The SCOAN. According to her, they spent well over $20,000 for the journey to Nigeria because of the deceit by the Nigerian lady.


Mounting the platform after her, Mr Ezeagwu Justice from Imo State praised the Lord for changing his lifestyle for the better. He narrated how he met a Zambian on the face book and was asked by the Zambian to procure and send a bottle of the Anointing Water to him in Zambia. He did this through DHL. This gesture brought about a relationship between them which made the Zambian counterpart accept Justice’s request to visit him. When Justice got to Zambia, he was received like a king and ushered to a good position in Zambia. He told the church that every household in Zambia has Emmanuel TV which they watch regularly. He also added that he has been bringing pilgrims from Zambia since then and appealed to The SCOAN to create an office in Zambia through which Zambians can visit The SCOAN with less stress. He added that each time they came, he arranged accommodation for the pilgrims. He however concluded by asking whether he was right in doing that. The man of God thanked him for his efforts but also pointed out some loopholes in the scheme which might endanger the lives of the pilgrims and their chances of being properly attended to in the church.

Another Malawian lady also disclosed that two Nigerians in Malawi (a man and a woman) undertake to bring pilgrims from Malawi to the Synagogue by charging them as they wish. They also promise the pilgrims accommodation and the opportunity to see the prophet for which they charge the pilgrims $2600 each. She however found out that it does not cost more than $1000 to travel from Malawi to Nigeria and wondered why the pilgrims are charged so much by the Nigerian duo in Malawi. She reminded her Malawian people that the two Nigerians who undertake to bring them to The SCOAN are not even known or mandated by the church.

A Cameroonian lady by name Marie narrated how a man who said he was a coordinator for The SCOAN in Cameroon invited them to his


house in the hope of making them buy the Anointing Water and other SCOAN materials from him. As he talked to the couple, he feigned a telephone conversation with the prophet and also told the couple that he was preparing the ground for Wise Man John Chi. Marie concluded by advising people to be careful about those who introduce themselves as coordinators.

Another lady from Cameroon revealed spurious efforts by a group of people to raise money for a branch of The SCOAN in Cameroon from unsuspecting people who were told that the plan had been okayed by the prophet. It took her time and effort to convince the people that there was no such plan for Cameroon yet. She told them not to listen to false persuasions. Replying, the prophet pointed out that the church is a ministry of the Holy Ghost who opens His eyes to the promises of Christ. He also added the church never calls for fund raising as God tells those who can do so to donate money voluntarily.

Another lady named Hannah, who introduced herself as a worker in Customs, revealed how two men met them at her duty post in one of the borders and were very eager to offer bribes so as to be allowed to cross with their wares. When one of the customs men cut open the packages, they saw what looked like The SCOAN’s Anointing Water and Wristbands. Apart from their particulars not being valid, the Anointing Water and Wristbands they had, looked different from the true ones from The SCOAN. They were fake ones they were conveying to another country to sell.

A South African told the congregation of his own experience in his home country. He said he saw a poster which had some information about The SCOAN. He then called the phone number displayed on the poster. Through that, he arranged for the following day a meeting with the man from whom the poster came. When they met the following day, he noticed that the Anointing Water and other SCOAN items he was selling at exorbitant prices were different from the genuine ones from The SCOAN. The said man also prided himself on his E-class Mercedes Benz as a blessing from God through The SCOAN, all in an attempt to win his clients over. He ended his story by advising his listeners to be careful how and where they obtain their Synagogue products.

The man of God raised people’s spirits when he talked about the new Anointing Wristband and its audio devices that will caution wearers about their behaviour and movements. According to him, the wristband is devised to remind you about your prayers, to ask you to check your tyres or to stop because of armed robbers.


The prophet further made the congregation happier when he extolled the prophetic gift of the wise men. In demonstration of this, he referred to one of the prophecies by Wise Man Daniel to a couple. In the prophecy, Wiseman Daniel warned the male member of the marital union against effecting his plan to jilt his wife because of the miscarriage she had, adding that if he tried it, his life would not be settled until he died. The wise man also revealed to the couple God’s plan to bless them with a baby boy. The couple in question, Mr and Mrs Stephen Aremu were present in the church to authenticate the prophecy adding that they were surprised that the prophecy started unfolding the same month it was given as the wife became pregnant in the very month.

Taking another strand, the man of God revealed how God told him to use the apron among those in need of the fruit of the womb. Some of those who took part in the fruit of the womb meeting on December 5th 2009 were also present in the church to give their testimonies. One of these was Mrs Faith Otunyo, nee Tuoyo, parentally from Delta but maritally from Enugu State. She came with the problem of fibroid for which she had been booked for an operation. As soon as she was prayed for, she delivered the fibroid and met her spouse in February as husband and wife – a meeting which resulted in pregnancy. In reaction to the ridicule she suffered in the hands of detractors, she took pictures of herself at different stages of the pregnancy which were also displayed on the screen as she gave her testimony. She added that her delivery was simple and without complications. She thanked God for His mercy and favour.


Mrs Florence Unuajohwofia and her husband mounted the platform to tell the congregation how their barrenness of 15 years ended. According to her, she never attended the fruit of the womb meeting in 2009. She only watched the programme on TV at home and touched the screen as instructed by the man of God after which she met her spouse as husband and wife and became pregnant by that. In honour of the meeting, they named their baby Princess Temitope Unuajohwofia.



Mrs Ruth Okoyo from Delta State also gave her testimony. According to her, her delivery was not only overdue, she was told by the doctor that she would deliver twins by caesarean section as the babies were considered weak. However, at the point of operation, her brother-in-law came in with the Anointing Water which she appealed to the doctor to allow her to take before the operation. As soon as she swallowed the water, her strength was renewed and she asked the doctor again to allow her to push the babies out one by one. This conceded, she pushed out three healthy boys: Meshach, Shedrack and Abednego.

A lady who suffered from neck and back ulcer also gave the testimony of her healing.
According to her, she went to many hospitals and traditional healing homes without coming by cure there. It was when she came to The SCOAN and received prayer from the man of God that she was healed and thereby positioned to eat any food of her choice. She then thanked God for her effectual healing.



The witch doctor, Mr Anthony Nsofor who vomited a cowrie and a ring the previous Sunday and his wife mounted the platform for their testimony. He identified himself as a witch doctor with 19 years experience in the practice. He was given Anointing Water by the man of God to destroy all his idols and charms which he did before the testimony. Among many disclosures, he said he had gone to the river to authenticate his identity as an Ogbanje and he came from the water without any trace of wetness on him. Regarding his matrimonial life, he said that he had had three wives without having any child. The first left him because of his attachment to witchcraft. The second whom he sought to marry while pregnant for a police officer died with her pregnancy. It was the third woman in his life that accompanied him for the deliverance. He wanted to be father to the pregnancy of the second wife when she delivered as it did not matter to him whether he was responsible for the pregnancy. He deceived the third wife into the marriage relationship by telling her that he was a pastor. In addition, he caused her to be stupid and gullible by his witchcraft and taking part of her hair to the cemetery. After three years of relationship, they were yet to have a child and he felt the problem came from both of them. After confirming that the woman’s head had been turned upside down by the husband, the man of God delivered the couple.

After the mass prayer at which many people with contrary spirits betrayed themselves by falling down and manifesting their contrary spirits, the closing prayer was said preparatory for the Monday noon service.