Following the adoration melodies by which the congregation was spiritually attuned for the day’s worship, Wise Man John Chi gave a very interesting and well- illustrated message on the title, ‘All Is Of Grace’ and cited Ephesians 2:8-10 as his Proof Text.
Mounting the altar after the message had been given, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded

the congregation of some important prophecies of the previous service and advised that the video clip be activated for the benefit of all. The video clip revealed Wise Man Harry as he issued a prophecy to one of the congregants during the Monday noon service. In the said prophecy, the wise man drew the attention of the congregant, by name Shehu to a woman he met years back and to whom he promised marriage. Soon after, the woman in question became pregnant and came to inform Shehu of the pregnancy resulting from their love match. To her surprise however, Shehu reacted not only in fury and threat but also disowned the pregnancy. Thereafter, they never saw each other even after the delivery of the baby who already was of school age. In the prophecy, Wise Man Harry reminded Shehu of the brusque and harsh treatment he gave to the lady when she reported the pregnancy to him. He then advised him to look for the lady and ask her for forgiveness as he was the owner of the child. He also advised him to make a restitution, take charge of the child’s education and also care for her until she was a responsible member of society. That was the only way Shehu would overcome the many difficulties he was facing and have his way open in life.
In his own testimony, Shehu introduced himself as hailing from Kaduna State but working in Port Harcourt. He said that he came to The

SCOAN accompanied by his wife whom he married in 2003 to receive the Anointing Water because of the difficulty they were having over pregnancy. According to him, the wife had not been pregnant even once since they married. He however decided to stay for the Monday service after receiving the Anointing Water on Sunday.

Following the prophecy, the man of God advised Shehu to go and bring the lady and the child. The prophet gave him some money for the journey. His immediate problem was how to locate them as he had not heard from the woman for the past seven years. A friend of his helped him to locate the woman by directing him to Nasarawa State where she was. Both the woman and her family welcomed him and readily forgave him as they had watched the prophecy on television. The child was however said to be in Kaduna. He therefore gave the mother money to go to Kaduna and fetch her.
After the video clip, the four of them (Shehu, his wife, the woman and the child) emerged on the podium where Shehu confirmed the prophecy and also introduced his wife, the lady and their child.
The man of God admonished the entire congregation on the need to be careful in life as those past incidents that could bring problems to one’s life might look so unrelated and trivial that one may not attach any significance to them, yet these trivial incidents have the potential of generating a life problem. He concluded by promising Shehu that he would tell him the mind of God on the issue later.
The next clip revealed a man who had come to The SCOAN in search of a solution to a spiritual problem that had been disturbing his life. Captain Moses of the Nigerian army told the church of his bad experience with a spiritual burden for which reason he was led to a place where he met people chanting. Rather than being healed there, the spiritual problem increased. He saw himself being chased by masquerades and also eating in dreams. Coming to The SCOAN for healing, he initially sat on the gallery but on a second thought, he came to the ground floor of the church to take a seat in the second service. As the mass prayer went on in the second service, the contrary spirits in him took control of him and threw him into a fit. In reaction the man of God gave him a packet of the Anointing Water by which he received deliverance. Since the deliverance received through the packet of the Anointing Water, Captain Moses had never been tormented by contrary spirits or seen himself eating in dreams. He has been effectually delivered by our Lord using the packet as a medium.
Another clip also showed the response to the Anointing Water in other countries and its efficacy in dislodging evil spirits in people and restoring the people to normalcy. In Ghana for example many fell down and were delivered as the evangelist in The SCOAN, Ghana branch prayed and sprayed the Anointing Water on them. An interesting case was that of a lady who had been blind for 13 years. Her husband, a corporal in the Ghana Police Force, had taken her to many hospitals for treatment but he never achieved any success. As soon as the Anointing Water was sprayed on her, she could see well and recognize people. In the excitement of regaining her sight she ran towards her husband, jumped on him to give him a hug. The Anointing Water effectually dislodged the spirit of blindness which had tormented her for 13 years.
Another video clip from South Africa also revealed many miraculous incidents like those seen in the clip from Ghana. A very striking one was the case of a Congolese resident in South Africa. For quite some years, the man had had the problem of kidney stones for which he was operated on in 2003. But even after the operation, like the other treatments he underwent because of the sickness, he was never healed. He still experienced pain as he urinated and occasionally saw blood in his urine. When the pastor in South Africa sprayed the Anointing Water on him, he fell like most other congregants who received deliverance. When he went to urinate, he saw that the attempt was not accompanied by the usual pain or blood. On the contrary, he picked two kidney stones from his urine and happily came back to show them. An elderly man in the congregation described as a medical doctor by profession, authenticated them as kidney stones. The Anointing Water makes no distinction between one country and another as it unseats evil spirits wherever they are, thus proving that there is only one God who is omnipresent and omnipotent.
The Anointing Water shows unrivalled efficacy wherever it is administered in disregard of the spiritual forces in the countries in question. In Greece many fell under the Anointing brought about by the Anointing Water and many people were released from the bondage of contrary spirits. One spectacular incident was the healing of a woman of tumours in her breast.
In Russia, many brought bottles to receive the Anointing Water for future use. A woman among them fell under the Anointing and all the ailments which she had been battling with were wiped away. Among these ailments were the pain in her spine as a result of the accident she had, the tumour in her vertebrae and the rupture in her disc. The aches in her shoulders for which reason she had worn a neck collar for two years and the toothache she had been suffering from were also cleared away by the Anointing Water. She had been to hospitals many times but was not cured. It was the Anointing Water that finally and effectually gave the much needed healing. Also healed was another woman who had been limping. Similar stories of success were also revealed in Ukraine and other countries.
Mr Theophilus, a Nigerian from Edo State but resident in the United States of America, also gave his own testimony. His case was diabetes with other complications as diagnosed in 1996 and because of which he had been to many hospitals without finding the cure. In January last year, he came to The SCOAN for the Anointing Water. This singular event ended the infirmity of 15 years. The hospital report after the first application of the Anointing Water was 90 but dropped to 84 by the second report. The Anointing Water has normalized his sugar level and his doctor declared him healed of diabetes. Glory be to Jesus!
A young lady from Malawi gave a testimony on how the cancer of the uterus which had been her problem for years miraculously vanished following the administration of the Anointing Water. Her gynaecologist had given her no hope whatsoever of a cure. It was in this state of hopelessness that she came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water which did the miracle for her. Her doctor, who was very much surprised, confirmed the healing.


The miracles and wonders which have become a feature of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations attract the attention of the agents of satan who regularly come from both water and land to the church to put the powers of The SCOAN and Prophet T. B. Joshua to test. In course of the mass prayer, a man identified as a witch doctor vomited in the church. Unluckily for him, the prophet had known the man’s mission but was just questioning him to hear from him. In coming to know and challenge the power in The SCOAN, he lost the little power he had when he vomited a cowrie and a ring. The man revealed that he was a big witch doctor patronized by many who sought redemption from evil forces. He had used cows, goats, fowls among other animals to secure redemption for his clients.