The service was filled with interesting testimonies like other Sunday services in the past. A very interesting incident was recorded in the Monday service of January 24th when, in a prophecy, one of the congregants was told that the lady he came to the Church with and who assumed the role of wife for him was not actually his wife.

Mrs. Ifeoma

When he admitted that the woman, Mrs Ifeoma, was his friend’s wife, the man of God asked him to go home and bring his own wife but advised Mrs Ifeoma to stay back as her husband would be invited to the Church. Meanwhile, Mr Ifeoma was watching the incident on Emmanuel Television in Cotonou. As arranged, the prophet sent for the real husband of Mrs Ifeoma and he came. He is a 35 year old man with no visible means of livelihood. According to his wife, Mrs Ifeoma, they are Nigerians from Umuahia in Abia State but currently resident in Cotonou. As a man without a job, he had received financial help from the friend, Mr Livinus who brought his wife to the Church. It was possibly those gestures of assistance that brought him close to Mrs Ifeoma. As the prophet revealed, it was Mrs Ifeoma that lured him into the illicit relationship. In their privacy, the prophet talked very much to the man whose wife came with another man before he

Mrs.lfeoma and her husband Mr Livinus

agreed to forgive his wife and his friend. Before the congregation Mr Livinus cried and said that his poverty was the cause of his woe and wondered aloud whether he could ever forgive his wife and the man. In tears, the wife asked him for forgiveness. Narrating his plight to the prophet and the congregation, he said his family had been suffering because of his joblessness.

The couple and their five kids hardly had a place to lay their heads and the children were out of school. They depended on charity for living. He concluded by appealing to the prophet for help. Asked again whether he would forgive his wife and friend, he hesitantly agreed but added that forgiving them would be easier if the prophet assisted him. This generated laughter across the entire Church. The prophet reminded him that he was lucky that it was a friend who did this to him but not somebody that could want him dead and have the wife after that. Thereafter, the prophet said he was ready to give him and his family a two bedroom flat, a job for the man, scholarship for his children and the sum of N300,000 for his wife, a hairdresser, to start some trade. Some other congregants also expressed a wish to give him money for the upkeep of his family. The prophet’s gesture of kindness means he will move his family from Cotonou to Lagos. The couple were very elated at the generosity of the prophet and knelt down for a long time thanking him. The woman was delivered from the spirit of lust.

The man of God thereafter went into a long speech about the various crises families face and advised them to always watch and pray. The

T.B. Joshua

beginner, he says, is not the owner but the finisher. He said of the family in question that if God were not involved in their problem, they would not find their way to the Church.
God wanted to put an end to the illicit relationship between Mrs Ifeoma and the man. It was Mrs Ifeoma that lured the man into the relationship with her evil spirit. Speaking about the number of children they already have in the marriage, the prophet cautioned them to exercise control as marriage is more for companionship than anything else.
The prophet never brought the other couple out but planned that they would be delivered in the prayer line.

The Okechukwu family of six children and the parents came out to narrate to the bewildered congregation how one of the daughters, initiated into witchcraft in the school, brought the evil spirit to the family and relayed it from one child to the other. She gave the witchcraft to her younger sister who, in turn, gave it to their brother, who thereafter went into unrestrained incest with her. The brother, Emmanuel became initiated after eating a bun given to him by his sister and caught the spirit of lust. He had been much feared by the other siblings because of his habitual aggressiveness. The bun was given to her by her friend to eat and she then gave it to Emmanuel, her brother as a way of gaining control over him. The rest of the children also got the witchcraft relayed to them. The eldest girl told her listeners how the schoolmate who gave her the bun came to her in the home and both disappeared into the forest. After advising her to hate her parents, the girl also gave her something like blood to drink and she became abnormal, seeing dead people who laughed at her.
After blaming the father for not effectively controlling his children, the prophet delivered the family. The father was also delivered of a sickness which had disturbed him for some time.


Mr Achukwu, wife and daughter

Mr Achukwu mounted the platform with his wife and their pregnant daughter and accused the wife of witchcraft. He said that the only son, among the nine children they have, died adding that the woman was the cause. The boy he chose to adopt also died after two months. He said their children were like men facially but had the female organ to mean that the wife changed them from males to females to deprive the husband of male children. Asked how else he knew that his wife was a witch, the man said the wife could stay stiff for over twelve hours, though breathing, only to activate herself later. In her defence, the wife said she was not a witch and that people had told her that her husband was a cultist but she did not believe them. She also added that in his desperation for a male child, he met a widow who bore a male child for him but he could not claim the male child as their culture did not allow that. The prophet exonerated each of witchcraft or cultism saying that the devil just wanted to destroy the family and he delivered them.

As the prophet and the wise men were about going to the prayer line, the prophet asked the cameraman to display on the screen those waiting for healing and deliverance. Many of those displayed were victims of ulcer in various putrid stages. Taking the case of Stella for illustration, the prophet revealed how she came to The SCOAN prayer line with one foot seriously attacked by ulcer which caused decay in the leg. The leg, putrid and filled with puss, sent out abominable stench. The woman had been to many hospitals for cure but without a solution. It was at this stage that she came for prayer line and Wiseman Harry prayed for her. Today, Stella is completely healed and she came out from the congregation to confirm her healing in a testimony.

Mr&Mrs. James

After many unsuccessful attempts in various hospitals to get his wife cured of mental disorder, Mr James discharged her from a Kaduna hospital and flew her to The SCOAN for God’s attention. Arriving in The SCOAN late on Thursday, they could not be screened for the prayer line. However, some good brothers who saw the wife in her terrible condition took pity on her and surrendered two Wristbands to her. Wearing one on her wrist and the other on her foot, she immediately felt the power of God. She sensed unusual churning in her stomach and she soon started to vomit. She regained normalcy of behaviour after the vomiting. The nightmares and sighting of dead people which characterized her dreams stopped and she now sleeps like a day old baby. Even without seeing the prophet, Mrs Esther James regained sanity within seconds of arrival in The SCOAN to tell the listening world that wherever God is involved, healing is like breathing. In her testimony she recalled the efforts of her husband to have her cured in the past and the miraculous healing she got in The Synagogue, thanking everybody and God for the wonderful healing.

Mrs. Janet and Husband

For thirteen years, the Debra family have been in the grip of barrenness in their marriage as the wife’s tube was said to be blocked and the man had low sperm count. Their way to parenthood opened when a friend of theirs fetched the Anointing Water from The SCOAN for them. Praying over the Anointing Water as required, they administered it to themselves before meeting as husband and wife. That very month, the wife, Janet became pregnant as confirmed by scan. The family flew from their home in Ghana to give their testimony. In her testimony, Janet thanked God for making them meet His anointed servant, Prophet T. B. Joshua to dislodge barrenness from their union and put it in the past.

Mr Lawrence Oheri is a Nigerian from Imo State living in Gabon. For quite some time, he had had the problem of hearing which brought him to The SCOAN after all efforts to regain hearing elsewhere failed. Collecting the Anointing Wristband and wearing it after prayer, he went to bed as usual. Waking up at 5.30 am, he noticed some water from his ears in his pillow. Thanks to the Lord, his clogged ear had opened and water was draining out of it by the power of the Holy Spirit through the agency of the Wristband. We thank God for this miraculous healing.

Chief Daniel Adumah of Anambra State described himself as a chain-smoker who had regaled himself in various brands of cigarette for 46 years. As his son and wife came to The SCOAN for prayer, he asked them to fetch him the Anointing Water which they did. After praying over the Anointing Water, he drank it and sensed its cooling effect in his heart, lungs and other parts of the body. He also noticed that the long experienced pain in the lungs was no more. The long term effect is that the urge for smoking in him has vanished and he avoids smoking and smokers after 46 years of friendship with cigarette. 20 YEARS BLEEDING ROOTED OUT BY WRISTBAND
Mrs Tientcheu Charlotte had for twenty years had a fibroid problem which caused her to bleed all that time. Having gone for surgery but without achieving her goal, she collected The Wristband, prayed over it and wore it . Two days after wearing it, she felt the sensation of heat in her body. In a way nobody can explain the bleeding stopped. With God in your matter, healing is like breathing. Today, Charlotte is a free woman whose bleeding in the past is now confined to history.


Emmanuel Peter

Emmanuel Peter had for six years been caged and always saw himself as such in his dreams. The reality of the matter was that he never saw any progress in his life in spite of his efforts. It was for this reason that he collected the Anointing Wristband and wore it. The night he wore it, he still saw himself in a cage and he appealed to two ladies for help but these refused to offer him any help. He then saw some men who took him to a shrine. There, in the shrine, a lady drew his attention to the Anointing Wristband on his wrist. He looked at the Wristband and saw fire in it. As if this look reminded the Wristband of its role, the fire in it fell the lady at the same time burning a prowling cobra and the shrine to ashes to usher Emmanuel into freedom from the cage.

Of all the unusual incidents in the mass prayer, that of a woman who came from Lokoja to worship in the SCOAN deserves mentioning because of the helplessness and suffering many men experience in the hands of spiritual husbands. Indisputably, many men are attracted by beauty in women as they seek the hand of one in marriage. Unfortunately in most cases, such beautiful women cannot deliver the joy of marriage to their husbands because of their unholy alliance with spiritual husbands to whom they give all their love. These spiritual beings go beyond borders to enjoy marital union on earth with human beings. In the case of the woman from Lokoja, she was doubly married to a spiritual husband and her earthly husband in Lokoja. The earthly husband had taken her to places in the hope of delivering her from barrenness here on earth. Meanwhile, she said she had two boys for her spiritual husband and even though she also knew very well that her husband’s efforts to have children by her were in vain, she accompanied this husband to any place of his choice in search for their not-to-be-gotten child. Meanwhile, she loves the spiritual husband as much as she hates the earthly husband in Lokoja who does everything for her to ensure her comfort on earth. She pays the earthly husband with suffering and hatred.
Fearing that she would be caught by the wise men, she avoided going for prayer line. However, in course of the mass prayer with all the pervading anointing, the spiritual husband helplessly disassociated himself from her and asked her to surrender. It was at that stage that she started crying for deliverance and saying all the facts here. After the deliverance, she recalled and regretted her wickedness to her earthly husband from whom she had withheld her love and refused to bear children.


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