Wise Men Daniel, one of the ministers of God raised up through the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) preaches a powerful sermon titled, ‘Sin — The Root Of All Pains.’

Remember, if we knew no sin, we would know no sickness. If we knew no sin, we would know no poverty. Sin is the bitter root of bitterness, pain and sorrow — and the best time to deal with sin is now, if not sooner. Therefore, Strike the root cause of your problems and learn to receive a lasting solution as you listen to this challenging sermon.

Also included are healing and deliverance that occur every service at The SCOAN, broadcast live on Emmanuel TV.


2 thoughts on “SIN THE ROOT OF ALL PAINS – TB Joshua

  1. jean louis

    since i started watching emmanuel tv my faith is rised on a level of i can now agree that everything is possible for those who believe in jesus.
    may God bess his servent
    can you help me to get God medium by sending it to DHL i will pay the transport fees here. i live south africa but i dont have money to travel


  2. GeneralMedicine (@drugsrxfactsinf)

    I got a physical for sports next year in school, they said i needed the Tuberculosis shot. They gave me two shots, one on my forearm and another on my shoulder, since, I’ve had UNBEARABLE pain, when lifting anything more than 5 pounds over my waist. Is this a normal side effect of the shot? PLEASE DOCTORS NEEDED.
    Also mentions findrxonline on his website that the pain is natural product of the symptoms.



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